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19 Feb

18 Feb


I think your confusion is totally understandable. Some other games stop a whole card from happening if it’s target vanishes. If you’re familiar with those in particular LoR’s take can be surprising. We generally don’t stop both effects if only one can’t be resolved.

We use terminology “do X to do Y” when they’re connected (like Glimpse Beyond) and “do x then do y” when they aren’t.

I’ve seen people confused by this before, it’s very understandable. Other people have been confused when seemingly unrelated effects are connected too. For example, Golden Aegis could cause confusion as to why killing a unit that would get barrier would stop you from rallying.

It’s a bit confusing to some folks no matter which way we go. This version seems to have less confusion overall and be more positive for the person playing the card.

17 Feb

16 Feb


Originally posted by iiowyn

The Lux thumbs up is what gets me, especially when playing Kindred. It does it every time one of my abilities or spells kills one of my own units, which is pretty much how the Kindred deck and powerset is defined. Einhar voice Stupid bots =P

She just thinks you’re awesome

14 Feb


Originally posted by ProfMarc

It emotes when I'm losing, so I emote back when I'm winning.😎

Good for you. I shen bow when it's been a little snooty to me.

12 Feb


I used to tilt a lot when I was playing cardgames in college. What changed was my approach:

Don't play to win. Play to improve.

After each game ask yourself what, knowing what you know now about how the game went, you could have done differently to improve your chances of winning. There's almost always something you could have done in hindsight, even if it isn't obvious at the time.

Focus on making the best move each turn, whether it's a win or a loss. Did you get a bad opening hand? Okay, how can you maximize your chances of winning anyway? This is a great chance to improve. Did you get paired against a bad matchup? Excellent, see what you can do to improve your odds, maybe by playing very differently than normal.

This is also why I say, "If you can't beat a deck, try it yourself. Your opponents will teach you how to beat it."

11 Feb


Originally posted by East-Cantaloupe962

Even MTG has ways around it!

Yup. Mirror Gallery was popular in the kitchen table days. :)


Some other TCGs do this, but many don't. Yugioh, Pokemon, Hearthstone, Faeria, and many more come to mind. What matters from a balance perspective is whether you're paying a fair cost to get the added power of a legendary card. Having two copies of a legandary unit on the field is mostly just weird from a flavor perspective, not a balancing perspective. There are exceptions when duplicates of a card can cause problems of course, but that's not unique to the concept of a legendary unit.

09 Feb

08 Feb


Anivia will continue to haunt my dreams.


You're right! This is a bug!

The team is working to fix it, and it should be live in an upcoming patch!

07 Feb


Originally posted by dannymanny3

Wanted to document this in hopes of having the team see. It's super minor, but still, worth mentioning.

To Plinq, Brian, and Julian -- thank YOU for an amazing stream <3

Thank -YOU- for tuning in. Stopping in to let you know we see you and the thread! Thanks for having an eagle eye


Originally posted by TheRybka

No mention of what the ranked icons for this season are. Guess we’ll just find out tomorrow. We’ve had less and less advanced notice of that and it’s a real bummer. You can only get one and sometimes, the lower ones are cooler.

This is a good call out and something we can definitely work on. I'll definitely bring this up to the wider team!