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20 Jul

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Originally posted by pks: Assigning orders controls are very bad.
Lack of proper keyboard shortcuts was unacceptable back in like 1995.
There are keyboard shortcuts for assigning orders, for example you can press middle mouse button > 3 > 2 to assign a crew member to fix leaks, there's a priority system as to which bot receives the order mechanics being the first then engineers and so on, this depends of the type of order.

There is also a priority system on the types or orders a bot has as each bot can have up to 3 active orders the management orders are highest priority like fix leaks, repair devices or even cleanup then comes the operate orders like operate weapons or reactor so with the keyboard shortcuts you can... Read more

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Originally posted by Maxiify

Isn't Barotrauma made by a German studio? As well as the original SCP:CB?

Nope, I think you're thinking of Daedalic Entertainment, the publisher of Barotrauma. Most of us devs are Finnish though.

06 Jul

04 Jul


Originally posted by Connect-Secretary-74

I think that is what they are doing

Possibly: we're currently testing these changes in the unstable branch, any feedback is more than welcome!

03 Jul


The questlines require certain levels of reputation for you to unlock them, and completing quests for a faction tends to heavily decrease the reputation for the opposing faction. It won't be easy, but it is possible to complete all of them in a single playthrough if you're careful on what missions you do and how you manage your reputation.


Originally posted by WeLiveInASociety420s

I really don't think its that bad of a change. My main issue is the sub is still gonna accumulate a bunch of junk that needs put somewhere and while it was annoying to sort, the storage containers did give great storage density. But did this really require dev attention? Is such a minor thing and theres so much more that they could be doing

I think the storage containers themselves are a pretty minor thing, but in my opinion the inconvenience of storing large amounts of items is a clear problem: especially at the later stages of the campaign, managing storage takes a lot of tedious manual work.

We're doing various changes to storage to make it all work a little more smoothly, the possible removal of storage containers is just one part of it.

But regardless, ...

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Originally posted by Hikash

Are we still going to suffer the 1200~ packet size issue in multiplayer? Cos that's why I use containers in the first place.

If you're referring to the "packet size exceeded" issue when using mods that significantly increase stack sizes and the sizes of cabinets, that has been fixed so we can support the larger stack sizes that are also going to part of the storage changes. :)


Originally posted by Dioxol_Nova

sadly this isn’t joke. Devs: ”we won’t add better storage system so we deleting containers”

We are actually doing various other changes to storage too to make it way easier to manage your supplies without having to use these kinds of "nested containers":

- Larger stacks of items and more slots in cabinets overall, so it's actually viable to store all your supplies in cabinets directly.

- Automatic sorting of cabinets.

- Handling dropped stacks as a single item, so you don't need to spam-click to pick up a stack (...

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How about something like this (note the slots in the cabinet)? ;)

02 Jul


Originally posted by animu_child

The game has basically infinite storage by default. You can put things in a container and drop it on the floor, or in a deconstructor or fabricator, or in a unit loader. You're trying to inflate the difficulty of the game without actually adding an interesting or new challenge. Late game you need to stock up on supplies to reach the eye. We're going to stock up, one way or another. You doing this just makes it more inconvenient, not more difficult or impossible. You're not addressing the issue.

And the dismissal of criticism by saying we haven't played the unstable is the most bad-faith shit possible. "A large majority" Yeah ok bud. I guess anyone who says this is a terrible idea is simply misinformed.

I don't mean to dismiss anyone's criticism, I'm just saying many of the concerns that have been brought up have been addressed in the unstable build, and I think it'd be easier to provide constructive criticism if you tried the changes and saw what works and what doesn't. I'd like to note that this announcement was written some time ago (to get it localized to several languages in advance), and that there have been a bunch of changes to stacking and containers in the latest unstable builds that aren't mentioned in the announcements.

I would argue the changes do not make stocking up impossible nor even more difficult. A single cabinet can still store well over a thousand items, which should be more than enough to get you through the less inhabited areas.


Originally posted by animu_child

I love how they acknowledge their idea is shit but still plan on rolling it out. The community and modders are keeping your game alive. Please pull your head out od your ass and listen to us. Just drop the idea, fix performance some other way. As a hoard, I've never had an issue, both using steam servers and a private server. Yall are solving problems mods already fix with deep storage.

I don't think we've "acknowledged the idea is sh*t"; we've acknowledged that there are people who will not be happy with the changes, and that this will definitely be a very contentious change. The feedback we've been getting from people who've tested it in unstable has generally been positive. I have to admit though that I didn't expect such a huge backlash - although to me it seems a large portion of the people criticizing this have not tried the changes, and might be overlooking all the other changes we've done to storage that are intended to make storage containers unnecessary. There are definitely a lot of valid concerns that people have raised too, and I admit many of them are things we hadn't really thought through properly.

But in any case, performance is not really the only concern here, and switching to solutions like deep storage does not address the issues we're aiming to address. We have several goals here: one is to reduce the capacity of cabinets from the abs...

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I'll copy what I posted on the announcement comments:

First of all, thank you for all the feedback you've given in the comments! This is precisely why we want to let you know of our plans well in advance; so we can hear your opinions and adjust things accordingly. A lot of the concerns raised here are things that we've already taken into account in the stacking/storage changes we've done, but many of the points are something we need to put more thought into.

I would like to stress that our goal is specifically to make inventory management more convenient, by making it more viable to store items directly in cabinets. Currently using storage containers is basically the only feasible way to store items in your submarine, and that's not ideal: I think the number of mods in the Workshop that add stuff like labels and icons to storage containers to make using them a little more tolerable is a clear indication that the current system doesn't work that well. And what we're ...

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For the clowns it's more about the journey than the destination. ;)

“Why did you want me to get it then?”

“The task itself was menial, wasn't it, like an unimaginative fetch quest in a children's role-playing game? But did you have fun while looking for it? I'm sure you ran into all sorts of trouble along the way, and I'm sure it was quite an adventure, something you even enjoyed at times. I bet you wouldn't have become a submariner if you didn't! So, perhaps I should ask you instead why you wanted to get it—or for that matter, why you want to keep cruising around Europa doing all sorts of tasks for people.”

01 Jul


Originally posted by ImChirp

wait what? why are they removing them?

They were never intended to be used as a way to extend storage capacity: you can use them to store 2910 items in a single cabinet, which we feel is completely excessive: it means you can have a practically infinite amount of storage space in your sub. Now it'll be limited to "only" a little over thousand.

We want to make it viable to store items in cabinets directly: managing these kinds of nested containers is extremely inconvenient (as illustrated by the tons of mods that add stuff like storage containers with colors and icons to make it a little less tedious).


Originally posted by minimum_wage_effort

I feel like allowing us to change the names or colours of storage containers would have been a better solution

I personally feel like this is just a workaround to the underlying issue: the fact that there's not enough space in a cabinet to store everything you need without having to resort to these clunky nested containers. What we're aiming to do with the changes is to make it more viable to just store everything directly in the cabinet, so you wouldn't need storage containers.

30 Jun