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23 Jan


If you're using a 3rd party client that already had its own Wiki Integration (and if you have it enabled in said client), you may find that it's currently showing their options for it as well as the game's.


Originally posted by KimGFL

Hey love the Wiki integration, such a great step!

However, if an entity is far away you will start running towards it, aswell if you can't reach it, you can't "look it up" if it is at a bit longer distance. This is possible through runelite etc.

Is it intended this way?

Unfortunately this is the only way it can work for now. We're aware that doing it from range would be better and I understand it's being looked into.


Looks like this is an issue with a third party client as it functions as expected on the official client. Similarly, multiple wiki options appearing also seems to be related to that.


Originally posted by huntedmine

Does new open herb bag works with herbiboar ?



Originally posted by TheCount69

rip ppl that got bonds for their BH2 alts during the last 48 hours

anyway glad it got dealt with sort of swiftly after the Torvesta vid.

I don't feel that sorry for them.


Originally posted by CaptaineAli

The more Runelite Functions I see being added to the official client, the happier I get. I'd rather see more things like this each week than anything else. OSRS deserves a better vanilla client.

Slowly but surely! This is one of the biggest steps we've taken for the vanilla client.


Originally posted by jonny_pasta

farming BH points should've been instead.

Unfortunately, that's not my call to make or something I can enforce. I understand the situation sucks (and I do empathize with that), but all I can do is give my opinion and suggestions for the future on the matter.


Originally posted by LordGozer2

While everyone is talking about BH, I just wanna appreciate that we're finally getting wiki integration for the official client and therefore mobile also. Would be a great help for all kinds of players since the game generally doesn't like giving away info about how it works.

On that note, can we have a "stats"-option in shops and in the buy screen on GE, where you can look up stats on equipabble items before you buy them? Currently there only way in-game to find out the stats of an item is to equip it, which ofc requires you to own it first. I mean, wiki integration would help here, but it isn't wrong for the game itself to give that kind of info to you instead of searching up everything.

I'm glad you're excited for the integration! This is a huge deal. Thanks for the feedback about showing stats in game - I'll make sure it's considered/investigated.


Originally posted by cartesiancategory

Hey dude, I think it would be great if you interviewed Adam from Runelite (he's the creator). I'd love to know more about his background in CS and how he developed such clean design principles.

Especially since we currently know so little about one of the biggest heroes of the current era of OSRS

I'd love to talk to Adam! Have no way of directly getting in touch with him though


Originally posted by JaxB13

No Q, but please get a better mic



Originally posted by Joseph_F_1

Please don’t overreact to things he says or pull funny faces, its very distracting. Also mute your facebook please, its very annoying

My face is my face you'll have to deal with it, also it'll be sorted :)


Originally posted by hatesranged

Wow today I realized this guy singlehandedly was the osrs aesthetic

He sure was.

22 Jan