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Originally posted by LifeSupport0

Tynan is the guy with the code, not the art. He's also not the only guy doing the code for Ludeon. I mean I get he could totally just change the description, but hey.

In fairness, I did the code and art and writing for this, so it's entirely my fault.

Real reason is because we rebalanced it and in order to make the damage not too concentrated (annihiliate one toe with 50 damage) and not to spread out (3 tiny scraches on 25 different body parts) dividing it 5 ways was the best balance. So the fiction became that it was 5 spikes. But - the art was done for a previous version and I didn't change it.

24 Jan

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
The RimWorld soundtrack is up for sale on Steam! 31 tracks of space western tunes from Alistair Lindsay (Twitter).

Here's the Steam page.

If you like Al's music you can get more from him at ... Read more

23 Jan


Originally posted by TREQUN

Hello a quick update after reading your comments i decided that i love the game and i wan't to support tynan so i bought it 10 minutes ago ty for all the comments and your help!

Many thanks - I look forward to getting the name :)

22 Jan


Originally posted by RegenMemories

No need to delete it. But you must delete DisableDevMode, somethin' like this.

Updated my post.

20 Jan

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
I’ve just released a technical update to version 1.0 of RimWorld. It should be 100% compatible with all existing savegames and mods. The new version is 1.0.2150.

Steam will auto-update. If you’re playing the DRM-free version of the game you can go download it now from your permanent personal download link which was emailed to you.

Aside from updating translations and player content, and fixing a handful critical bugs, the new version’s main purpose is to add support for multi-version mods. Previously one entry in Steam workshop could only work with one version of RimWorld. This causes problems when we release a new version: Players can’t continue on the old version since some mods are updated, but can’t continue on the new version since not all mods are updated.

Now, mods will be able to support multiple versions simply by putting version-specific files in directories named for the target game version. Other files from the mod’s base directory are used in all... Read more

19 Jan


Originally posted by Siriflex

RimWorld is a great game at heart, the gameplay is open and free to let you do what you want, becoming a humble farming colony, or making and selling human hats on the Rim's Black Market and slaughtering your enemies without mercy, the choice is yours, but, what makes the game addicting?

You could simply say the gameplay is just so enjoyable, it's hard to decide "enough is enough" and close it down for the night at 3am, tomorrow is another day after all, but I could say that the game makes you feel emotions. Happiness, sadness or anger, the game let's you build a sentimental, and valued connection to your colonists. I can't speak for everyone, as everyone is different, everyone conveys emotion different, however when I had my period of "wow I can't stop playing this game", I grew a connection with my colony that I spent over 100 hours building up to what I saw was perfection, and something I could say "I am happy with what I have built".

I was building an army, a st...

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Thank you too! This was the goal of the design from the beginning, and I can barely believe it worked so well.

17 Jan

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