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30 Apr


Let us know which questions you'd like answered on Wednesday's Q&A livestream at 5pm BST!

Questions that provoke discussion are valued over Yes/No questions.



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29 Apr


Originally posted by zmi_is_amazing

so 165k xp/hr at lavas with runners is ok, just because it 'was in the game already?'

As stated, this change is mainly due to the fact that we polled rates we believe we didn't stick to nor were fairly shown.

Lavas and running were always able to be done and that is something we are fine with for the time being.


Originally posted by LAYOUT_SUCKS_REDDIT

I don’t believe jagex should be limiting player interaction because of high exp rates for certain skills.

You can still interact with other players at other altars for high xp rates, including lavas.

This change is solely for the ZMI.


Originally posted by fleshxcoffin

Are you going to address the xp rate discrepancy with Swimming as well?

Swimming is currently at polled rates. See below:



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Originally posted by g0_flames_g0

I feel like it is a good change. But I was wondering about using the "trade" option at ZMI to follow people (so your character auto paths around rock formations instead of getting stuck, which happens when following normally). Will that be affected by this update too?

You will still be able to trade players in the area - just not essence.


Originally posted by LAYOUT_SUCKS_REDDIT

I don’t believe jagex should be limiting player interaction because of high exp rates for certain skills.

You can continue to interact with others at all other Altars available in game.


Originally posted by Person_of_Earth

Running essence is something that's been in the game for a long time. Law and nature running used to be a thing, so how is ZMI running any different from that and why is it only a big problem now?

Mainly because we wish to address the discrepancy between the blog and the current rates.

Though running has always existed, we can't dispute that perhaps when we polled it it may have been disingenuous to give XP rates that weren't theoretically the highest with things like running - by quite a substantial amount.

We intend to leave running with existing methods that existed prior to the ZMI as we do agree it's a method which has always existed in the game.

Looking back on our archive we also took into consideration that during much of the original time of ZMI’s existence when running was prevalent, free trade was restricted.


Originally posted by cryptowi

She would of told us if she was a btw.

Girl btw.

26 Apr


Have a good day!


Originally posted by stringsanbu

Nice job on the gold/jewellery work. Is there a plan to do the same for smithing on an anvil in the future?

We'd like to, but space is more of an issue on that interface.


Originally posted by pdgb

Is the ping issue for aussie worlds fixed?

Ping is currently looking good. We're working hard to ensure better consistency.


Originally posted by Samshelleys

No sweat, didn’t think you were :)

Here is the bit where they touched on finding new ways to gather feedback:

“We will continually survey all players, rather than just those on Reddit or Twitter, to understand what you think is important from a Customer Support perspective. We’ll use this to inform our priorities and measure our progress.”

AKA: “We don’t just want the opinions of nerds”

That’s how I saw it anyway. It’s funny and correct - good on them!

Although that is way more “customer support” specific then I remember it being...

That section was directly related to Customer Support activities, but surveying players (rather than relying on social media) is something we're actively doing as a development team, you're quite right!


Originally posted by Crispts

How do we participate in this survey if we were not sent a link? That seems kind of unfair to send them at random. I have an active sub and am almost 2k total level, and I don't get to allow my voice to be heard on Warding because I wasn't randomly selected?

The best way to ensure you're sent a survey is to opt in to email communications. The actual survey is always distributed via email!


Originally posted by Neucore

New bug with gold crafting, it won't remember the last option you selected for make x or make all, etc. Keeps switching to make x if I have it on make all, and vice versa. Sometimes it will put in random make x amounts like 2, or 15.

I've passed it on, cheers.
Did you report it in-game too?


Originally posted by jianbotor

Any plans on SEA worlds?

Nothing immediate, establishing new infrastructure is a big undertaking. We'd need to see strong numbers in that region, coupled with solid plans for growth in that region.


Emblem farmers are part of a regular sweep. See Mod Tyran's tweet for a bit more information: https://twitter.com/JagexTyran/status/1120992625094529024

In your comments you mention the bot busting streams, but it isn't like Ayiza and myself found the bots ourselves. They were given to us by the anti-cheating team. That's how bot banning ordinarily works. The anti-cheating team find the bots, and they ban them, without the stream theatrics.

We'll constantly try to improve how we action offences, we know it's a pain for players trying to BH legitimately.

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