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Originally posted by wakkiau

Stay at max 8, veiled temple doesn't ramp you up I don't see why this should.

You're correct, max mana would stay at 8, this wouldn't ramp you!


Originally posted by Jazzpha103188

Thank you so much for confirming that the newest champs will all be in Path ahead of the expansion launch! Saves me from waiting on pins and needles for a week to see who gets included. Much appreciated!

Glad to. :)


Yup, 70 randomly generated challenges (micro adventures with 1 or 2 fights) per month. :)

Might change the number based on feedback of course, we’re getting this to players early so we can all try it out together and gather feedback on the structure, difficulty, etc.


i somehow hadn't noticed the frankly ludicrous number of visible abs in this set until they asked me this



As many people have surmised, the coin cost does not increase the higher it stacks.

It stays at 1. So you could theoretically spend all 10 mana, use 1 spell mana to play the '10-stack coin card' in your hand and recover all 10 mana again. Assuming your Coin doesn't get Pranked or have its cost increased another way >_>


They don’t call him Jack the Almost-Winner.

20 Mar

19 Mar


Originally posted by titoscoachspeecher

Interesting! I can close the game and I wont lose progress?

You need to Alt-F4 or disconnect your internet and reconnect, etc. Picking "exit game" from within the app might make the computer interpret your desire to leave as wanting to surrender. If you kill the program with Alt-F4 or similar and then relaunch it you'll be back in your game and have the unit you summoned as well.

We have a fix going in next patch. Thanks for enduring in the meantime. I take so many norra's teas myself that this seems to hit me every other game.


Originally posted by Niradin

I've been saying this since Victor release - Rito need to organize their keywords. Make different categories, like "soup" keywords - i'e' something you can get randomly, "we're to lazy to write it every time" keywords for something like attach and attune, "bad words" for something negative and so on.

We actually did make the distinction internally and published an article on it, but it doesn't seem to be well known. You can check it out here