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16 Oct

15 Oct


Love it. Looks like a long-form prestige TV drama with a gigantic ensemble cast.

I'm glad they didn't try to make too specific of a narrative from it.


Please nobody art this.


These look cool. We definitely did this in a nearby alternate universe.

There is the question of how you'd make the natural rock/mineable resources look. Since it might be weird if they formed thin horizontal 'walls' where there happens to be a 1-thick layer of graite or whatever. Or it might look fine, depending on how it's arted.

14 Oct


I replied on the forum, and info would be great.

13 Oct


Originally posted by daleksdeservevictory

The toughest part of making this one was deciding that the sound effect would be "slorp". Looking back, I should have added an H.

You can support these comics on my Patreon or Ko-Fi. Also, sorry I didn't really post this week. Life.

I did always imagine it as a 'slorph' sound.

12 Oct

08 Oct


Originally posted by Triscy

Any idea what the best CPU for RimWorld would be overall?

I don't know myself, but you'd want one with good single-thread performance.


CPU single-threaded.

07 Oct

02 Oct

    Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
I've just pushed a regular player content and localizations update, to version 1.0.2408.

This update doesn't change any code or core content in the game, it only updates player-created names and characters, and translations data.

All save games and mods should be compatible.
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/294100/announcements/detail/1591384490852110996]here[/url].

01 Oct

30 Sep


Originally posted by crashingtingler

just an fyi, putting more than 1 explosive item in a tile doesnt increase its destructive capability at all, so 1 antigrain vs a stack of 25 both on single tiles do exactly the same thing

This isn't true, the number of items matters (depending on the item). Unless there's a bug or I'm mis-remembering.

25 Sep

24 Sep