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19 Mar


Biggest advice: Un-check "enable autopass". This should be a big help in learning the turn structure.

Also, shyvanna decks are good for new players to build confidence in trading (Fury helps give them a goal to clearly work for board control, and dragons are cool).

Giving her a "unit/spell speed table" for reference might help too.

18 Mar


Originally posted by Huzuruth

Upvoted, but I guess I'm just jaded. I've been told it's a zero sum game so many times with resources I expect the worst.

Understandable, but luckily the resources to make new champions and the resources to make new features use different people. :)

New Features are heavy on engineering. New Champions are heavy on design.

17 Mar


Originally posted by KDA_CCG

We’ve got several things in the works, much of which is in active development, while others are still being investigated. We can’t go into too much detail at this time, but we’re working on:

Matchmaking Improvements for Rumbles

Free Build and other new formats

Friend Challenge for existing Rumble formats

Updates to Masters Ranked LP Formula

Adding Tournament Style Open Decklists to Best of 3 Rumbles & Opens

Improving ways to show off your collectible rewards

Experimental mystery event

Grassroots Tournament Program

I personally think the LP bugs, especially in APAC, should be the #1 priority being worked on.

After that, the Rumble matchmaking improvements, friend challenges for Rumble formats, and open decklists for Rumbles are features that should have been considered part of the beta and it baffles me that they launched the beta, much less the official release, without these....

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We think APAC LP is a major issue too.

Jon Moorman had a really long twitter thread detailing why it was so complicated and the issues we've been running into. (He even predicted/called out the potential downfall of our previous fix attempt)

For full transparency, when we authored the competitive 2.0 article we weren't certain if our proposed solutions would make it in time for the patch.

Good news though, is that the team is confident we'll have a new system in place for LP gain in Masters in the upcoming patch coming out ...

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Originally posted by elBAERUS

As a software dev myself..... how can such a problem be so hard to fix? How can it even exist, since when should LP gaining be regional?! :o

You've uncovered something interesting! That's the stick of it, the system isn't regional- which begs the question why is it only happening in APAC? It's a whole rabbit hole, I received a brief explanation on it and it made me a bit dizzy.

Thankfully though, my job is to chat with y'all and not figure that out!

For context, you can read one of our designers in-depth tweet about it

Ultimately though, we've been working diligently on it and are planning to have a new system in place with the next patch, details to come w...

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That’s a really high number in any normal run! Like sure you can get to millions if you go in specifically trying to do that with various doubling effects but in a normal run I’ve never had something that big.

16 Mar


Originally posted by Steadfast881

I wish they would get rid of the early fail penalty of picking extra mana, card etc.. It means your next run with the champ is gimped. Stopped playing POC because of it.

Fun fact - that doesn't happen in the monthly challenge mode (as it's only there to prevent infinitely surrendering to get a perfect starting power, and youc an't infinitely surrender in the monthly challenge mode).


Originally posted by Huzuruth

This sounds fun-ish, but I'd rather have new champions

Why not both?

15 Mar


This is something I personally want and push for internally when I get the opportunity. The most expensive version of "custom game lobbies where players can save custom rulesets, custom card pools, and attach stickers to certain cards" is definitely a hard sell, but something as simple as "you can use invalid decks in friend challenges" opens up opportunities for custom community tourneys and "kitchen table LoR". There are still hurdles to overcome regardless, but it's not as out there as it seems.

I'm a big MTG Commander player and the only reason that game mode exists is because players invented it, so I have no doubt that y'all would cook up something really compelling if we gave you the means to!


Originally posted by bbreadbread

I was just thinking about fighting bosses with the starting deck and I can't help but imagine that it's too few cards in the deck.
I'm sure you're testing, and that I'm wrong, and I can't wait to try this mode. Thanks for your time.

Thanks. We did initial testing before building these micro-adventure challenges by grabbing existing champions and skipping to the mini-boss or final boss on existing weekly and world adventures, without taking any upgrades at all. It was already pretty cool and challenging. :)


Originally posted by Tulicloure

Soooo Reddit went down RIGHT as we were going to start picking through questions. We literally couldn't view them at all. So we had to do it live with in-stream twitch comments.

Oof, I noticed that issue with reddit as well. Makes sense that it would affect how you could handle the community questions.

But I mean, since the topic of the interview was the new TPOC stuff, I think it's actually cool that the stream focused on the questions relevant to the topic. It's just that when it was initially announced it just seemed like it was a discussion about design in general, so people just went off asking about whatever they wanted to know.

Anyway, the interview was really interesting, and I loved hearing about the process and some ideas behind the new adventures. Really hyped to see how it turns out!

Also, since you're here, I'll just drop a simpler question I made there, if you don't mind 😛. Why Reputation in particular uses ef...

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Yeah, originally only the first half was going to be monthly challenger focused and the rest was going to be all topics - we had to pivot at the last moment. Otherwise definitely would have just said it was Path focused. Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

For the Reputation question, it’s mostly a technical issue. Setting costs weirdly has some fewer technical issues with items as far as I’m aware. I mostly just trust what I’m told when it comes to tech things (it’s not my strong suit) unless something actively isn’t working.


Originally posted by Tulicloure

Since the idea is that we'll try to find which champion fits best to each particular adventure, so we actually have an incentive to not just play Jinx for everything, I'd expect to be a significant level of variation there. If it doesn't work as well as expected, they will certainly update the mode to reinforce those ideas as well.

How many cards will you get on top of your starting deck? How many powers?

From what was said, it's meant to be mostly based on champion and relics, so not a lot of progression during the adventures themselves as each of them is just a couple of encounters. The idea is that we get to plan a setup for specific fights, without getting to the end with a super OP build that just steamrolls the final boss.

It's more of a "late game" challenge for players who already have a lot of progression made and feel like there isn't a whole lot else to do in TPOC.

Yup, well said. I expect we'll want to increase the variation in the mutators and adventure structures in the future (we stuck to a set 2 node layouts for now and mostly reusing existing mutators, changing as few variables as possible while still testing the feature for our early experiments). I might be wrong though, some of my favorite PvE cardgame modes have been playing single bosses without any roguelike components. The point of releasing this mode in its beta state is to gather feedback from players and see how we should evolve it. There are a lot of cool ways we could improve or expand the feature if it proves exciting, and folks want it more than other stuff we could be doing with that time. :)


Originally posted by Waselu_Evazia

I'm glad they are actually trying to prevent people from just Jinxing it (or leblanc + 3 gatebreaker, same thing)

Tho it would be better if they actually tried to balance those instead of coming up with systems to completely ban these champions

We'll definitely do balance adjustments in the future. The point I was making is that balance exists to create a satisfying gameplay experience. One reason to balance champions, among many other reasons that are based on satisfying challenge and player fun, is to ensure that players can feel good about collecting and playing all champions.

By creating modes like the Monthly Challenge, we have good reasons to collect and play champions; meaning we can take more risks with champions and explore more cool ideas. This doesn't mean balancing is suddenly irrelevant, there's lots of other reasons to balance champions to make gameplay feel better, make stars feel worth the upgrade, etc. It just means we can focus balancing decisions on THOSE experience-oriented goals, rather than running into conflicting goals.

It's similar to how designing a roguelike mode means that it's okay if not every run is equally powerful. If you could fully choose all the power combinations every ...

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Originally posted by Tulicloure

Yeah, same. Kind of a waste that there were so many good questions there. That could have been communicated better.

Soooo Reddit went down RIGHT as we were going to start picking through questions. We literally couldn't view them at all. So we had to do it live with in-stream twitch comments.

This meant I couldn't confirm any information ahead of time with other members of the team if it touched on someone else's work, and naturally plans can change without me being aware of them if it's not specifically something I'm working on.

We didn't want to risk giving inaccurate information so we made the on-the-fly call to just stick to stuff I could talk about fully on my own (since I'm the lead features designer and was fully aware of anything and everything happening with Path specifically right now).