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01 Mar


Originally posted by Nerfeveryone

😳 Verified Rioter moment

Plus the design lead for the features team, which includes Path right now. :)


Originally posted by Barney_Johnson

Question how many references to LoR do you make in your day? Outside of anything based on LoR

Not enough.


Originally posted by Nerfeveryone

Freljord’s never getting unlocked in Path of Champions huh?

I remember when folks were insisting we'd never release a 13th champion too. :)


That’s a very lonely poro


Originally posted by MasterCookieShadow

you did the joke again ;-;

And I will again and again until my demands are met.

Tell the people what you have seen today.

28 Feb


Are you saying you think this change is...

An atrocity?


27 Feb

26 Feb

24 Feb

23 Feb


Originally posted by UnseenData

Hey new cards count as PoC content in a way so that's guarenteed to be good though I haven't seen vile feast yet.

And yeah, would be great not to need to disconnect and reconnect when drawing norra's tea on the first turn which is very inconvient. Also updating guardian orbs item to use the new rarities would be great too.

These are on the way! I've personally fixed Guardian's Orb and am working on fixing Poro Fluft as I type this, and we've flagged that Norra's Tea bug as high prio to Engineering.

22 Feb

20 Feb


Originally posted by Bathroom-Desperate

On that note Cait's deck is well missed

Cait don't miss.


Originally posted by first_name1001

I want to play Ashe and Norra👀

I can confirm Ashe will be in Path next patch. :)

19 Feb


Originally posted by Admiralpanther

Chip loves all sentient life. Not all sentient life loves chip

I’m pretty sure one of the tests for sentience is if you love chip