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09 Dec


Originally posted by IRockThs

Does that also fix ES/Mana/Life regen for my vortex build showing as a red "Nan" and not sorting supports by DPS?

I presume so.


Originally posted by ichizen910

The crit chance and multiplier on the totem/brand nodes don't calculate for brands

The next update will add support for those nodes.


Originally posted by ThisIsCidehelm

Can't you just implement it like bleed?

It functions entirely differently, so no.


Originally posted by Nithryok

Winter orb is not working, node power shows every node on the tree is good for it.

That's fixed in the next update.


Originally posted by fatfat664

Chieftain doesn't have the DPS increase from '70% gained phys as fire' node enabled right?



Originally posted by Mofiremofire

Champion " Banners reserve no mana" isnt working.

I haven't added support for that yet, but it's coming.


Originally posted by NehcB

For the brand skills, does it calculate dps for each brand or for maximum amount of brands?

Per brand.


Originally posted by MasterBaiterTheOld

Great job!

Question: Is it possible to somehow choose which build atomatically opens with I run PoB? Currently it seems random and the build it loads is not the one I currently use.

That's odd. It should always save the currently-open build, and I've never heard of that not working.


Originally posted by sectoidfodder

Think the update broke Vile Toxins, it doesn't apply the extra hit damage per poison on enemy anymore.

Fixed in the next update.


Originally posted by LowLifeGolemsOhMy

Awesome, thank you! /u/Openarl is there any chance of an Impale stack config coming soon?

Not sure; I'm still working out how to handle Impale.


Originally posted by BrokenGlassFactory


...but something f**ky is up with the Show Node Power option, I'm seeing the entire tree highlighted different shades of red.

I'm looking into that; it only seems to happen with certain builds.


Originally posted by DarkArchon_

The "Show node power" option seems to be bugged. On several of my builds (not all) it keeps cycling through the nodes one by one and then the red color fades while another node is highlighted in red.

On some builds it eventually stops cycling and settles, but other builds - minions for example, it never seems to settle down.

I'm looking into that now.


Originally posted by arpc


The "Show node power" is compeltely busted for me it shows all the nodes as powerful equally or so even if it doesnt give me anything.

EE being colored when I dont deal any elemental damage...

Also wheres the tick for impale... for people asking, and no I have no elemental selected

Looking into that now.


Originally posted by mastahslayah

Thank you!~

sadly vortex shows as an infinite cast rate ;_;

Fixed in the next update.


Originally posted by Borntowheep

It seems Ice Spear hasn't been given the ability to choose whether all projectiles hit or not, like Barrage has. Makes calculating dps with +proj items and GMP troublesome

That's coming in the next update.


Originally posted by tristanl0l

Are the brands working properly? I add a crit chance brand node on the tree and i dont gain any crit chance/dps in calcs

I haven't implemented the brand-related passive skills yet; they're coming soon.


The 1.4.118 update for Path of Building is now available, containing the new and updated skills for 3.5.

Still to come for 3.5 is the new master crafting system, as well as the added and rebalanced uniques.

For existing users, the update is available via the usual update system; click "Check for Update" at the bottom left if the update hasn't already been downloaded. For anyone interested in trying the program for the first time, head to the releases page to get the installer.

If you'd like to give me something more tangible than energy, I have a ...

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Originally posted by Flameoffury

Hol up, you're saying that if I spent 20 dollars worth of points on something that would count towards a supporter pack? Essentially making it 20 dollars less?

Yes, you'd just get 200 fewer points (because you already received them).

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