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15 Apr


Let us know which questions you'd like answered on Wednesday's Q&A livestream at 5pm BST!

Questions that provoke discussion are valued over Yes/No questions.



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Originally posted by abra238

🦀 /u/JagexAcorn won't reply to this thread 🦀

Weekend pineapple posting :( I always am late!

13 Apr


Originally posted by MAkubry

Sitting in the Mod Acorn waiting room for this post

I hope I didn't keep you all waiting too long, I was out shopping!


Originally posted by scr1mmage

There are dozens of us


12 Apr


SMH my head at the people who reckon they're posters or green screen or whatever.


It wasn't the bank PIN or the train wifi - I've had a look at your account (comment history) and it seems the password was compromised as early as November '18 (there were some website logins dating from back then), and it's still the same creation password.

Since that time they've been unable to login to your account in-game because the Authenticator was active, but once it was disabled toward the end of last month, the path was cleared for them.

Definitely do change your password ASAP, and re-enable the Authenticator.


Originally posted by Pinuzzo

Were the list of idea contributors added to Watson's house yet?



What happened to the son?!? Who ate him!?


We've spoken about this before on Q&As - it'd probably get us more voters, but we don't want quantity at the expense of quality, and I wouldn't be surprised if this caused some players to spam vote Yes/No answers.

11 Apr


Originally posted by ComputerDude96

We appreciate your hard work and input, Dad.

Thanks, son.


Originally posted by newowhit

Yeah the blue and green look like missing textures or something, did another scroll and got the helm to match lol

Wish I didn’t have to include the terrible heraldic symbols but they were pre-established on the helm and kite :/


Originally posted by rhyst2

Now that I have your attention - can you please get in contact with me regarding the studio tour prize I won 5 years ago.

You told me to email you directly 22nd may 2018 with the dates i would be able to attend as a follow up to being rewarded with said prize, then never responded to me via email, Twitter or Reddit.

I was originally awarded the prize by Mod Neena who I'm aware does not work there anymore.

Thank you.

I’m afraid I don’t work in a team that can help with that. Have you tried contacting a community manager?


Originally posted by rhyst2

No it's not. Android S9 as of 20:13GMT. Just ran past, saw the icon but nothing there to interact with. I then saw this post.

The clue has been changed ...


Originally posted by [deleted]


I really hope they don’t.


Originally posted by [deleted]

Fingers crossed 🤞

Nice name btw, it made me chuckle.


Originally posted by [deleted]

Hahaha, no offence of course, just not a lot to work with in making it better looking :)

No worries 😉 it’s a bit of a joke now in office as this wasn’t our first attempt at the cape... perhaps the third attempt next TT update will be the lucky one! We do have a better idea now, we just didn’t have the time to remake it from scratch.


Originally posted by [deleted]

It was ugly & got scrapped

To put it simply.

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