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15 Mar


This is the official discussion thread for the "Master Relics of the Wild Elves with Ayleid Crown Crates" blog article.

Claim the magical relics and curiosities of a once-proud race of Elves with Ayleid Crown Crates, coming soon to the in-game Crown Store!

Here's a full list of all the rewards contained in Ayleid Crown Crates:

Radiant Apex Rewards:
[*] Culanda-Born Senche
[*] Varla-Born Wolf
[*] Welkynd-Born C... Read more

12 Mar


Nothing in here says that cross healing will be enabled on console again. Zos can you clarify if cross healing will be back or not on the flames of ambition patch for console?


Sorry, yes. This will be re-enabled for consoles on Tuesday with U29 launch.
Yes, we can confirm this change will be coming to consoles on Tuesday with U29 launch. We also just provided an update to our plan for proc sets in Cyrodiil in this thread.
Hey everyone, thanks so much for your reports. In order to help us track this issue down, could you please provide the following information the next time you run into this issue:

[*] Your account name
[*] The platform and megaserver you were playing on at the time
[*] The date and time when you saw it happen, and your time zone
[*] A video of the event if possible, or screenshots if not
[*] A description of what you were trying to do, and what you saw happen. If you were trying to add or remove a specific permission, please include the exact attempted edit as best you can.

Thanks in advance!
Hey folks,

We appreciate you all taking the time to provide your reports. We wanted to let you know that this is a known issue with Tome of the Undaunted and we are investigating a fix. Thank you for your patience!

11 Mar

Tomorrow, March 12, beginning at 4:00 am ET we will be taking down the PC NA and EU servers to perform some back-end maintenance. During this time, we will also be fixing an issue some players encountered during the Xal-Nur fight in the Ruins of Mazzatun dungeon and Cyrodiil leaderboards displaying character names instead of account names.

We expect maintenance to last 3 hours and should be complete by 7:00 am ET.
Hey there @Dragonnord

We appreciate you reporting this issue and we wanted to let you know that we are aware of it and investigating a fix. Thank you for your patience here.

10 Mar


This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Community Guides–Flames of Ambition & Update 29"

Excited to take your first steps into the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure? Here are some community-made guides and builds to help you face Mehrunes Dagon’s schemes and the Flames of Ambition DLC. Take note, many of these guides and builds were made during the PTS cycle, so some details may have changed.

09 Mar

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow, March 10th beginning at 4am EST, we’ll be bringing the PC NA and EU megaservers offline to fix an issue where PvP Leaderboards are not being displayed, preventing anyone from gaining Emperorship. Please note any Leaderboard rankings or Alliance Points you have earned during this time have not been lost. We anticipate downtime being approximately 2 hours, and once complete, there will not be anything for you to download.

Thanks in advance for your patience!
Hey folks,

Thank you all taking the time to report this issue, we want you to know that we are aware and investigating a fix.
Thanks for the reports, everyone. We're aware of this issue and working on getting it fixed.
Sorry for the mix up! Alessian Order has the health recovery, and the PC notes were just edited to reflect.
Thanks @YandereGirlfriend! This is a bug and the 4pc bonus should indeed be Critical Chance. We'll get this fixed in a future update.
The Aetherial Well was just part of this last PTS cycle for testing. We don't have a release date for it yet, but keep an eye on our website for an announcement in the future.
Thanks, we're aware and working on getting this fixed!