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26 Nov


Originally posted by YuriYuriDaze

Since the models are a subject to change, could we get more old-schoolish models for the NPC's? They look good, colorful, but it doesn't really fit OS aesthetic that much. Having a few HD objects in an unchanged OSRS world breaks the immersion for me, that's all.

The NPCs are going in a new environment being built for this content. We are working hard together to create a direction for the update so it all works together, and hopefully won't break your immersion, or be incongruous. That being said, these are WIP images and I will keep your concerns in mind and discuss with the rest of the team. Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to leave feedback!


Originally posted by The_Strict_Nein

Technically it can restore up to 37 on task if my math is right and only that staff and spec passes, but that's kinda splitting hairs. Carrying a potential 5 way switch and using 75% Spec Attack energy to save about 2 p-pot doses seems a bit excessive to me.

I trust you on the maths, thanks for the correction. That must require some badass gear tho.


Originally posted by RocketLawnchairs

Love the new NPC models. The staff with orbs is a great idea, too, albeit the prayer restore one seems OP.



If you're completely afk for more than 20ish minutes, your character stops auto retaliating so you won't be hitting anything and won't be getting any xp. This is to stop people from putting on Guthans and afking for 6 hours until they're force logged out like they used to be able to. To stop this from happening you need to be active at least once every 20 minutes so your character doesn't become inactive.


Originally posted by thisfornsfwww

65 max hit and as someone said with the proper boosting items max is 82.. that’s very op

That's not that far away from an AGS right? We can always lower the damage after you guys have had your hands on it during the beta and you still think its too OP


Originally posted by thisfornsfwww

Gonna be a big no from me on the staff. Way too high damage, and boost to 120 prayer? Stacked with everything else that adds magic damage bonuses, what would the max be


It's capped at 120 prayer points. The spec on average will restore around 12-17 prayer points and costs 75% spec energy. This spec could result in you restoring anywhere between 0 and 34 points depending on gear and luck.


Originally posted by Thermald

Blah blah blah nightmare of ashihama exists

Is there anything you can tell us about the Nightmare of Ashihama fight? I'm not opposed to voting yes based on just this blurb, but you're not giving us much to vote on lol.

Volatile Orb (orange): Gives the Staff a special attack that fires a single spell at the target. This spell requires no runes to use but costs 50% special attack energy. The attack deals up to 65 base damage (which can be increased using damage boosting items) with 50% improved accuracy.

uhh seems a tad strong for a magic ags but we'll see

edit: math says this maxes high 90s in max if tome passes. lets not do this.

Eldritch Orb (green): Gives the Staff a special attack that fires a single spell at the target. This spell requires no runes to use but costs 75% special attack energy. The attack deals up to 50 base damage (which can be increased using damage b...

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Happy to pass the feedback on rewards to the team. The fight specifically we don't want to reveal too much on the mechanics but I'd recommend you tune into future Q&As for discussions about The Nightmare if you can.


Originally posted by lumbycows99

Can you add a requirement to play LMS similar to bounty hunter. LMS bots have been insane since twitch prime membership promotion, and there are ai bots in there that play better than normal players.

We've already done this and it's not had the impact we'd have hoped. We'd like to look at other approaches to this issue.


Originally posted by chukintits

Are we going to be able to buy rune pouches with gp anytime soon?

I'm afraid not - the suggestion to make them tradeable failed a poll.


Originally posted by Zabrinu

Any chance of getting the correct poll results numbers on the website?.. I always find it very confusing , and am not sure why it’s available there if the numbers are just wrong.

They still act as a useful archive of historical polls. I agree it's confusing and annoying, but the web team have higher priorities so this won't be fixed any time soon. For accurate results, you can always check the poll booths in game.


Originally posted by Daunt_Nabby

Can we get warning/confirmation message when trying to start tracking new Herbiboar while already tracked Herbiboar is still laying on ground unharvested?

It's very furstrating when you missclick inspect on object next to Herbiboar that you are trying to harvest. (Herbiboar disappears when new tracking is started)

Hi Daunt, this has been added to the backlog :)


Originally posted by GreenyRed

You can't report them either. Great for botting.

They can be reported, that system will look at the username assigned to the account, not the temporary name.

25 Nov


Originally posted by Grottyzilla

Thanks for confirming :) another quick thing which would be great if you could check tomorrow or something please, I completed the task for getting an addy ore from blast mine which is hard task and should give 100 points but I’m pretty sure it only gave 10 points?

It is hard task on the interface which I means it is impossible for it to have given the wrong amount of points given how the system works.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you saw you got 160 points but got some of the other tasks you claimed wrong in how many they are worth?


Originally posted by Sloan1505

upcoming weeks TL will be almost over

Well, it should either be this week or next week but I don't want to promise it incase more important stuff has to be worked on first.


Originally posted by anticommon

As another task related question, I have 100% hosidious favor but cannot complete the pizza task. Damn near made 50 pizzas and it just won't go.

Anything I could be doing wrong? Do you need to submit 20 at once?

Edit: thank you all for the kind response.

Yeah, the players responding to you are correct. You don't have to hand in 20 at once but every pizza has to be handed in with the appreciation for pizza being at least 30%.

If it's not you can try hopping to find a world that does have high enough appreciation. The task should reflect this now but that wasn't the case on launch


Originally posted by Celtic_Legend

Still waiting for osrs’s half xp or no xp weekend. Am serious.

It'd be great for a few hours of April 1st! Otherwise I'd fear we'd see the lowest daily concurrent users ever!


Originally posted by Nyte01

This account im talking about is about 12 years old. The information they want isnt being looked account because the jerk that stole it still uses it. The account needs to be looked at deeper

I'd recommend submitting a support ticket. Go for the Forgotten Login route here: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360001552065

Click "Still Stuck", "No", "No" and then "Maybe We Can Help".


Originally posted by Nyte01

Please message me, im getting no where in account recovery! I need help

I can't help with specific account recovery asks I'm afraid. The Support team have this article for what to do if your account recovery requests are declined: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206666629-Denied-password-resets