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i bought the game on epic games and when i launch it , it says that it's trial version even tho the accounts are linked . any help?

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" Belyiste wrote: Been 4 hours since ive opened my ticket...i got first respond in the first 5 mins then nothing because of missing information, doesnt seems normal for a email reset...-_-

Hiya Belyiste,

We are very sorry for any delay in getting back to you however, we are working very hard to process through as many tickets as we can. I am very sorry for any continued delay!

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I can assure you, you haven't been forgotten!

We have a very high demand in email support at the moment - our oldest ticket is on the edge of 3 days, but we have a few thousand to get through overall. We are working hard to decrease the backlog, and hopefully we will get to you in the queue very soon.

We're really sorry for any inconvenience at all!

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Originally posted by ace brando: i play on controller ,and when i pull the trigger it empties out the whole clip

Hmm.. that sounds like a controller issue to me. Are you releasing the trigger and you're still emptying your magazine?
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Where did you purchase the game from?
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Hello Xraybear23! If you have received a permanent suspension/ban in Rainbow Six Siege, you will need to contact our team at support.ubi.com to submit an official ban appeal. I am not able to assist with these appeals over the forums. Our team will be able to investigate your case and your account, then let you know once a decision regarding the sanction has been made. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime!
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Hey, Mike4106!

Welcome to the forums. We are aware of this issue and are actively investigating it. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If there is anything else we can help you with please do not hesitate to let us know.
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Hello TheWolf_IQ! As explained by another support member here:
"When you purchase a Uplay enabled game on Steam, the game then has to activate itself through Uplay. This can only be done through the account the game was originally purchased on. Because of this, family sharing isn't possible."
My apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused!
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If you're experiencing technical issues please make a post on the Official Forum for assistance as we do not have a technical sub section here on Steam: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/technical-issues
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Verify the game's files, that should fix the issue.
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Hello there! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear you're unable to make this purchase! For starters, I'd recommend you ensure you've got the US selected properly as your listed country in both Steam as well as Ubisoft Connect. It's also always a good idea to ensure you've got the Steam Overlay enabled.
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Hey, BroIJustWantElo!

We are sorry to hear of the experience that you have had this season. We understand coming across cheaters and toxic players in-game can be frustrating, we do ask that you use the in-game report feature for these situations.

In regard to your ELO we are unable to recover this for you or compensation for this.

With your crashing issue you mentioned that you had contacted us already, what is the case number for this so we can see what has already been done?

Thank you and we look forward to your reply.
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Thank you for your ticket number! For the toxicity, we do take reports very seriously for cheating and toxicity while playing. I do sincerely apologize that it seems to be worse than ever this season. Please report these players in game, you can also forward along reports with our support team if you run into any errors while forwarding the report in game!

That being said, I'd love to help resolve the crashing for you! I do see a few more troubleshooting steps that we can try to help assist with the crashing that you are encountering. Please try to disable your background applications. I do see that you have Overwolf enabled which has been found to cause some crashing issues for players. Let me know once you have completed this and if you notice any differences or if you are still running into the same issues. Thank you!
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Hey BroIJustWantElo, thanks for your response there.

First and foremost - I understand you're frustrated for multiple reasons in this particular instance and you're unhappy with the current outcome for the topics you've raised, therefore I will try and break it down for you:

1. Cheater report - I reviewed your case and watched the video footage you've provided. I can clearly see what is it that you're referring to and such experience would be difficult to deal with for anyone I believe, so I see where you're coming from.
Every single report you submit, we have a dedicated team who review those, however this may not always happen immediately as it can depend on a number of factors, such as the volume of reports received at the time, for example. With that in mind, I understand that you're expecting immediate action however I would like to reassure you that these matters are taken seriously as our team has been continuously putting effort towards making gameplay experience more enjoyable.

2. Game crash - we will continue to tackle this matter however this does appear to be a little more complicated, so in order for us to proceed with it, we will need to make sure you do complete steps which are proposed. Ubi-Lady has sent you some workarounds to try and also requested to re-upload your system files (MsInfo and DxDiag) once these are done, so if you could do that, we would then be able to proceed with issue further.

In regards to Overwolf, please mind that suggestion made by UbiSushiVamp is by no means a matter of blaming someone, however is just something that other players in the past experienced difficulties with therefore it's more just a suggestion to try.

Going forward, I would like to ask you to bear in mind that it is against our forum rules to be using offensive or inflammatory language.

Keep us updated there and should you have any queries in the meantime, let us know.
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Hey there, DannyAE69. I'm really sorry to hear about these semi-frequent crashes you're running into. To begin troubleshooting crashes, we like to recommend the steps found within this FAQ are completed.

I'm also curious to know - are you seeing these crashes in any other game modes, or just ranked?
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All right. Have these crashes only begun recently? Or have they been occurring for several seasons now? Were you also able to give all of those steps a try? If so, and you're still crashing mid-game, I recommend gathering your MsInfo and DxDiag files and then opening a ticket on our Support Site for further troubleshooting.
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@RageSkull-_ Hey there! I'm sorry to hear it's showing up as a trial version. Are you seeing this when launching from EPIC? Or are you trying to launch from Ubisoft Connect and seeing this?

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@RageSkull-_ Hey there! I'm sorry to hear it's showing up as a trial version. Are you seeing this when launching from EPIC? Or are you trying to launch from Ubisoft Connect and seeing this?

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I know this is an old thread, but it's still relevant.
Yes the extra cosmetics are only available when you purchase the full DLC, not when you buy the characters individually using Auric Cells/Shards etc.
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Hey, for any technical issues you might be experiencing, please visit our official forum here to receive assistance: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/technical-issues
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Hey u/IDAKomaeda!

This is most definitely on us to fix, not you - Good news is, it has, it's just awaiting deployment via one of our upcoming patches. Unsure which one it may be, but hope that helps a tiny bit in knowing it's on the way!

In the meantime though, I will be listing it in our Known Issues thread in the coming days, and have personally found through playing that if you climb/scale an obstacle it may release it, sometimes pressing melee / switching to an alternate weapon can solve it too.

Sorry about that buddy!