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19 Apr


Originally posted by SUBZERO-08

Hi Drew, thanks for the explanation, but I still have concerns (specifically around Epics). You mentioned that the Magical Chest and Legendary King's Chest will provide the bulk of the Epics, but from what I can see there are only two Magical Chests and a single Legendary King's Chest. As a player who previously would make it to Master III, I will definitely get one of those Magical Chests, but I have serious doubts that I will make it to 6525 trophies to get the other one and I certainly won't be able to make it to 6900 trophies to get the Legendary King's Chest.

This means that instead of the ~35 Epics I used to get, I'll be getting 15 or so. This is very disappointing, as I already have an abundance of Gold and my Rares and Commons are maxed, so all I need for progression are Epics and Legendaries. This is going to slow my progress a lot, and I hope you guys take this into consideration with the rewards for future seasons.

Edit: There are a couple other things I ...

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thanks for the comment - just replying to let you know i've read it. also thanks for not throwing in any insults/toxicity into the comment and putting your views and concerns across like this.


Originally posted by slifyer

"I'll talk to the team about how we figure the numbers"
never talks to team
"Hey SC, what about that thing we talked about months ago?"
"It wasn't a big priority to answer because we're "busy""

i do always ask other members of the team whenever i say i will. whether or not i then decide if that information is something that we can reveal publicly is another thing.


Originally posted by danilohidalgo

What is the value of tokens converted to gems/gold?

If we convert all the rewards to gold (considering the value in shop, which is the place we will buy the epics that we don't get anymore):

Old New
6000 Gold 14300 Gold
120 Commons (1200 gold) 455 Commons (4550 gold)
150 Rares (15000 gold) 115 Rares (11500 gold)
30 Epics (30000 gold) 5 Epics (5000 gold)
1 Legendary (40000 gold) 1 Legendary (40000 gold)
TOTAL: 92200 gold TOTAL: 75350 gold

Almost 20% less gold than the draft chest.

Ok, now we have tokens, but before we had a DR...

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The ‘2x rewards’ comment came from our game economy spreadsheets that convert all the rewards into a neutral 'Gem value'. The new rewards are pretty large when converted into this neutral value, but you are correct to notice that it’s not directly doubling the Rares and Epics you used to receive.

This is the paragraph that refers to how we calculated these rewards - we do not convert to gold. the chest speed up boosts you receive as well as the Trade Tokens have also been left out of your graph.

17 Apr

Hey everyone!

There is a lot of discussion around the new Trophy Road rewards and rightly so. Myself and Seth made a comment during TV Royale – “the rewards are roughly 2x larger” so we wanted to clear up what we meant by that.

First off, your concerns are valid. When we said “more rewards”, you aren’t crazy for thinking you would get more of the same rewards.

While there are more rewards in total, they take a different form than before and that can make it feel like we took something away.

The ‘2x rewards’ comment came from our game economy spreadsheets that convert all the rewards into a neutral 'Gem value'. The new rewards are pretty large when converted into this neutral value, but you are correct to notice that it’s not directly doubling the Rares and Epics you used to receive.

Our goal with the 4k+ rewards was to more heavily emphasize Gold to enable & encourag...

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16 Apr


Originally posted by rochastes

Yes exactly. I have a top 5k ranking, but now with the downgrading of leagues, meta shift, plus increasing the league entry points, it is obviously much harder to push. Redditors here saying, work harder as it is easier to progress now basically don't understand how leagues work. I know people who are top 1000 rank with champion badge. Now they get downgraded to master 3 badge. That's even worse. People worked hard for their badges. You shouldn't just take away as you deem fit. It's just ridiculous.


I'll be replying to this 'properly' (with the thoughts behind the change etc) soon.

My initial response however is that we are hoping the changes that we have made will allow players to push further than their previous highest Trophies - it is still only the first day of the update so it may seem like a daunting task but I do totally sympathise that it is not ideal when you lose something that you have worked hard for, even if you can get it back.

This is something we have been discussing in the team as well - my personal feedback after reading these comments was that we could have added Leagues on to the top rather than move around the current existing Leagues. That doesn't change the current situation though - but I just wanted to let you know tthat I have passed this feedback on and will be providing another response soon with reasoning etc.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Just hijacking this top comment to say we are going to reply to the various 'x2 rewards discussions' tomorrow with a proper response that explains it in detail.

15 Apr


we're aware of this - thanks for pointing it out!


addressing several comments and points of view here:
1. the fantasy royale emotes were never stated as being exclusive to fantasy royale - the exclusive CRL emote is the goblin kissing the trophy that players got for watching the CRL 2018 finals. THAT emote will never be available anywhere else.

if you google 'fantasy royale emotes' the cached google article even states the following "These Emotes are only available through Fantasy Royale for now, but may appear in the shop at a later time." instead of putting it in the shop for gems, we put it in the trophy road.


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We're live! Let the great Trophy Road reward collecting of 2019 commence! 🎉


Yes, that's a new loading screen 😎


A brand new way to progress in Clash Royale 1v1 Ladder Battles!

  • Collect rewards as you earn Trophies and progress through the Arenas!
  • The higher your Trophies, the better the rewards! Earn Gems, gold, Chests, stacks of cards (of different rarities), Trade Tokens AND Emotes on the Trophy Road!
  • Protect your Trophies! Reaching a new Arena activates a Trophy Gate! This means you can’t drop below the Trophies needed for that Arena, or drop to a lower Arena! Once you hit 4000 Trophies, you will not drop below Legendary Arena’s Trophy Gate of 4000, but you can drop through League rankings.
  • ...
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14 Apr


Originally posted by kehmesis

Or it's a way to re-introduce the 9 elixir cost.



Originally posted by Imonvinyl



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