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19 May


It's cool to see stories like this. :)

11 May


Great work!

19 Feb


Originally posted by CaptainInArms

For sure, and the images taken with the camera glitch are definitely cherry-picked. But if they're able to be cherry picked, I think there's something there, at least for cinematic purposes.

Whether it's worth the actual manhours needed to sort that all out is a different story entirely.

Yeah. I mean. I think I can speak for the entire art team when I say we try to make the game look as good as possible. I'm sure it works. But doing it officially is just a bit different than using the glitch.

I think it's in the cards to make a working skybox (which is the biggest problem out of the box) but because it'd need to be tied into the day/night cycle, that does change the complexity of it.


Originally posted by clapfootadam

Also, what would be the challenges toward implementing an outright first-person view for cinematic purposes, in conjunction with what was in the blog

Great question.

1) One of the biggest issues is that we have no sky. Its just a flat colour, and it would seriously destroy the immersion to just have an overcast sky at all times of the day.
To implement a proper sky box is no simple feat, and its tied to the lighting of our game as that's how we calculate day-night cycles. So if we were to change that the whole look of the game would have to be updated. This is not a bad thing, just its a monumental task

2) the scale of props in the world are quite inconsistent. We have to fudge the sizes of things to make them read from the in game camera. A lot of the details on smaller objects are just non-existent or roughly 1-3 pixels in size. If you were looking through the eyes of the player any illusion of a cohesive/attractive game...

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To piggyback off of Adam here, I'll also add that it's that everything is designed to be top-down. The world design wouldn't look 'correct' from a first-person perspective. There's a couple of level design terms I like to use. One is called signposting (using objects to lead the player around the space), and the other is sightlines (designing terrain in a way so that from every position, the player can see somewhere important they can go.) Most open-world games use a combination of sightlines and 'breadcrumb trail' signposting to design their spaces in a way that feels easy to understand yet believable.

In Foxhole, we use a technique I refer to as lateral signposting. Because most of our game is viewed on a single plane, the world is designed so it makes sense from that perspective. Especially since sightlines aren't an asset we can take advantage of.

In addition to the issues Adam mentioned, buildings are also skewed in size to simply look better from top-down with...

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18 Feb


Fear not, that sound is on my to-do list.

Few things about this.One: It's not meant to pack NEARLY the amount of punch as a BAR. It's essentially a prototype assault rifle. (compare it to the LMG)

Two: The sounds for it are built off of source files recorded from an AK-47 from 12 different mics.

Three: It's one of the older gun-sounds in the game now.

Originally, I wanted to stay as accurate to actual firearms recordings as possible, but guns don't always sound the way people think they do. On top of that, the POV is not in the character's hands like a first-person shooter (or that video).

With more recent sounds I've pushed pretty hard into making them 'feel' better rather than being 'accurate' which seems to have gone over a lot better.

Edit: Grammar

04 Feb


Originally posted by Jason1143

Looks good, but minor typo, when it says

adding line breaks to was, ironically, single line of code

You have an extra "to" that doesn't really make sense, so probably just remove it. Also please rib Matt for me when you do, since it appears to be his section.

Typos happen. :P If only we had a copyeditor on staff.

13 Dec


Someone glitching through could have broken the entire mechanic. We blocked everything off until a hotfix could be applied. No big mystery here. Unfortunate, but it happens.

06 Dec


I actually added what's there based on Q&A feedback. They are set up the way they are because the truth is if they were set up like a real siren, players would abuse it like crazy just to annoy people. We already see it with horns and just player mics. The horns aren't that obnoxious and the mics can be muted. So, it's an unfortunate reality of how we have to design things sometimes when it comes to a big open, connected multiplayer game.

19 Nov


While this has been an interesting conversation, there simply isn't enough information. Unfortunately, we made this layout at the same time game mechanics were radically changed. I do think the change in locale and mechanics had a significant impact on Colonial Morale. Furthermore, Colonials always seem to do well with new mechanics than Wardens do. So I'll be monitoring things closely over the next couple of wars.

15 Nov


Hi Reddit,

If you missed it or were unaware, the entire first episode of A Chronicle of Ashes released over the last three weeks.

'A Chronicle of Ashes' is a series of short stories exploring the extended Foxhole universe. These are unrelenting tales of human struggle in the face of apathy and violence, borne by a world in a constant state of war.

- Check it out here -

- A short introduction to the series can be found here -

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Originally posted by Stainesz

I'm British, so our experiences will differ here - but the generally nice idea of "remembrance" is very often hijacked by jingoistic warmongers. "In Flanders Fields", the Canadian poem is a very early example of this.

"Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields."

Although it's extremely appropriate for Foxhole... the poem doesn't question war or motivations, it simply states "we died here, now it's your turn". It's completely uncritical as to the nature of war, instead being almost a celebration of a continued cycle of violence and veneration of war dead without any kind of self reflection as to the nature of the wars they fought in.
"Remember that we died, forget why/how we died."
It's a pretty dangerous sentiment to encourage all future generations to celebrate war de...

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I appreciate your concerns and we'll definitely consider making adjustments in the future.

However, with due respect, as Canadians, Nov 11th is our 'veterans day' and Flander's Fields is as ubiquitous as our national anthem. This was something a few members of the team, including myself, wanted to include in the game as a memorial due to the fact that we are making a game about war.

I would echo Adam's sentiment here. The poem was written by a Canadian soldier for a comrade who died in the battle of Ypres. The poem is not about a perpetual state of war, though I can see how it would be interpreted that way. It's about making sure lives weren't lost in vain and those who died aren't forgotten.

If the poem is hijacked in other countries, that's a shame. Here it is not. We can't speak for other countries, and this is our tribute to those who served for us. Here it is treated with the utmost reverence.

That said, I appreciate your concerns and if we do ...

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06 Nov


Thanks for everyone's answers. This has been really great.

05 Nov


Originally posted by Familyfriendlymeme

  1. I think that Drovned Vale had some great battles recently, so that's what i would say. But I think that Farranac coast is my favourite region to fight in.
  2. I like to build in Callahan's Passage even thought i don't get to do it there too often. There's a lot of crossroads.
  3. I would LOVE to see a change to City building, just to make more interesting to build in them.

I've been hearing a lot about Drowned Vale on the discord. Glad to hear it's working.


Originally posted by Leak777

I'd have to say my favorite battlefields are in towns or any urban setting. I feel it brings more of your team together because you are either trying to defend or attack something that matters and the confined spaces mean you can communicate and interact more with your team.

My favorite location to build defenses would have to be on any active frontline. I can normally find a new player that has no idea what building is and ask him for help, this way I can teach him a new aspect of the game while also allowing us to build more than 1 guy can accomplish.

Thanks for your answer!


Hi Reddit.

If you don't know me, I'm Matt, one of the developers on Foxhole.

Occasionally, on our Discord, I ask the community a few questions. I thought this time it would be nice to include the Reddit community as well.

So I have two questions for you:

  1. What are some of your favourite current battlefields in Foxhole? Where have some of your recent memories taken place and why? Don't be stingy on the why. (Post Update 26)
  2. Where are your favourite locations in the world to build defences? Why? "

I'd love to get your answers and specifically what makes it fun or memorable to you. Try to keep your answers positive in this situation. We get lots of feedback on things people don't like, so we're covered there.

I want to know what you love.


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24 Oct


Originally posted by Carefulrogue

Matt has addressed this before: any event we instigate, cause, or participate is not going to be apart of the game lore. This all occurs after a certain transition between the lore of the world, and the actual play. They aren't going to lay a hand on any of that--it's up to folks like you, me, Presscorp, and everyone else to pitch in and make it into a history. This is our history, not the game's.

The stories of Lime, PUG, 82DK, the skirmishes on Fisherman's Row during the fall storms, the WNS bombing of Jade Cove, the destruction of Southern Saltbrook ... how in hell are the devs supposed to look at this mess of stories, banter, and perseverance, and supposed to accurately represent any of it? They can't.

And so often we've seen from other communities and games, that the devs can't do this sort of thing. From Eve Online's Fountain War to the organ, drug, and skin trade of Rimworld to the bloodstained halls of Boatmurdered, we get rich communities with hist...

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Just catching up to this now. This is exactly how I feel. These are your stories. If something is important, you guys won't allow it to be forgotten. Much like real history. That's actually part of the beauty of this kind of game and I'd be doing it a disservice to get my hands in it.


If I had to guess any similarities are likely because we're taking inspiration from similar places. Both Scythe and Foxhole are 'alternate' takes on WW1/2 style combat. We're really looking forward to playing Iron Harvest!


Glad you dig 'em. This was me just f*cking around with trying to make a big beefy clanky machinegun.

22 Sep


Hey, hi. Thanks for the feedback. For what it's worth, this is phase one of the region zones and the forts are temporary. I agree they are random and out of place. You can see in many region zones there's some ground work for a future update, but before committing entirely we wanted to see how it's working. In the future you may only see one or two of these forts in the world.

04 Sep


Originally posted by bremby

Okay, hear me out: what if it's just a game with some random lore that a writer came up with without any intention of connecting it to our world? Isn't this the most likely explanation? What would be the point of connecting the story to our reality? I'd expect to actually avoiding any connections so that players don't feel any personal connection to either faction in order to randomly balance them out.

You're just seeing patterns, because our brains are wired to do so. Secondly, none of your points is particularly strong; e.g. Caoivish would be an adjective in English based on Caoiva, and English has deep roots in Latin anyway. Basing propaganda on something like honour is expected, even native American tribes did that, AFAIK. Etc.

I can assure you that nothing in Foxhole is random.

All world-building is a mix of influences. Humans are horribly bad at inventing entirely new, unseen concepts. Most western fantasy (a la Tolkien) takes myths and legends and medieval history, puts it in a blender and makes a nice little smoothie out of it.

Foxhole is not inspired by the conflicts of WWI and WWII aside from, obviously, equipment and era (much like you'd see in fantasy with swords and shields and tactics). It is an original setting. Patterns are intentional. There isn't a single thing in the lore that has been put there without consideration for how it relates to the history of the world.

My thought as to why this is hard for people to parse is that it is recent enough in history that we have photographs and video depicting the era, whereas pretty much anything prior, we don't.

But to your point, all fiction is inherently something 'a writer came up with.'