30 Apr


Originally posted by mr_math24

During the most toxic days of this sub you drove me crazy haha but sad to see you go!

i've always been here for you commander ;)

22 Apr


As long as you have apoc you can one shot room 5 folks.

19 Apr


Originally posted by Poollboy

How many shots of whiskey should we buy to get Agatha and Ikaris farmable?

Congrats commander! It’s farmable with new Ultracores!!!!

18 Apr


Originally posted by HorrorObjective2224

I panicked and finished my dailies immediately. W Shortly, what does that mean?

We will Never.



Originally posted by Shnurple

Why is kang yet to make it into premium,mega, and basic orbs?

$$$$$ or gross negligence

You decide commander


Originally posted by Aselith

Who the f**k is Kestrel?

It’s interesting question commander. Kestrel was the brain child of a product “manager” and an actuary. The goal was to create an overpowered character that was “new” to the marvel universe and scopely had full control so it would be needed to release overpowered fan favorites.

All in all it was a great success for scopely. Still waiting for the kestrel #1 comic with a hood chrome cover to be released. I’ll be signing copies for all my favorite commanders.


Ask me anything commander. The mic is yours!

17 Apr


Originally posted by thejimbo56

Fruit punch, I’m pretty basic.

It’s not that basic commander. Fruit punch really get be varied based on the percentage of cranberry or grape in each concoction.


Originally posted by thejimbo56

I know better than to expect a response from actual Scopely representatives. u/CM_DrunkenCereBRO or u/CM_AcheyAnus can one of y'all weigh in here?

Sure. What’s your favorite flavor for a slushie commander?

16 Apr


Say it with me commander.
Trait locking
Mode locking
Killed the game.

10 Apr


Originally posted by ColArdenti

Yes, it's a major problem that /u/CM_Cerebro and /u/CM_Archangel could approve and publish something on a Friday that doesn't come close to matching what was launched on Sunday. Especially because it comes after the thousandth time they promised to be better about that stuff.

But we need to view it in a new light. Was the event description free of any potentially racist phrasings? Yes! That's progress.

Hah they really are an embarrassment

08 Apr


This is great commander. But let’s think about the last gold hoarding. There was 2-4 gold opening events in a row. I’d say do not open all your training orbs. We are on to them commanders!!!!

07 Apr


Originally posted by JJaySmokes

That's rough

Right? Why would anyone come back

05 Apr


““Scopely is one of the fastest-growing games companies today, and we have long admired their ability to build loyal, engaged player communities,” Ward said in a statement. “Under Walter and Javier’s stewardship, Scopely has proven to be an exceptional leader and will continue to revolutionize the future of games for years to come.”

I’m gonna go throw up in my mouth a little

02 Apr


Originally posted by Lord_Soth77

Just upload the video of this so called cheat on YouTube and ask any CC to report to the devs. It's not a rocket science.

Have you seen most of the player base commander?


Originally posted by Either_Door_4568

If they put as much effort into quality assurance as they did this April Fool’s joke we would have one heck of a game. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Can you imagine if they actually made real food? We’d all be dead of food poisoning commander.

01 Apr


Originally posted by punbasedname

I honestly think drumming up outrage and getting eyes on their offers is part of the business plan at this point. It happens far too regularly to be coincidence.


30 Mar



Oh sh*t. This is gonna git good.

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