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14 Mar


Originally posted by Vox_Imperatoris

Added attack modifier setting into the pollution section in the map generator. This modifies how much pollution is consumed by biters attacking. (default is 50% for deathworld presets)

I assume this applies to existing games?

Existing death worlds will still remain at the default 100%



  • Added pollution tab to the production statistics.

Minor Features

  • Spawner tooltip (including the pollution statistics), shows distribution of biters spawn for the current evolution factor with the pollution costs.
  • Added attack modifier setting into the pollution section in the map generator. This modifies how much pollution is consumed by biters attacking. (default is 50% for deathworld presets)


  • Pollution generation is now shown in the x/s format both on the entity and in the item/crafting slot.
  • All statistics graphs apart from electricity use smoothing now.
  • The Install Mods GUI will now automatically install required dependencies.
  • Added graphics option "Render in native screen resolution" on macOS to workaround performance issues due to rendering on Retina displays. ...
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11 Mar



  • Fixed that the process name was set to "Main" on Linux. more
  • Fixed a crash when closing GUIs with escape in some cases. more
  • Fixed a crash when mods set repair pack speeds or entity repair speed modifiers to negative values.
  • Fixed that focus-search wouldn't work in the Recipe GUI or Map Editor. ...
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  • Terrain generator options are preserved by the map generator GUI unless explicitly changed.
  • Changed landfilling result to be tile called "landfill" instead of tile called "grass-1". It looks the same for now, but it solves some unexpected behaviour. We might give it a custom graphics later on. (https://forums.factorio.com/67282) Existing blueprints containing "grass-1" will be migrated to the "landfill" tile.
  • The game will load without an error when non-essential shaders fail to compile. ...
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10 Mar


The mod should check, arbitrary limitations like this just restrict otherwise creative and interesting uses of mods.

09 Mar


You can arrange the teams before the event starts now, but this will still be useful for if someone joins half way through.

There is a internal function set_player(player, team, mute)

So the function will look something like this

/c set_player(game.players["Klonan"], global.pvp.config.teams[1], false)

The number of the team is determined by the order in the setup GUI. If the last parameter mute is set to true, then it won't print a message when the player is set to the team.

08 Mar


Originally posted by Laogeodritt

So with 12k+ automatic crash reports, how does the team handle sorting and evaluating them, and associating them to bugs?

Is it just like a sort exception type, or exception type + location (function or instruction address, etc.)? Any other criteria used to make that manageable?

We have a script that sorts them by platform and by specific crash reason, so we get a list of most common problems for that platform.



  • Disabling station with train waiting in it doesn't force the train to departure anymore so it works as it worked in 0.16. It looked like a useful change for 0.17, but we can control train conditions by circuit network and there are some nice and simple use cases were ruined by trains being forced to departure when the stop is disabled. more
  • Changed expensive version of assembling machine 2 recipe to match the normal version better. more

Minor Features

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Originally posted by mainstreetmark

Why does the job posting want iOS experience?

Its an optional plus, its good for if we ever want to look into an iPad/iPhone port of the game.


Originally posted by NickelDare

I keep reading the FFF's and see the beta number being already up at 0.17.8...

I'm patiently waiting for 0.17 to be released as stable... hnnng... any ETA on that?

Edit: I went ahead and caved in.. Am now part of the cool 0.17 gang!

Stable? Probably not within another 6 weeks or so.


This past weekend we beat our previous record of most simultaneous players with a peak player count on Steam of 22,457 players, and no doubt another couple thousand playing the non-Steam version.

macOS Developer needed

We have a proportionate number of bug reports coming in for macOS systems, and we don't have a dedicated developer responsible for the problems. The Job listing is still up on our website, and we have the desk...

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07 Mar


Originally posted by bwc_nothgiel

!Linkmod Total Automization

This mod is the only one I'm currently are of that has RTS aspects, there are probably more, have yet to try it.

The Robot failed, here is the link:




  • Fixed modded multiplayer games would incorrectly show a mod-mismatch error (again). more
  • Fixed queued GUIs didn't work correctly. more
  • Fixed that terrain selectors other than 'elevation' messed with the water/island controls m...
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01 Mar

The release (kovarex)

Webm/Mp4 playback not supported on your device.

So we finally released the 0.17 experimental this week. (patch notes) Hooray :)

Fun fact: The release script failed to post the release announcement on Steam and Reddit and we were wondering why. The reason is that the patch notes were so big, that it exceeded the maximum post size (40k characters). If this isn't the indication that we should split our releases into smaller chunks, than nothing is :).

Code wise, it is clearly the biggest release, and the amount of bugs we have to go through correlates with it. In other words, there are tons of bugs of all variety. We want to fix everything eventually, but it will take time, so we had to ...

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28 Feb

    posila87 on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The problme is low-quality option is 0.17 option only, and is not recognized by 0.16

22 Feb

Playtesting (kovarex)

We have been playtesting a few days this week. There were some things we had to fix on the fly, but we still were able to play quite a lot, so I would say that it went surprisingly well. We have been able to get 3 multiplayer bases into a late game stage.

Tile pollution tweaks

As we played 3 different games already, we discovered that the tile pollution absorption values are quite weird. Water was actually absorbing more pollution than grass, which in combination with the fact that water heavy worlds have less biters and more choke points, makes it way too easy compared to a desert world. In addition, grass and sand pollution absorption was brought closer together, as the difference between desert world and grass world when it comes to bitter attack intensity was way too high.

Pollution absorb setting

In 0.16 one of the the map starting settings related to pollution is called Dissipation rate. Its tooltip says "Control how f...

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15 Feb

The release plan (kovarex)

This week was the time to close and finish all the things that will go to 0.17.0.

Not all of the things that we originally planned to be done were done (surprise), but we just left any non-essential stuff for later so we won't postpone the release any further. The plan is, that next week will be dedicated to the office playtesting and bugfixing. Many would argue, that we could just release instantly and let the players find the bugs for us, but we want to fix the most obvious problems in-house to avoid too many duplicate bug reports and chaos after the release. Also, some potential bugs, like save corruptions, are much more easily worked on in-house.

If the playtesting goes well, we will let you know next Friday, and if it is the case, we will aim to release the week starting 25th February.

After release plan

Since there are a lot of things we would like to do before we can call 0.17 good enough, we will simply ...

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27 Jun

    posila87 on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Is Factorio going to be on sale next Steam sale?
No, we don't plan to participate in any sales any time soon.

Announcement of no-sale policy originally posted by kovarex in Factorio Friday Facts #140[www.factorio.com]
We state it on our steam page, but people are still asking about it so I want to state it officially. We don't plan any Factorio sale. I'm aware, that the sale can make a lot of money in a short period of time, but I believe that it is not worth it in the long run, and since we are not in financial pressure we can afford to think in the long run. We don't like sales for the same reason we don't like the 9.99 prices. We want to be honest with our customers. When it costs 20, we don...
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