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30 Jun


Originally posted by thaepickang23000000

There's a vanilla entity called "hidden electric energy interface" or something like that, it has the texture of a solar panel (or invisible?) but functions like an electric energy interface. You can see it in the "unsorted" entities section of the editor. Surprised nobody has mentioned this

Heh you know our secrets

29 Jun

27 Jun


You will need to use a command, something like this should work: /c game.player.character_running_speed_modifier = 0

24 Jun

23 Jun



  • The game no longer requires re-entering server passwords when restarting to sync mods or mod settings.
  • When joining modded games mods and settings are synced at the same time reducing the number of restarts needed.


  • Fixed server getting stuck at "Saving the map for player" for 20 seconds sometimes if a client disconnects shortly after connecting.
  • Fixed server getting stuck at "Saving the map for player" forever in some rare situations.
  • Fixed highlight box on curved-rail would not render selection box correctly. more
  • Fixed heavy-mode when character dies in multiplayer. ...
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15 Jun


I was like "eh another of those photos where someone finds it similar to the game"

But then I've seen the picture zoomed in to realize it IS the game XD

Nice! The lamps and their patterns caught me offguard.

13 Jun


Originally posted by sbarbary

Good question because I thought it made no sense. You do need to power the grid as well.

Which is a pity because the grid isn't that big.

It's basically meant to be the "fuel" for the vehicle moving - it's the only vehicle that doesn't need any fuel.

10 Jun


Originally posted by DanielKotes

This is the reason why there are 3 quicksave slots of various age. Honestly - I play with a few mods that sometimes tend to break quicksaving (basically if the quicksave happens in map-editor mode with time paused after placing a specific building and rotating it a certain way it will corrupt the quicksave - this naturally happens often enough that I learned to place that specific building and then step forward one tick to prevent this...) and the 'thank god' moment when I realize that even though the quicksave slot is corrupted I still have one 5 min earlier that isnt is such a blessing.

placing a specific building and rotating it a certain way it will corrupt the quicksave

This definitely shouldn't happen, even with mods. Can you make a bug report on our forum: https://forums.factorio.com/viewforum.php?f=7

06 Jun



  • Improved game startup time when using mods.


  • Fixed that item requests didn't subtract items picked up from ground when reviving ghosts. more
  • Fixed burner inserter would not fuel itself when drop target was full. more
  • Fixed that inserters would report status other than "Waiting for space in destination" in certain cases. (https://forums.factorio.com/102225, ...
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03 Jun


Originally posted by DonnyTheWalrus

There's a core problem with software projects in that adding more manpower tends to result in a "combinatorial explosion" of complexity. The software dev way to say it is that project complexity tends to scale exponentially in the size of the team.

So just using fewer devs seems like a good solution - and it can be, in certain circumstances. Factorio certainly wouldn't have been made a better game if they'd hired an extra hundred people.

However, number of people still tends to be the limiting factor in terms of content. In order to make more content (graphics, story, levels, mechanics, etc) you kind of do need more people. Factorio is helped by being somewhat limited in content - I just mean the quantity, not how good it is or how many hours the average player gets out of it.

So if you want games like Elden Ring, GTA, Fallout, etc etc, you need to eat the cost in extra complexity because you need a big enough team to make the insane amount of content that a...

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The core of the problem is, that for some unknown reason, the bigger companies don't try to apply Test Driven development. Which is really weird, because this approach is even more useful with more people working on the project, as answering "will I break something by this change" is often basically impossible to answer in a bigger team when working without tests.

Open source teams are much more often using proper development practicies, that is why it probably isn't a problem in those situations.

24 May


Originally posted by KamahlYrgybly

Yeah, this some deeply disturbing dystopian shit.

As it should be :)

06 May


Originally posted by Sumned

Hi u/FactorioTeam, any news about the dls release date?

u/FactorioTeam is a robot



  • Quickbar shortcuts to items in blueprint books can be used again. more
  • Fixed grenade shadows.
  • Fixed it was possible to put blueprint book indirectly into itself more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at ...

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04 May


Hello, I have a question, why do you keep unconfirmed tips and tricks in the left bottom corner? I guess that the window of the "New tips" is there for a long time already, isn't it in your way? Aren't you curious what interesting infromation can be obtained by clicking tips and checking it out?

02 May



  • Significantly reduced the intensity of the red screen flash when the player character takes damage.
  • Changed fish so they won't swim into inactive chunks. more
  • Changed slowdown capsule and posion capsule icons to be matching in size. more
  • Added email authentication to login GUIs.


  • Fixed that overwriting ItemRequestProxy item requests wasn't working properly in some cases when the same item was already requested. ...
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18 Apr


Originally posted by Giocri

I guess and yet it still doesn't feel intentional maybe they made the icons from 3d assets and messed up the angle in between rendering one plate and the other

Especially the iron/copper plate icons got a LOT of attention, this is very much on purpose. :)



- you make icons the same shape, colour blind people complain

- you make icons different shape, other specific group of people complain they're different


15 Apr


Originally posted by Algorithmologist

Looks like it's automatically setting the player to invincible, and biters are programmed to run from things they can't kill.



as a happy 5950X user: O_O

05 Apr


IDK I'm having a real hard time with it as is.

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