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    pheanox on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
This is almost too comical to even react to, but I do have to follow the Ludeon Community Rules just like everyone else. Locking the thread and issuing a 1 day ban for Rule 2, toxic behavior.

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Lovely but I was really hoping for an uwu

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    Mal on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hi there, we've got another update for you today! This update cleans up some rough edges in Steam Deck, and expands the number of game modes that can use Ideology functionality.

The update should be compatible with all saves and mods.

If the update cause problems and you have a bug to report, or you want to help us test, please join the Official RimWorld Development Discord[discord.gg]! Thank you to all of our testers for your feedback.

Have a great week!

- Tia

Steam Deck Improvements - Fixed multiple cases where on Steam Deck some keyboard shortcuts were mentioned
- Commands now show "button A" glyph instead of "A" label on Steam Deck.
- When architect search bar is focused on a Steam Deck and the on-screen keyboard is visible, move gizmos up so that they're still visible.
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    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

26 May


I really love this.

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