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13 May


This player was banned across quite a few accounts. Should you suspect anyone else of using AHK, please report them in-game for Macroing and send information through to tipoff@jagex.com


7k crystal? It can only be created with a new item that comes from content within Prifddinas. It won't be created using existing seeds.

10 May

09 May


Originally posted by Sir_Suh_Dude

Getting a bit confused why a manual check every so often on the BH worlds isn't being done, Jagex has shown they can have real time heatmaps during DMM, it wouldnt be hard to have a few people on staff check on them every so often for anomalous gatherings away from the standard Edgeville BH pking.

We do clear them out often but there's the whole rest of the game to take care of too, and I'm sure you'd really start to notice rather major issues if we applied your method to our way of working. It's worth noting that BH Emblems would be much worse than what you're seeing if we didn't do anything.

07 May


Join us on the sofas where the Old School RuneScape team answer your questions each week. Our Q&As are a perfect introduction to our JMod team for new OSRS players and old RuneScape experts alike.

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Questions that provoke discussion are valued over yes/no questions.

Cheers all!


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05 May

03 May


Originally posted by ExactKaleidoscope2

In a comical sense? Because he said "don't blame QA," followed by a description of how they checked (tested) it poorly?

Not a he.


Originally posted by cryseis

4 QA's on the team and no one thought to run a BVA (Boundary value analysis) test... tut tut

Incorrect.... different QA's are on different projects.


Originally posted by Tabatron

As someone who has been pking since 08, it's pretty easy to tell when someone is AHK/scripting or actually good at the game. It's literally impossible to be able to click that precisely/switch prayers that clean in the following clips:




Both of the players in these clips have received bans against their accounts


Originally posted by ExactKaleidoscope2

The RC rates were not disproportionate to normal RS skills given how much money had to be spent. What goes into making a command decision that something is "broken?"

The rates achievable at ZMI were something like 4x (or more) than what was polled


Originally posted by geheurjk

What is the purpose of an in-game clock? I have never played RS on a device that didn't already have its own clock, and RS isn't one of those full-screen games that makes it take 10 seconds to alt-tab.

A universal clock was requested by several clans and events teams for organising and synchronising schedules

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