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27 Oct


Originally posted by rpetre

The new weight statistic will probably spark a new wave of memes about pocket capacity :)

Wait until people realize a locomotive weighs 200kg according to this (:


Originally posted by m_stitek

I'm really worried about the limitation of 1 Cargo Landing Pod per planet. That means this will always be a single point of limitation for megabases as it's throughput cannot be scaled up indefinitely. Everything else can. Is this the end of 10k+ SPM megabases?

The potential throughput of the cargo landing pad can be really really huge I think.
Also, don't forget that only select list of items have to be transported between planets for production, a lot of things can be done locally.

I have 1kSPM in my playthrough, and it is very very far from being on the max, so i don't think that this would be a real problem.

(Imagine legendary inserters inserting directly to trains, and legendary bots with roboports all around unloading at the same time)


Originally posted by poayjay07

Factorio is already a hard game. It's easy to forget that when the all the people active in the forums have hundreds or thousands of hours of play time. I seriously doubt most people who bought the game got past blue science. All of the DLC changes add SO much complexity to an already complex and difficult game. I can foresee all the negative steam reviews complaining that there are so many rules that it is unplayable. Maybe they are just going all in on their hardcore fans?

I agree. But on the other hand, the expansion is just meant to be more challanging than the base game, you build bigger you build more complex etc.

Sometimes, I thought that some feature is little bit too complex for a game, and maybe it is too much. But at least I'm making it for me to be more enjoyable and maybe others will follow, I probably can't do it otherwise ....


Originally posted by matheod

Instead of forcing the player to have empty pocket to be sent in space, Wouldn't it be better to calculate the weight of items in inventory and prevent launching if this is above the limit?

The player character weighs 1 ton, checkmate!


Originally posted by shinozoa

Are constant combinators limited on how many signals a single combinator can output with the logistic group change?

What if I made a long logistic list of every item? Would a single combinator output all that? Or is 20 the limit?

There si no limit.


Originally posted by Mehovod

I have some questions related to request groups.

  • Can different request groups contain the same item? I.e. I would have solar pannels both in solar setup and nuclear setup.
  • Are request groups related to game or player? I.e. if you have blueprint with entity with group A would it appear in other entities when you place this blueprint or it would be here from previous game where you created this group?
  • What if you created request group A but it is already presented in one blueprint with another contents? Then what happens when you place such a blueprint?

Yes, the counts are summed up.
If the group doesn't exist yet, it is taken from the blueprint, otherwise, it is taken from the game.


Originally posted by ZenEngineer

I wonder how logistics groups interact with blueprints.

I assume you can have logistic groups in requests and combinator in blueprints. I expect that when the group doesn't exist it gets created. But then what happens if you update it? You probably don't want it reset when you place another copy of the BP. But then what if you do have a fixed version of the BP, can you update the requests then?

The whole schedule and the group is in the blueprint.
When the group doesn't exist upon building the blueprint, the group is created with the contents.
When the group already exists upon building the blueprint, the group in the game i spreserved, and the newly build entity is synced to the existing group.


Originally posted by bm13kk

On the screenshot with "request item selector," there is a separate tab for a rocket.

For now, we get only several space items

  • platform
  • hub
  • grinder
  • arms
  • engines

Even if we add existing things (rocket silo, satellite, rocket part?) - it is not enough items to have a separate tab.

So I have a conclusion, that we did not have seen even half of the new space content.

There are several other things, but this tab is generally smaller then others anyway.
Even though, it feels useful to have these things in a separate tab.


Originally posted by superstrijder15

remember: you can do basically everything via remote view now. So it'll be a fresh start... where you put down bots instantly, then use your bots to manage things locally while also handling everything at home through remote interfaces and construction bots. And you can bring a space platform that you loaded up with 10 rockets worth of stuff, or 100, or whatever you want so you can instantly deploy a nuclear reactor or solar panel grid and use dozens of mines and assemblers to kickstart your new base.

It's a fresh start in terms of what infrastructure you have around you, but because you can take stuff it is going to be effectively straight skipping to blue science

Exactly as you say.
The amount of stuff you want to bring compared the amount of stuff you want to do locally is part of the strategy.


Originally posted by apaksl

/u/kovarex in addition to toggling 'trash unrequested' can you add a once-per-press keybind so that a quick tap of alt-c (or whatever) will immediately add all unrequested items into trash without leaving the option toggled on?

Based on testing, it seems that just quickly toggling it on and off again is good enough. We are starting to have wee bit too many shortcuts maybe ...


Originally posted by Nazeir

I would argue ammo that's in the character ammo slot shouldn't count as part of the no-ammo rule. I think the no items in inventory is perfectly fine and reasonable.

The reason is nukes. Nukes are super heavy on purpose, because they are too good everywhere, so only one nuke per rocket was a designed limitation.


Originally posted by fede1301

Those space platform building animation look so good, i wonder if every building will have it’s specific animation. Also the logistic groups will probably become my favourite new feature.

No, we won't have custom animation for every building, that would be too much.
But we will have some general scaffolding extension animation.


Hello, today we will go over some of the details of Space platforms we couldn't fit into the last FFF, as well as some new features that will tie the whole system together.

Space platform clarifications

Without construction robots, do the things just magically appear on the platform?
Many things we show in FFFs these days are work in progress, including the space platform building visualizations.
Let me present the tiles building animation preview.

Mp4 playback not supported on your device.

We will have something similar for entities too, so things won't magically appear, but it will be as though the platform is 'building' them by itself.

If blue science leads to rockets do we get advanced stuff like low density structure and rocket control unit earlier, or are rockets different?
Low density structure is blue science. Rocket control units were removed an...

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21 Oct


Originally posted by warchamp7

This made me wonder, what happens right now if you try to underground belt across water? Does it prevent it?

Water is still fine, but there are other examples where it doesn't work in the expansion later on.


Originally posted by bm13kk

I am not sure, that plain "no gaps" will work for your goal. A spiral structure (like the Milky Way with only 2 arms) will have the same issue and have no gaps.

If you need topology solutions - you need to have a "clear" goal.

But since underground belts can't go over empty space (under what?), it would be really hard to build a factory on that.

20 Oct


Originally posted by DrSouce12

Well I’m somewhat disappointed as this FFF partially confirms my main fear with the update - reducing the need/complication of using combinators in material logistics.

Why make it so easy to load the silo?

The core challenge to this game is effective and thoughtful material logistics. Making everything a requester chest that has access to the bot network simplifies this challenge to silly levels.

In the current game, one of the main distinctions that is noticeable between a good player and a great player is mastery of combinator logic. Now it seems like no mastery of combinator logic will give you an advantage over just using the built in request or function of the silo…

They left it open that there were niche cases where the logistics may be more difficult (maybe there is a planet where you can’t use bots), so maybe the entire game is not being simplified, but it concerns me.

The complexity of current combinators creates a nice reward...

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I'm just finishing an internal DLC playthrough, and I never used so many combinators in my life as now. Apart the things where it is already useful in vanilla (wall resupply logic for example), there are new challanges where circuit network helps a lot in the expansion.

On the platform for example, you can make a simple, but not so efficient setup where you just throw things out in a simple way and keep what you need. But you can do smart things with circuit setup, reprocess asteroids and keep track of what you need to make the platform much more efficient.

And we didn't get to the planet mechanics yet.

The point is, that some things are fun or challanging to make, and some things are just a lot of work, and we want to differentiate these two.


Originally posted by KyraDragoness

Tiles being instantly built is a bit strange.
Why not have tentacles that can build everything in a certain range, and the hub has its own tentacle to start with ?

This is WIP, I saw what the graphics team is planning, and it is fantastic, just wait :)


Originally posted by kevihaa

The problem was, that the actual gameplay produced by this system proved to be incredibly annoying very quickly. The reason is, that you need many different items in small quantities to build all the platform mini-factory and the only reasonable solution to do that was weird

With that you could go explore planets. This sounds great until you realize that the player isn't quite getting anything useful out of any of this until they have successfully brought science packs back from another planet.

Sounds like they are solving some of the major issues with pacing that have plagued SE from the start.

Honestly, having the actual team at Wube act as editors for Space Exploration is a bit of dream come true, as the bones of the mod are just amazing, but it desperately needed to be trimmed and refined.

Hopefully when the Space Age fork of SE is released it’s able to incorporate these QoL improvements.

I think that the key is to realize that making things approachable and better paced is not the same as dumbing things down.


Originally posted by tripleomega

This makes me wonder about many things:

- If there are no robots and players can't walk on the platform how are things getting built? The devs seemed quite concerned when adding remote rotating of a belt that it might feel odd for it just to happen, but this is on another level and they don't mention it.

- How are we getting back down once we are up in space? The vanilla rocket doesn't really have a reusable capsule.

- For that matter how are items sent back down from a platform?

- Do we get to keep our inventories when going to space? I'd guess not as that would highly encourage manual transportation of items to space.

- If we need interplanetary logistics and can only send things one stack per rocket do we need low quantities of these items or do we need to launch huge numbers of rockets? Or are rocket inventories bigger now?

- If things get auto-requested by platforms how does the rocket know when to launch? Does it launch even wit...

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The platform is thick enough to have some machinery inside. We didn't show it, as it is still work in progress, but there is going to be a scaffolding animation related to building tiles and entities.

From a game design perspective, getting down is for free. There is some capsule landing animation/mechanics in progress, while in the current playtesting version, things just teleport down. When it comes to the way how do you request things down there and how it all works together, it will be covered later.

You can't keep your inventory, only your armor. Platform payload is quite limited, more on it later.

Rockets are not limited per stack, but per weight, more on it later. But even so, you are going to send quite a big amount of rockets in the expansion (many thousands at least, probably more, but don't forget rockets are 20 times less expensive now), this is why rockets were made much cheaper and little bit more simple to produce, to not make the whole expans...

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