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16 Jan


Originally posted by divesyer

From what I’d read before on one of the threads on this sub, the game was intended to be played in less than 10 in-game years (personal preference, debatable play-time based on person) and raising a kid for 16 years to be useful in menial tasks is probably not a very smart option for a bunch of space refugees.

Yeah, it's basically this. Kids would be a HUGE addition, it'd take forever to do properly, and I chose not to bite it off.

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Originally posted by Hobbvots

It should say 'had a picnic +1'

This would be rather amusing.

09 Jan


Originally posted by ohgodspidersno


So I think a lot of us are pretty miffed about PCG's dismissive review of Rimworld. For those out of the loop, it's not because of the middling score but because:

  1. It was very clear the writer (who I won't name) hadn't even learned all of the controls before passing judgment on them. She is not a senior writer for PCG, nor does she seem to enjoy this genre of game, so picking her to write this piece seems like an odd choice for the most popular colony management game in history.

  2. The review derided the game as "painfully heteronormative" because "gay" takes up a trait slot, implying that being gay is in some way part of someone's personality and biology. How horrible. To be fair, I agree that sexuality is not handled as well in Vanilla as it is in the Psychology mod, which among other things replaces the sexuality traits with a sliding ...

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> Don't brigade or harass PC Gamer or the writer on social media. Criticize the review and its position with clarity and specificity. Don't name call or essentialize.

Absolutely. Disagreement should be met with charitable debate, never any attack on an individual, nor any attempt at coercion, nor collectivistic attacks on groups.

Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, weak minds talk about people. Let's be the first (or the second at least).


Originally posted by Hyndis

Rimworld has a 97% positive score on Steam. 97% out of 28,885 reviews like the game.

Thats astounding. It truly is. Its one thing if something has a 100% score but only has 3 reviews, but twenty eight thousand reviews later and 97% of them still like it? Thats amazing, thats what it is. EA would sell their own mother in a series of microtransactions to get even half of that.

Tynan did this all pretty much on his own. It was a one man operation back in the days of SendOwl. He's since expanded the development team but it was still mostly Tynan. That level of universal acclaim isn't just to be commended, its a marvel. Its truly amazing. That many reviews and such a positive rating boggles the mind. It shouldn't be possible, and yet Tynan did it. Rimworld is just that good.

u/TynanSylvester, remember when Rimworld first launched on Steam in early access and you were nervous as hell on the first day? What would the...

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It is pretty unbelievable when you look at it. And thank you :)

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It's in orbit; it's the ship you crashland from in the "Crashlanded" scenario.

08 Jan


Which question was it? I'm curious.


Originally posted by Mehni

RimWorld aims to create complex drama from its systems, but as close as it sometimes gets, the illusion never quite takes hold. 

That's very valid criticism: RimWorld made the switch from Colony Simulator that happened to tell wonderfully ridiculous stories through serendipity to Story Generator in the form of a colony simulator.

In current builds, the balancing, nerfs and opaque mechanisms are designed to force a story down your throat instead of letting you explore and discover it yourself. And I find that less enjoyable.

Objectively it's a better game, but whether it's a more fun game, I'm not convinced.

Just to clarify, it's been a story generator since the first day of the Kickstarter, and it's always been marketed this way. This is the first paragraph of the Kickstarter after the intro (bold in original):

I've always thought the best part of games like Dwarf Fortress and The Sims was the stories that come out of them. That's why RimWorld is designed as a story generator. It's not about winning and losing - it's about the drama, tragedy, and comedy that goes on in your colony.


The Steam des...

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