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24 Sep

Hello again.

We have another update regarding details of the Item Set Collection system. As many of you know, shortly after the end of Markarth reveal event this past Saturday, we posted a correction about a statement made on-stream regarding Transmute Crystal refunds when deconstructing items.

Well it turns out that wasn't the only detail in need of correcting. As a number of players have already discovered on the PTS, deconstructing a reconstructed item does not refund the full amount of booster materials either. It works the same as deconstructing any item: You have a chance to get a sing... Read more
Hey folks,

Thanks for taking the time to provide your reports! We wanted to let you know that we are aware of this issue and it should be fixed on PTS next week.
Hey everyone, the trial dummy is currently missing Minor Brittle and Major Vulnerability. We're going to get this fixed in a future PTS incremental.

@ZOS_GinaBruno or @ZOS_JessicaFolsom any advice for those of us that have not received our torchbugs?
I'm still getting drops from regular twitch eso streams, so it's not an account linking issue. Do we put in a ticket? If so, what category?

Yes, please submit a ticket if you watched the stream but didn't receive the purple torchbug pet. You can choose In-Game Support > Item Issue > Missing Item. Thanks!

Willkommen zu The Elder Scrolls Online v6.2.0 und der DLC-Spielerweiterung „Markarth“ mit dem epischen Finale zu „Das Schwarze Herz von Skyrim“! „Markarth“ bringt nicht nur das Reik als neues Gebiet mit sich, sondern umfasst auch zwei Anführer der offenen Welt, zwei Gewölbe und eine aufregende neue Solo-Arena, die euch herausfordern wird. Wir haben außerdem mehrere neue Sammlungsstücke, Gegenstandssets, Errungenschaften und Titel für euch. Und es erwarten euch neue Antiquitäten, die im Reik ausgegraben werden können.

Wir freuen uns, euch die Gegenstandssetsammlung als Teil des Grundspiels präsentieren zu können. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein neues System, in dem ihr alle eure Gegenstandssets finden und verwalten könnt. Außerdem könnt ihr künftig mehr Transmutationskristalle anhäufen. Außerdem bringen wir die Gruppenwarteschlange für Schlachtfelder zurück und ihr werdet viele weitere Korrek... Read more

Dies ist die offizielle Diskussion zum Webseiten-Artikel „Spart während des Sonderangebotes anlässlich „Himmelsrands vergessene Schätze“ bei „Greymoor““.

Holt euch das „Greymoor“-Kapitel mit bis zu 50 % Preisnachlass während des Sonderangebots zu „Himmelsrands vergessene Schätze“.

23 Sep

As with many things in-game, context is very important. The act of standing and squatting over another NPC or character to teabag them can be considered a form of harassment which can be a violation of the Terms of Service (ToS). As with all forms of harassment, if a player asks you to stop a behavior, you need to stop. If you continue to teabag someone that asks you to stop, that is a violation of the ToS and may lead to your account being suspended or even permanently banned. Hope this helps clear things up

@ZOS_GinaBruno The double loot drops appear to be active only for the above-ground zone of Western Skyrim and does not include Blackreach. Is this intended?

It should include Blackreach. What exactly are you seeing that doesn't seem to be working properly?

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Save on Greymoor During the Lost Treasures of Skyrim Sale"

Pick up the Greymoor Chapter at up to 50% off during the Lost Treasures of Skyrim sale.
    ZOS_Finn on Forums - Thread - Direct

Tried it again, same result. Stuck on platform after killing the Pyrelord. :/

Thanks for the report. Could you provide us with some info about this?

- What order did you do the wings?
- What class and build did you use?
- How long had you been in the Arena up to that point?

Thanks again!

It's confusing that there are effectively two separate "events" going on at the same time, with the same name, and it appears that this thread covers both.

There is a standard zone event, similar to the one we had recently in Summerset, that will give 3 event tickets and a large coffer, once per account per day, when the first daily quest is turned in (or the weekly Kyne's Aegis quest) after reset. There are additional, smaller coffers available from other sources in the zone. Double mat drops from harvesting. All the same things we got in Summerset, but in Greymoor.

And there's a Community Event, that somehow involves digging up Antiquities. We don't know the exact details of that one. We know what the potential rewards are, and have a progress bar to look at.

Do the antiquities we've already dug up count?
Does it count differently if a character has already leveled up the skill line, or is just star...

Read more

they put it behind the spoiler because a looong and ugly looking list. some of these are even horrible to read on mobile.

This is the main reason. It was just a very long list, and felt it would serve better as a drop down. The sentence just above the drop down even says "The new values can be found below", so there was no intention to hide this information.

22 Sep

We've temporarily disabled this mount as we continue to test some potential fixes, and want to prevent situations where your character can continue getting locked. We'll post in the patch notes when the mount has been re-enabled on the PTS.

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