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26 Jun


Originally posted by Lopsided_Mastodon

For scrollers, it's under "VR Designer (Game Dev)".

No, it's not that one.

Mine is much worse :)

22 Jun

21 Jun


This is amazing. Pretty much exactly as I imagined it.

I love the little helper mascot in the glitterworld meds.

You've got a great art style.

14 Jun

05 Jun

    Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Kulgan from Crydee: My sources say he’s working on a spin off called “Rumworld”:

RumWorld follows three♥♥♥♥♥♥heads from a drunken crashed space liner as they build a distillery on a frontier world at the rim of known space. Inspired by the violent Australian vibe of Bundaberg Rum, the deep spices of Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum, and the exoticness of Bacardi and 10 Cane.

Manage colonists' thirsts, violence, individual drinking preferences, and hangovers. Engage in small-team tactical drinking games. Fashion structures, weapons, and apparel from glasses, empty bottles, lampshades, vomit, or parts of your clothing. Fight bounces, dogs, girlfriends, boyfriends and each other. Torment and urinate on cute pe...
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04 Jun

03 Jun


I lol's at this one but must admit - I was waiting for the "incapable of: caring" to come up :p


Originally posted by SihvMan

Thank you Tynan for being awesome! This update got me back into RimWorld and put another 100+ hours on my (actual) playtime.

That's real dedication - I'm pretty sure it was released less than 100 hours ago :)

01 Jun


Originally posted by Vine009

Keep getting the following error:

[Modcheck] using outdated Modcheck.dll. Update all outdated Modcheck.dll files and/or load Modcheck mod in the modlist

The problem is that I don't have a mod named "Modcheck". I don't even remember ever intalling such a mod. Does anyone else have similar problems? A quick fix would be much appreciated.

ModCheck was updated to be compatible with new build 2282. But some mods included an old version of ModCheck. If you install new ModCheck by yourself, the old versions of ModCheck in your other mods won't be used.

31 May

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
I've just pushed an update to build 1.0.2282.

  • Game loading has been optimized, especially with mods. You should see significantly faster loading.
  • Player-created content updated.
  • Localizations updated.
This update should be compatible with existing savegames and mods.

EDIT: Compatibility issue with Zetrith's Multiplayer mod has been fixed by some very responsive modders!

30 May


Originally posted by RogueIceberg

Sexual orientation should not be a trait, it should have a different section instead

I've seen this thought a few times, though, so I figured it was worth explaining why it works the way it does.

A major goal in UI design is to reduce noise. You don't want to repeat the same information if the player can easily deduce that information. Otherwise you're forcing the player to read words that don't carry information, which increases cognitive load for no benefit.

For example, every character in RimWorld is somewhere on the spectrum of industriousness. Some are lazy, some are typical, and some are hard-working. However, since the vast majority of characters are of average industriousness, we reduce noise by omitting this information. When the player sees nothing about industriousness, an average level in this trait is implied. Players understand this ~100% of the time.

It's the game UI version of Strunk and White's classic writing advice: "Omit needless words."

The same goes for the other traits in the game - psychopathy, move speed, nat...

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28 May

27 May

23 May


Originally posted by ----buster----

I had a look at the way WeatherOverlay creates its material, which is the MatLoader class, which requires a "path" parameter. It then appends this path to "Materials/" and casts an Object created by Resources.Load(appended_path) to a Material.

I guess my question is now, where is the "Materials/"? Is it an actual folder, or is this just a pseudo-folder system that Unity uses?

Anyways, I'll try looking at the original assets with some sort of program like you said, thanks for the suggestion.

Edit0: couldn't seem to find any legit ways to look into Unity assets.

Edit1: also just noticed that the "moveSpeedMultiplier" in WeatherDefs doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this deprecated? Edit2: I'm stupid, it does work

Materials/ is in the unity assets. I think there is software that can browse unity asset packs.


Honestly I'm not sure. Haven't worked with weather overlays for years myself. Materials are a Unity thing, so if you were to do it you'd have to do it through whatever Unity pathways exist. Maybe there's some Internet help on how to do it.

22 May

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