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07 Jun


We're seeing many of you trying to login at the same time (because hell yeah, new Season). But yes, this is putting some strain on the servers at the moment.

I can confirm we have players online and playing, so it's just the login queues that are seeing issues.

We're aware, and our team is on it. You can follow us here for updates:


Originally posted by gravejello

DICE being silent regarding season 7 is telling. They don’t respect the fans 🤬



Originally posted by ToothlessFTW

It honestly seemed like all signs were pointing towards the end of the game. Releasing a new edition of the game (just like what happened with BFV) and before this almost zero word on the future after S5.

Really glad to see this though.

New Dawn!


Originally posted by silentdeath3012

Idk as bad as this game started, call if duty is significantly worse. I turned my back on it and went back to Battlefield.

Welcome home.


Originally posted by grr187

I’m a “play for 30 minutes when the kids go to bed player” but I love Battlefield. Can someone please tell me what all of these Seasons are? Do you have to pay for it? If so, am I missing out on anything by not buying it?

The Premium Battle Pass is the paid content, which offers cosmetics. If you purchase and complete it then you’ll earn enough Battlefield Coins to pick up the Pass for the following Season, for free.

All gameplay content is always free and earnable through gameplay such as the weapons, maps, vehicles and gadgets.

In short, if you jump in today you have 5 Seasons worth of new content to play through without having to spend any additional money, if you already own the game 🫡


Originally posted by Brilliant_Page7172

Oh god, i actually can't believe it

We said it was a New Dawn so 🫡

06 Jun


Originally posted by BrokenSil

Sir, those are not people. They are bots for sure.

How dare you! Droids have feelings too!


I don't know how clearer we can be on this, if it turns out that your fears are realized and the RM68 is still doing too much - and we also see that within data and feedback.

Then we will be reacting to it with a change that will affect it more directly, in one of the next updates within this season.

We understand that this large change to accuracy and dispersion may not be enough for some, but give it some time and we'll react accordingly.


Me reading the comments on this one... hooweee.

05 Jun


Feels good to see this out there, ahead of the launch of Season 5: New Dawn this week.

It's been a very long road traveled, and the journey for the team isn't done yet. Couldn't be any more prouder for the work and contributions that each and every one of them are making every day to constantly deliver the experiences you are all thriving for.

It's all that work and your constant feedback and positivity that's driving this, massive kudos. Thanks for being along for the ride, folks!


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