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07 Mar


Originally posted by Spankyzerker

Raise Zombie gem name is listed twice in drop down list fyi.

I don't see that? Could you show a screenshot?


Originally posted by Ezekiul

Hey there is a path of building app on the Google play store, is this yours?



Originally posted by Tuck_Vison

why the f**k is a GGG employee running a patreon? why don't all the other GGG employees have patreon?

Because I update PoB outside of work, when I'm not getting paid by GGG.


Originally posted by ascalo

Is consecrated ground working properly on POB atm? I have enemy standing on consc ground ticked and im not getting any increase to crit chance atm.

Not yet.


Originally posted by Profetu

Shield Leech nodes near Ethereal Feast don't seem to be adding anything

Edit they do if you don't have the other shield leech node. I have no idea how thi works. 0.3% spell leech adds more than 0.8%

You're probably hitting the ES leech cap. I can take a look at your build if you'd like me to confirm.


Originally posted by mcm375

Is it me or are large radius jewels slightly smaller than in game and no longer hit nodes they used to in this version of POB?

I didn't change anything in PoB; that's the tree itself that has changed. I'm not sure yet if I need to change anything in PoB to fix this, or if it is intentional.


Originally posted by explosivecurry13

I was surprised to see it when I woke up this morning. When can we expect some of the gems updated?

Only after the patch.


Originally posted by wetfangs

does that mean we can expect gems on PoB later today after it releases to the public?

No; they'll only be in once the patch goes live and I have time to add them.


Originally posted by GoferGaming

Thanks a lot mate. Greatly appreciate it.

By the way I got a quick question. For the Brand skills does PoB take Runebinder into account for DPS? I don't see any options to enable a second brand on target. Also, putting a skill point in or out of Runebinder also doesn't decrease or increase the DPS.

Just wondering if I should be multiplying my DPS by 2 or not :P

It does not.


Originally posted by Munga1992

On that note, Has having that restriction been confusing at all to you in maintaining PoB? Have you ever been sitting there and had a "oh, crap. This can't go in there" moment?

Thanks <3

It hasn't been too difficult. Data-wise, I only pull stuff from the live game client, so there's no risk there. The only risk is with details of game mechanics, but nearly all of what PoB would ever need is public anyway.


Originally posted by krummysunshine

When i go do download it, it is still the old version.

I haven't uploaded a new installer yet, but I will be doing so soon.


Originally posted by gubaguy

New skill gem info when? Seems like they shoudl release the whole patch a day early and lock people out form the league so people can test stuff in standard, would help find gamebreaking bugs BEFORE peopel abuse it in league where it matters.

That will be coming after the patch goes live.


Originally posted by Th3MacDon

Does anyone know if the new POB update is reflecting the changes to crit chance? Because it still keeps calling at 95%. Thanks in advance.

That's in the next update.


Originally posted by wallonfire

You say it contains the 3.6 tree, but am i doing something wrong?

That version number isn't tied directly to the tree version (it's just for display), and I usually forget to update it. I'll do so in the next update, though.


Originally posted by DJIKhaos

Is the small jewel radius in pob bugged? there was no change to radius in the patch notes but the small radius seems to be smaller than before. I compared it to the in game passive tree and the difference was easy to spot no matter which socket I used.

Edit: Same seems to be true for large radius as well

I haven't changed the jewel radius values, but it does look like the tree's scale has changed. I'll need to investigate more.


Originally posted by tallandgodless

Are you allowed to pre-prep code on a private branch that you don't push until it's allowed to go public?

In order to do so, I would need to use information that isn't publicly available, so no, not really.


Originally posted by SvennEthir

I was messing around with this... does Despair not work? It's not showing a DPS increase for me.

Could you give me your build?


Originally posted by Starmastermaster

Thank you so much!

Just a thought, it may be a good idea to have a pay upgrade version that has additional features such as having the ability to keep old skill trees and compare and contrast different trees, or to have template builds. I know i would be willing to pay twenty bucks for those types of additional features.

I have no interest in offering any premium version of the program, and given how much it relies on the game's data it wouldn't be ethical (or legal) to offer one.


Originally posted by Zaken_Kenpachi

But then, by using PoB they would gain that info. Which would actually give it to them "beforehand" also and balance everything out with fairness lol.

Only once released, by which time they can get the info themselves.


Originally posted by InVeRnyak

Openarl, execuseme, u forgot to change Boss curse resistance

Not all of the 3.6 changes are in yet; it will take time to get to all of them, given how much has changed.