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23 Mar


We ban them as soon as they pop up. For what it's worth, reporting them in-game and sending evidence to tipoff@jagex.com is more effective than posting to reddit.

15 Mar


This recent drama seems to have happened around 3am BST. I'm looking into it now.

To clarify, we aren't the internet police. We can't protect player's IPs, all we can do is recommend they do their best to protect them. Often times we see players leaking their IP through a means they were unaware of, claiming it hasn't been leaked etc.

That being said, we'll look into this as much as we can and if we can find any credible evidence, we'll take action accordingly - which, if I might add, we have done so in the past many times. This whole reverse psychology thing of 'this happened but jmods won't do anything about it lol' doesn't help anyone. We'll do as much as we possibly can.

08 Mar


Blood Defender was its original name, with the original thought to be using a special vial of blood on it but that felt a bit odd. We're definitely open to changing naming around, that's no biggie. Just need to find something that appeals to everyone.



07 Mar


Initially the thought was to create something similar to overloads/extremes, with sacrifices like 10hp lost per dose. We decided against that as we wanted to avoid power creep. In the end, we've decided to offer less powerful but more convenient potions that will be more expensive but better to use in certain scenarios.


Originally posted by 119arjan

I found the times for you, check the edited message.

you're the mvp

23 Feb


Originally posted by The_QuantumThief

Hey just wanted to say that I love watching your modelling parts on the osrs stream. This character and the raids female protagonist look really cool so far!

Thanks, it seems to have gone well so far. Can't wait to show you all what we have planned over the next few months. I'm really excited about it, I hope you will be too.


This is a skillful realization of the Maiden, it goes to show there is so much talent out there in our community. I'd love to see more, thanks for sharing this with us.

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04 Jan


Originally posted by Tirith_Wins

that does not explain why the boss has to walk tho lol.

The animation is for the pet, not the boss.


But it’s a new model with a new animation?

26 Dec


Originally posted by blanket_


Looks very much like this?

That's actually the image that inspired the design of the doors in the quest. You can see the finished ones here


07 Dec


Originally posted by [deleted]

Is it talking to some guy, telling you have the requirements, and getting him an item to open a door to fight a dragon?

Nah. This time you have to open two doors.


why is ds2 a grandmaster quest if anyone can do it?

You're assuming that everyone who starts it will be able to complete it. The quest is a little bit more than just talking to some guy and telling him you have the requirements.

19 Nov


Originally posted by MrPringles23

1 Quest in what, 4 years?

It was never really a quest that was regularly brought up about unfinished quest lines either, it was just a seemingly random "here's MM2".

Most of the questions are about the Troll, Menaphos/Sophanem, Myreque, Zaros, Elf and Ogre story lines and their unfinished areas that are just giant black squares or blocked off areas (I know empty spaces have gotten some attention recently, but for the most part questions were involving them).

1 Quest in what, 4 years?

It was only last year that the team got big enough to be able to deliver content on the scale of Monkey Madness II. We've started working on a lot more quests since then as you'll have already started seeing.

08 Nov


Originally posted by Lonehoof

For every jmod that replies to this, I will buy a bond and give it to an f2p player

This is very generous of you. You better make sure its not your own F2P account you are giving it to :P

05 Sep


Originally posted by Michael_RS

My question was if this feature was already a thing in 2004. I know it exists since 2006 atleast.

Yes as far as I recall (similar behaviour).


If you enter a name that is invalid / already taken the account creation on the website will suggest names you could use :)


16 Feb



Wasn't sure about the bloodvelds myself, thanks for the feedback, I'll get them sorted.

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26 Jan


Zeah is an area that can evolve visually as we progress with OS updates, so it's definitely a valid request.

I've been working on a few updates to the appearance of Arceuus in my spare time that I'd hope to poll with future updates, so I'd definitely consider giving this area a bit of polish in the distant future.

At the moment it looks like we've got quite a few QOL jobs to get through, so that's my focus for the next few weeks. That said, it's good to know that people are passionate about working with us to improve areas on Zeah.

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