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29 Sep


Originally posted by bolaft

I have the same issue, here's a screenshot: link.

Thank you, we'll deal with it soon.


Originally posted by Ex-SyStema

I understand. Surely its not enough time to test every single little thing. But its alarming how these patches don't just introduce other , smaller bugs. But huge game breaking ones.

You guys are doing great tho, keep up the good work.

Sometimes it happens. Programmers are also humans, and due to the sheer size of the game, a fix in one place sometimes may unexpectedly affect something in a different place.


Originally posted by TheJack38

Huh, the Divine Jolt orison seems to have disappeared from Daerans spellbook... Is that intentional?

Hi, do you use any mods by chance?


Originally posted by AwesomeDewey

Hum, I'm afraid it says "Development Build" with errors in the loading screen, I suppose that's not normal?

Ramien's death sometimes didn't register correctly, which led to odd situations in later chapters.

I don't think this is retroactive? I'm in act 3 now, my quest log for Feud of the Faithful is still stuck at "Tell Ramien that Hulrun is dead" even though they are both dead.

Can you please PM me the screenshots with that "development build"?


Originally posted by Nebbii

My game is killing my lich inside the enigma just after i finish the last puzzle. All my 3 quicksaves inside the big puzzle area is auto killing him thus soft locking me out of the game unless i roll a 3h save ugh. Is there any way for me to salvage this somehow with save editting or something? I'm not using mods. My character just load dead and ALL the quicksaves i did there is doing that

Send a bug report and PM me the ticket number. Sounds like a critical problem.


Originally posted by Ex-SyStema

But how come these fixes end up introducing these kinds of game breaking bugs ? It shouldn't be this way

Unavoidable price of having 1-2 patches a week, unfortunately. The game is too large to test every possible spot within the timeframe of 1-2 days.


Originally posted by Bluemajere

Another patch, and the Court Poet Skald subclass is still not fixed. My vigil continues.

I can confirm that there's a lot of work in progress on the archetype. But it will take some time, so be patient please. I'd estimate maybe a few weeks.


Originally posted by Rexia

Annnnd it's broken. Please, for the love of god, test your patches. I love you guys, but it's not okay to keep releasing completely game breaking patches.

Can you please be more specific?


Originally posted by TheLord-Commander

Can I finally respec in act 3 now? I've just been spinning my wheels making new characters until I can fix my bad character build.

All currently known issues have been fixed, but note that there's no 100% guarantee that there won't be more, yet. Feature works with very deep parts of game mechanics and is by nature more prone to instabilities.


Bug. Should be fixed in next patch.


Originally posted by Alias_HotS

My demon slayer ranger still doesn't have a good Favored Ennemy class feature. The first +2 applies, but doesn't increase. By now, I'm missing 4 attack and damage bonus when I attack and it will be even worse when I'll reach level 15. This is a small, very small bug, but it's killing me to have a -20% hit chance on every fight.

Use ALT+B to report a bug. We'll investigate.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Can you please be more specific? Did you report a bug via ALT+B? If so, please give the ticket number, I can take a look then.


Originally posted by blightbuddy

Update 1.0.7c is (once again) NOT LIVE on GOG offline installers!

GOG takes some time to provide those. Sadly it's not something we can affect. It will soon appear, please be patient.


Originally posted by arkon262

No mods installed aside from custom portraits.

Please report it using ALT+B in-game then and send me the ticket number that will come to your e-mail.


Originally posted by arkon262

Looks like this patch broke autocast as I can no longer set a cantrip to autocast on my wizards.

Do you happen to use any mods?


Originally posted by BeastNeverSeen

Wait, is the game breaking bug around Sosiel's personal scenes still up? They were cutting off halfway through for me in act 5 and I'm still not sure how far back I'm supposed to roll back my save.

None of the bugs in the current patchnotes should require rolling back a save. Something like that is a very serious issue that is rare and is always announced separately. If something still doesn't work for you, report a bug via ALT+B.


Originally posted by MythicalPurple

Heads up, don't update if you can avoid it.

There is currently a gamebreaking bug introduced in this patch that causes an unavoidable crash when entering in or out of buildings in the act 4 area.

It's already being worked on, should be fixed really shortly.


Originally posted by NotNullTerminated


With autofill action bar option disabled, player could experience a significant FPS drop or freeze - fixed;

Thank you! I hope this works. This was one of my major issues.

By the way, what are we supposed to do if we find bugs (again) that we already reported for a prior patch? Report again? Or just ignore?

Report again if you see them in the patch notes as fixed and it still reproduced for you. Or if significant time passed.


Originally posted by MythicalPurple

Thanks. Any chance of uploading previous patch versions as beta branches so those of us on steam can rollback if a new patch causes a gamebreaker?

GOG has this feature, for Steam it is rather complicated and only done in critical circumstances, when we can't quickly solve the problem, or like when in Kingmaker a patch broke a vast amount of mods after a long pause.

Expect a hotfix soon, these kinds of problems are very high on priority.