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06 Aug


Dies ist die offizielle Diskussion zum Webseiten-Artikel „Spart bis zu 50 % und spielt während der Quakecon 2020 kostenlos“.

Spielt ESO kostenlos und holt euch während der QuakeCon 2020 das Spiel sowie Kronen-Pakete mit bis zu 50 % Preisnachlass!


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Save Up to 50% and Play Free during QuakeCon At Home "

Play ESO free and pick up the game and Crown Packs at up to 50% off during QuakeCon 2020!
We don't have more information to share at this time about the next-gen versions. Stay tuned!

@Jarrods32 digital and physical copies will count.
Just to clarify: you will be able to carry over your progress no matter what. It's just that the upgraded version will not be available immediately upon the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation5.

Dies ist die offizielle Diskussion zum Webseiten-Artikel „Ankündigung: ESO unterstützt die Next-Gen“.

The Elder Scrolls Online erscheint für die Xbox Series X und die PlayStation 5!

If you haven't gotten your pet yet please submit a support ticket so we can help you out.

05 Aug


@ZOS_GinaBruno sorry to bother you again and again, but you still haven't clarified if the bidding stays open until Tuesday in this special week, or if GMs should rather place their bids until Sunday, since the ingame interface shows bidding closes Sunday evening on EU live.

It should stay open until Tuesday. Does the in-game UI show Sunday right now? It should have updated yesterday around 5pm EDT.

@ZOS_GinaBruno Just wanted to let you know that I didn't receive a winning mail, only 9 lost/refund mails for the bid on PTS, even though I won the primary bid. History shows the winning bid correctly though.

Thanks for the info, passed this over to our QA team to take a look. We also found an additional issue that we'll make sure to get fixed before this goes live - thanks so much for everyone's help yesterday on the PTS!

04 Aug


Can I please ask for some clarification on the new timings for the EU trader bids as the information provided is full of errors and adjusting some of the addons GM's use to the new timeframe is not possible without the correct data.

Your support page says:-

Below, you’ll find the new day and time when Guild Traders will switch over:

European (EU) megaserver: Tuesdays - 13:00 UTC, 10am EDT / 9am EST
13:55 Tuesday UTC: All bidding and renting from the previous week will stop
14:00 Tuesday UTC: Tabard of the selected vendor flips to new owners
14:05 Tuesday UTC: All bidding and renting is opened up again for the following week

This info contradicts itself, is the switch happening at 13:00UTC or 14:00 UTC ????

The switch is happening at 14:00 UTC. We'll make sure the Support article gets updated!

Further down your s...

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03 Aug


"watch any of the official ESO streams each day"

Do I have to watch one stream Friday Saturday and Sunday to get the pet, or can I get it just by attending one stream on one day?

You'll receive the pet by watching any of the streams on any one day. You don't have to watch all 3 days (though we would appreciate the support :))