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26 Apr


Originally posted by Hellrs

I went to the Customer Support page and selected the option to change email for old/inaccessible emails. I provided my details and submitted it just to be told I would be "emailed shortly with the results" but how am I supposed to see that email? The email server is completely inaccessible

Edit: I can still log in to the runescape account, Im just worried about authenticator, password changing, etc.

2nd Edit: Account was locked under suspicion it was hijacked. I was sent an email to my new email address saying recovery attempt denied. and then another email 8 minutes later saying recovery attempt approved? It allowed me to change the password with my new email and account is now unlocked so I guess all Is solved

RE: 2nd Edit. The support system worked as intended.

We wouldn't email your old email, that'd be pointless, you're quite right. The second appeal would have been accepted because it contained stronger information than your first appeal.

25 Apr


Originally posted by Chilo69

I don't understand what the deposit inventory does. Haven't we already had that option for a while?

You're correct that we've had deposit inventory - but this update brings with it the option to hide it.


Originally posted by Wildmuffin

Can we expect the 2nd poll blog for it soonish? Like the one talking further about rewards/content within the city

Yep, I'd say soonish. I've seen a first draft from Mod Gambit, there's lot of feedback and unanswered questions from the team to address first.


Originally posted by HiAndMitey

Anyone get the warding poll willing to post it here?

It asks whether players would vote yes or no, why they'd vote that way, for thoughts on Warding generally, and thoughts on new skills generally.


Originally posted by LieV2

Those are just UK worlds with German flag on it lol. Dutch worlds would just be dutch community worlds. Not dutch ping worlds.

The servers hosting the German worlds are located in Germany.


Originally posted by habaden

What's the time estimate on Song of the Elves? Early summer or late?

Tricky, I don't want to commit - it's still in development, it'll need to be tested, revised, plus we've got player visits for playtesting. We will not release until it's ready.


Originally posted by Yeshua-Hamashiach

Any ETA on the Hosidious house rework?

Also can we get an answer about the lost Q&A from last week? I know it had chat issues which caused it to be taken down, but it hasn't been uploaded to the YouTube channel either.

No specific date yet, but it shouldn't be too long.

The chat issues caused the VOD to be deleted from Twitch. Sadly we didn't save the recording locally, meaning it isn't possible to upload to YouTube. In short, we lost it. :(


There's a support section called Bonds.

One of the links there is My Bonds purchase keeps failing.

You'll then have to identify what payment method you're trying (and failing) to use. Most of those articles have Contact Us links which will allow you to submit a support ticket, th...

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24 Apr


Originally posted by BasicFail

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if it's actually true. Regardless it's absolutely disgusting.

This has been a known issue for a long, long time now and yet Jagex doesn't seem to do much if anything against these bots. It shouldn't even be difficult for Jagex to detect and ban them.

Who's job is it anyway? A while back I've seen posts from /u/Mod_Archie saying that we need to tweet him video evidence or something. Because it involves PvP and he is (was?) the JMod dealing with PvP issues. Then again, the accounts in this video are clearly using bots, so I would assume /u/Jagex_Weath and his team should be on it, but they're not? Also not all of the groups are using bots, if they are they're using custom bots as shown in this video.

That said, I'm aware that Jagex bans consistently 100k+ bots per week. But I'd imagine that these bots would be a higher priority given the amount of GP they inse...

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I spoke to the Anti-Cheating team and they said almost all of his accounts were already banned before this video came out. The other accounts that weren't banned, were banned today due to /u/JagexWeath being out for Easter holiday. As /u/fisherman_gabe has mentioned, it is just a bragging tactic as there is no evidence on our end to suggest they were making anywhere near 500m a day. Hope this helps!

23 Apr


There's another account of yours which had three x 1 month subscriptions bought on it yesterday. I reckon you simply bought membership on the wrong account. The login emails aren't too dissimilar.

You can get a refund and/or transfer the membership quite easily.

Contact payment support. Simply say the name of the account you wanted the membership on (the one in your picture) and provide them with billing information. They'll identify the same one and get you sorted nice and quickly.



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Originally posted by IlyaGlazunov

or just be rude about it . . . the information on the page is old af

The information on the homepage ( https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/warding-design-blog?oldschool=1) is brand new.

It was announced at RuneFest (Sep/Oct), and the linked blog is the revised iteration of it.


If you haven't used them you should still be eligible for a refund: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/205981571-Refunds

Hit the Contact Us button there. You'll get a reply, just don't use them.

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