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24 Jun



  • Fixed a crash related to equipment rendering.
  • Fixed a crash related to tile building. more

Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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  • Fixed crashes related to creating tile-ghost entities through the Lua API. more
  • Fixed that configuring blueprints and then directly exporting to a string didn't work correctly. (https://forums.factorio.com/71977) ...
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22 Jun


Originally posted by ardiunna

For me as a Polish, Kovařík sounds even more cute than an average Czech word, like name of a tiny bird, so I prefer Kovarex, which has a technology vibe to it

BTW, Twinsen is like a boss, he found the best way to get a nerdy girl.

Doesn't seem very effective. I expected more reactions (including negative ones)

21 Jun


Originally posted by hajsenberg

So which one are you marrying?

None of them unfortunately.


Originally posted by Wimmy_Wam_Wam_Wazzle

Twinsen: Eyy gurl, you ever get with a guy with a game rated #2 on Steam?

I vote to rename Kovarex Enrichment to Kovařík Enrichment. As a filthy Westerner, Eastern European names have a nice Soviet twang to them, that goes well with Cold War-esque nuclear pioneering.

Also, who's stoked for Baldur's Gate 3?

One of my dates was talking to a male friend about me. She mentioned I work for Factorio, so her friend said "if you don't marry him, I will"


this is a special edition. We are celebrating that we managed to write something about the game development of Factorio every single Friday and reached the number 300. Since we hopefully won't get to another round number like this before finishing the game, we would like to make this one a little bit different. We will introduce people from the team.

Everyone was asked to answer the following questions:

  • What were your favorite video games growing up?
  • What did you do before Factorio?
  • What do you do in the Team?
  • What's your favorite part of Factorio?
  • Anything else that is important about you.
Here are the answers:

Michal (kovarex) Kovařík
Founder, Game designer, Developer, "Approver"

My favorite games are: Baldur's gate, Starcraft, Civilisation, Xcom, They are billio...

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19 Jun


The transport lines go to sleep when they are full, so the answer is yes, they use less UPS when backed up.

17 Jun



  • Inserters are slightly faster when picking up from belts as they can now select an item and pick it up in the same tick.


  • Fixed a special case of assembler pipe connection bug. more
  • Fixed a crash when trying to check for mod updates with mods that have dependencies not on the mod portal.
  • Fixed that multiple modded inserters aiming for the same belt would compete for the same item. more
  • Fixed that opening signal by circuit network could let...
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14 Jun


Originally posted by TheMiiChannelTheme

Will this affect performance significantly?

No, it won't make a difference


Originally posted by evemanufacturetool

Do you have any plans to fix the train collision bug that came up here recently?

Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/factorio/comments/c0b9vs/new_3_way_intersection_design/ this one

It is resolved for the next release: https://forums.factorio.com/71990


You might have noticed that a lot of rail related stuff was broken during these past releases, and now it is working more or less fine again. The story behind it is not so trivial.

Rail signal logic

The rail signal logic for automated trains is quite straightforward:

As a train moves forward, it tries to reserve signals in front of it. If it can reserve a signal, the whole block guarded by the signal gets reserved for the train. If the train can't reserve the signal, as the block is reserved or occupied by different train(s), it stops in front of the signal and waits. Once the train passes a signal and enters a new block, it removes the reservation on the signal and block it had reserved. Once it exits the block, the block can be reserved and entered by other trains.

This looks nice and simple, nothing fundamentally wrong could happen with this logic right? Especially since we have it there for almost five years and it all just works right?...

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13 Jun



  • Fixed sprite batching issue when drawing many inserters with circuit connectors. more
  • Fixed construction robot working shadow. more
  • Fixed using repeat_count in RotatedAnimation definition would cause crash. ...
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11 Jun



  • Improved manual building of character corpses through the map editor. more
  • Textures that are being streamed are compressed now to reduce RAM usage and increase rendering performance.


  • Fixed production statistics were not cleared before starting the Introduction scenario more
  • Fixed Compilatron getting stuck in a loop between two help nodes. ...
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09 Jun


Originally posted by H0lyD4wg

So, I observed a non-Factorio-playing friend having a go at the introduction campaign. How should I send my observations? By email? Through Discord? Is there a specific thread on the forums that I should reply to?

There is an email in the screenshot output folder, send any feedback there

08 Jun

07 Jun



  • Fixed that the game crashed when passing train signal while driving train in manual mode.
  • Fixed that 'station name' and 'player name' map toggles would seemingly randomly toggle on when turning on some options. more
  • Disabled check that prevented loading of some mods. more
  • Fixed crash when saving speech bubbles that had been migrated from old saves. ...
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