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08 Jan


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Originally posted by YellowSucks

Agility is boring, I guess that can be agreed on, but it's incredibly useful in a lot of ways. Runecrafting less so. Runecrafting in my opinion isn't just boring but incredibly tedious.

I can handle a boring grind, but Runecrafting makes me not want to play the game whenever I'm training it and I'm sure others feel the same way.

I don't claim to have an idea for this at the moment but I think you should look at adding something else to do with the skill. Or a mini game or alt training method that's a bit more fun and engaging, even if the xp rewards stay the same.

We're always open to suggestions!

07 Jan


Originally posted by itwhichbreaksgames

10/10 should be something to kill the players there so hundreds of pets can run around after they die



Originally posted by lunch0guy

The major issue that many people have with runecrafting is that it's extremely boring. Whether double nats are good money or not, it's a boring goal from a boring grind.

Most other skills are just as boring tbh. The thing that makes runecrafting different is that, prior to level 77, there is no way to idle through it. It is more click intensive than most skills yet has slower xp rates.

For me personally, even if runecrafting had a rewarding end-goal in terms of profit, I still wouldn't be any more interested in training it to reach that goal if the gameplay loop of the rewarding content was still boring.

I think the idea is that people are willing to grind boring skills if they're adequately rewarding, like Agility.

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Originally posted by Barmello_Xanthony

Please give us an update on the state of PVP.

Closed door discords and rarely acknowledging most of the pvp community's questions on Q&A has been a real bummer.

That's a very broad request. From my perspective, the next thing that needs to be done is to fix some of the issues from the BH update. There is not a grand plan for PvP roadmapped for me to share with you at this stage.


Originally posted by Blobbygold

As funny as this is because it is true, runecrafting is miserable and the only skill most people do not like training. The HLC should be the people supporting the game improvements not denying them because "they did it why should you not have too"

I heard an interesting viewpoint recently and I can't fault the argument. It went something like this - Runecraft has always been an arduous grind, but used to have a bigger payoff back when double nats was the best money maker in the game. Since then, the value of nats has been gradually decreased by them being dropped by various NPCs. Alongside the introduction of other consistently better money making methods, this means Runecraft no longer has a light at the end of the tunnel. So now it's not just arduous, it's less rewarding. If we could fix the issue of reward, then the XP rates needn't change IF you want a range of effort required and rewards from all the skills rather than them being equal (which makes the game more interesting).

06 Jan


Originally posted by AspiringMILF

osrs runecraft idea

bottomless pouches

you can fill them with a f**k ton of essence, but you can only withdraw 3/6/9/12 from each one a single time before you use a bank again or unnote essence at npc

its functionally the same as current runecraft - go to bank, load pouches, go to altar, make runes, and don't make any more than currently possible per trip. just less clicking because you dont have to open bank multiple times, and load pouches for every single trip.

Are you trying to get me destroyed by the HLC live on stream?


Originally posted by [deleted]

Social media should not be customer support

I will bear that in mind thanks :)


Happy new year everybody! We'd like to host our first Q&A of the decade this Wednesday to please leave your questions down below - discussion provoking questions are preferred but game content balancing/suggestions are always welcome.


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What an amazing year you guys have had! Thank you for everything you do <3


UNREAL collaboration with u/Legend_Arts. My eyes are greatly pleased, well done lads