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12 Apr

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Ok! Thank you for the feedback. :) Really helps!

11 Apr

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The 'loot' job should get rid of that bag.

There are many events that will happen unrelated to underground stuff. Largely dependent on the area you settle, though.
Hail and well met,

Version is up! It includes changes from Beta:
Version Post

This last week I also added some fun things. Here are the patch notes for this version:
-Fixed a bug where settlers... Read more

07 Apr

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Yep! I'm currently adding more font options (in for next patch). These new fonts are the same pixel size as the current one, so I'm not 100% sure they will be more legible. I want to see if my original font was poorly executed or if the scale is the issue. I also have a plan to add a higher res font (at the cost of not being the same pixel size as the rest of the game) in order to make things easier to read. Though, I need to outsource this work to an actual font artist as I'm not the best person to do this. So, that's going to take a bit more time. Changing the scale (to make it a different resolution) breaks a bunch of stuff I have tied to the font system. As a result it's going to be a lot more work and dedicated time to add that and is why I haven't done so already. Anywho, thanks for being patient and for the feedback. :)

05 Apr

Hey folks!

Just uploaded the (v0.7.0.15) overworld migration changes to the BETA branch.

This update fleshes out the UI and functionality for overworld travel. This stuff will be used for raids and trading when I add those.

Here's a breakdown for how travel on the overworld map works:
1. With the overworld map open, click 'migrate'.
2. Select which settlers you'd like to take with you.
3. Select which items you'd like to bring with you. Anything that is not cooked/raw food will be considered a resource.
4. Select a location on the map to migrate to.
5. Click 'start migration'.

As a party moves across the overworld map, they'll use resources and food to survive. Each settler will use 1 food item each tile. If no food is available, they'll start to eat animals. If no animals are available, they will start to starve to death. Additionally, there are events that may occur as the settlers go across the map. These range f... Read more

29 Mar

Hey folks!

I'm still working away on the overworld map and new features so I won't be able to put out an update today. Next week it will be in a good place to start getting used.

Here's where it's at:
You can choose a party and items to migrate to other tiles. Along the way, events will occur. This is dependent on the tile you're going through. i.e., a settler falling off your boat and drowning crossing the ocean, a bandit ambush in forests, freezing to death crossing the tundra, finding items on the path in the desert, etc. I'm going to add as many of these as I can to make it super varied. Food and supplies are used up as you journey across the map as well. If you run out of food, your settlers will start eating animals that are brought along. If there's nothing to eat, settlers will start to die. All of these things will determine the starting conditions for your new settlement.

Here's what I'll be working on going forward:
There's still a lot of ... Read more

27 Mar

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Mind sending me the save file? I'll take a look. :)

Here's a how-to if you're cool with that:

26 Mar

Hey folks!

Just uploaded a new build to address an issue some people were having where their previous save wouldn't load. The screen would get stuck on 'shining rocks'. Your save should now load properly with this update.

Apologies for this issue. Please email me at [email protected] if you continue to have load problems after getting this update.


(2:24, 26-03-19) EDIT: Some people are still reporting that their file won't load even after the patch. For some, the bug has messed up how files get saved properly (in a very specific edge case). Today's patch will keep future files from having the issue but because some user's files were already so messed up, they've lost their backwards compatibility and there's not really any way for me to fix that... Read more
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When you select a settler, does their state show 'idle' or 'relaxing'?

22 Mar


Aside from the changes that are rolling over from the beta branch ( Changes), this build includes some fixes and QoL stuff. This update is a little lighter than usual as I'm working a ... Read more

15 Mar

Oh heeeey!

Just upload to the beta branch.

Bet you didn't expect a Thursday update from yours truly. I'm going to start doing builds on Thursdays instead of Fridays in order to give me Friday to react to any potential issues users have. Whereas sometimes I'm not available on the weekend.

For today's patch, the main focus is around quality of life improvements and bug fixes. As well, I've changed the duration of the in game minute to be 1 real world second instead of 0.5. My reasoning for doing so is that I want settlers to be able to accomplish more in a day. This will be especially important when I implement settler scheduling so you can divide the day into work chunks. i.e., sleep 12am-8am, work 8am-6pm, other 6pm-12pm. What you may notice as a result is that settlers take much longer to get hungry, food takes way longer to grow, and things seem to slow down. Maybe it's not an issue, but please voice your thoughts. I can easily tune hunger and plan... Read more

13 Mar

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The next big update we are focused on will be all about the overworld map and stuff like that. :)

08 Mar

Hello, cool cats!

This update includes all the changes from the Beta update:

As well as some fixes and additional content:

Patch notes:
-Added props: Stone Tab... Read more

05 Mar

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@hola_soy_luis, thanks for the feedback. Many players really enjoy building underground dwellings, and I think it would be a mistake to punish them for wanting to pursue that type of base. If players want to make a mountain home, that's great and they should have the creative freedom to do so without me trying to force them to make what I want.

I prefer to have pros and cons to the two types of bases that balance out. For example, building on the surface is safer but costs more resources. Building underground, you have the chance to open a hostile dungeon or den but it's easier to get rooms up and running. Both have interesting dynamics, and I think that makes the game fun.

01 Mar

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Now that the beta version is out, I thought I'd write a little tutorial about rooms. I do plan on making a tutorial this next week, but this should be a good start to help you out if you're confused.

Room placement works pretty much how it did before, but now there is some added settler behavior and UI.

Room Size - This will determine how many settlers can be in your room. For every 3 tiles, you can have 1 Settler. A 3x3 Bedroom will house 3 Settlers.

Professions - Workshops will now require the correct profession to be used. No one cooking your food? Does the workshop have a cook? If not, you'll need one. Having the skill toggled on isn't enough.

Room Settings - You can click on a room to open it's settings window. From here, you can change who owns the rooms as well as designate items.

Item Designation - Right now, the Tavern is the only room that uses this. This determines what items you want people to be served at the Tavern... Read more
Hello friends!

I just uploaded the build for v0.7.0.10. As this build has some very large changes, I've decided to first do a week of beta testing to make sure I don't trash the live game. As well, this game has a TON of tuning changes. This will likely mean your previous saves, although playable, will be unbalanced. I'm sorry about that, but I'm still figuring out a way to properly update old saved entity attributes. Something I should really get on. :/

Anyway, going forward, I'm gonna start doing a different upload schedule to get more help finding bugs and getting feedback. (Thank you to those that recommended this! Great idea.) That new schedule will be: 1st week beta build, 2nd week production build, 3rd week beta build, 4th week production build, and so on.

Here's a how-to for getting the beta build:
... Read more
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Note: Backwards compatibility is not guaranteed for old saves loading in new beta versions.
1. From the left panel on the Library>Games page in Steam, right-click Odd Realm.
2. From the drop-down menu, select Properties.
3. Select the top tab Betas.
4. From the drop-menu, select beta - Public test branch.
5. You won't need an access code, just close the pop-up window.
6. (Sometimes) You may need to exit and restart Steam.

The client should start downloading the beta branch build.

The beta build on itch is just another file with '_BETA' appended to it. If you want to download that file of the game instead of the regular one, follow these steps.
1. Open the itch app.
2. Select Odd Realm from your library.
3. Click the gear button beside 'launch'.
4. You'll see a list of available files to install. Select the one for your operating system that says, '_BETA'.

22 Feb

What's up playas.

Sorry to say, but I'm still working on the rooms update. I got a bit hung up by two big additions, the Barracks and settler happiness. These two required a lot of code changes and work. As a result, I wasn't able to finish up the remaining rooms that I wanted to add for this update.

I HATE to not be able to push out an update for you amazing folks each week. Technically, I could put this update out, but I'm worried it hasn't had enough testing on my part due to the big code changes. I don't want to push this out until it's 100% ready. As well, I really want to get the other remaining rooms into the game first.

Here's a brief on where the new version is at:


GIF: Training[imgur.com]
-Send your warriors and archers here to train in their downtime.... Read more

18 Feb

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There's a bug with the tutorial which can hide buttons. (Working on a fix for this) You can show all the buttons by disabling the tutorial from the settings window. Sorry for the issue!

27 Jan

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Hey folks!

Thanks for all the feedback and info on bugs/crashes/issues. You are all fantastic! :)

If you ever get a serious bug that is generally pretty hard to reproduce, it will help me out a lot if you send your saved game folder to: [email protected]

Save folder locations:
Location on Windows: C:\users\you\appdata\locallow\Unknown Origin Games\OddRealm
Location on Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Unknown Origin Games/OddRealm
Location on Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Unknown Origin Games/OddRealm

You can just zip up and send me the entire odd realm folder.

Getting this folder is immensely helpful for me finding and fixing bugs that you experience.

Thanks again,