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09 Apr

08 Apr


hey guys - we've been trying to find an issue on our end but it looks like it is localised to central europe & certain internet service providers - unfortunately not our servers so we can't help!

i'd contact your ISP directly for any troubleshooting tips - but we also have reports from players that have contacted us that resetting their router (on home wifi, for example) works!


in the newest update we are increasing icon size by 600%!!!

thanks for pointing this out - should be fixed now. we goofed when putting the new challenges live


Originally posted by pease_pudding

I hope the builders told them it would take 4 years to complete, but for a big sack of diamonds it could be ready by tomorrow

this was actually their original proposal

07 Apr

06 Apr


Originally posted by squ_id_sh

Clan wars 2.0 ?

not this update, sorry! we have big plans for this and it didn't make sense to do at the same time as a big 1v1 experience change.


Originally posted by icxse2

I hope that the new game modes will be accessible 24x7 or on a rotation like BS so I don’t have to wait for global tourneys or challenges to get away from ladder.

we're hoping that this new update will remove some of that 'i need time away from ladder' feeling that a lot of players have!
in the mean time - as u/MrSpaceDandy stated, private tourneys are a great place to play different game modes outside of challenges.

05 Apr


this is so wholesome.

thanks for sharing this story - i'm glad your family can enjoy clash royale together, and i wish you the best of luck in your 2v2 battles!



So the number one question we've been getting this week is "UPDATE?" Not technically a question, but we understand what it means!

The update won't be coming next week, but will be landing mid-April. We don't want to reveal too much about the update at this stage, but a few reveals are below!


What are some features that the update will bring?

  • A new, streamlined progression system for Ladder (1v1)
  • New game modes

More to be revealed at a later date...


Some other things to note :

CRL 20 Win profile badges will be handed out at the same time as the update drops.

Next week will have a new challenge every 48 hours (from Tuesday onwards) and will be a great chance to earn rewards ahead of the update.


Enjoy your weekend!

The Clash Royale Team

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Originally posted by FlyingMachine33

And what about the TV Royale? I do agree with this response, but I'm just curious since the TV Royale is already finished (or at least should be according to the info)

tv royale isn't already finished. we have filmed it, yes, but we are now recording new gameplay & re-recording slightly out of date gameplay and locking the edit. then we localise into something like 20 languages? which takes a while, as it is a long video (we've gone for a different format this time).

but even if it was finished we wouldn't release it until a day or two before the update anyway!


you've ruined that emote for me 😰

04 Apr


Originally posted by iDetroy

Is there a specific reason none of the Devs ever want to share any dates when it's coming down to ETA for Updates?

Not getting an ETA at all is more annoying than the case an announced update would get delayed

> Not getting an ETA at all is more annoying than the case an announced update would get delayed
from all my years experience as a community manager i can safely say that in the vast majority of cases it is the complete opposite.

giving a date and then not delivering on that date is 10000x worse than not giving a date. setting a date builds up expectations, hype, and then lets people down and breaks trust when you don't hit that date.

when i'm 100% confident we can hit a date, i will provide it. but in game dev nothing is ever 100%. we've done it before with the clan wars update - it was all ready to go and then we find a critical bug and have to push it back a day. a day is generally fine and people will be let down but understanding, but what if we announce that we are launching in a week and then it takes 3 weeks?

i'd rather just wait and give a good experience to everyone involved.


Originally posted by Merpinderp

Hey Drew, when can we expect the sneak peeks announcements?

when they're ready! (terrible answer, i know. sorry!)


hey! we're adding this in the next update coming this month!

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