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09 Jun


"Devs acknowledge the dislike of console users to have to play against pc and will try to promote Crossplay OFF on next gen"

What sort of title is that? Let's not embellish, please.

We have stated the following:

We currently have no plans to have console crossplay off by default, it is our intent that all players should feel encouraged to play with all platforms and be able to find friends and experience Battlefield 2042 with all players. But more importantly, they should feel as though they're able to compete against all platforms.

So we've been looking at changes to improve that, and we'll continue to look at it.

We have been making changes to ensure Battlefield 2042 becomes fairer when it comes to using a controller, through stuff like Uniform Soldier Aiming, Aim Down Sight Field of View alterations, and in the future - improvements to how Aim Assist functions.

We will also be looking at ways t...

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to take a moment to share the Weapon Teams thoughts around some of the feedback we've been seeing. Have a read of the unrolled thread, below:

The Weapons Team wanted to touch upon some areas of feedback that they're seeing from you since the release of Battlefield 2042 Update 5.0 and reveal some early changes you can expect for a future update.

As part of a future update, we'll be targeting your feedback about burst firing with Assault Rifles. The dispersion delay currently experienced is not intended, and we'll be reducing the Dispersion Delay by half.

We'll also be making changes to some Assault Rifles that are in the extremes of the maxim...

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Sorry, could you provide context on this - you were matchmaking via the options on the main screen Conquest > Reclaimed Conquest, and it placed you in a TDM Portal server?


Originally posted by therealsinky

Had a heart attack my battlepass grind was about to be undone haha!

Thankfully we have managed to avoid that!

Thanks for the understanding as we navigated through this one folks <3


We are still working on it.

08 Jun

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