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11 May


Originally posted by Kupopallo

Are the post-quest bosses solo bosses or at least soloable?

They're soloable, yes!


Originally posted by barneythedinosar

Stop wasting time on PvP content



Originally posted by WastingEXP

free dessert tastes even better.

Love to hear the team having fun, ya'll deserve it frfr.

idk if you made the survey, but the what tier player are you was a great option instead of the total level question like in some other ones. obvious it's different being pvm related vs general game but, glad to see the choice regardless.

Appreciate that feedback, I feel like the boundaries I threw in were pretty arbitrary but still interesting to contextualise a little further and hopefully make self-reporting feel a little more guided.


Originally posted by ACWHH

Really excited for those DT2 bosses and excited for what the old school team does with the quest. OSRS has never been in a better state than it is right now and the future looks good

Perhaps a little biased but the bosses are shaping up to be absolutely fantastic, I'm so excited!


Originally posted by WastingEXP

shout out Mod aiyza for feeding Mod Goblin.

really am enjoying more surveys in blogs lately, even if sometimes the format is lacking to really convey certain things, it's definitely a huge improvement.

He goaded me into getting a massive dessert, then made a bet with a waiter that if I finished it solo we'd get it free. Was a great dinner and such a good time meeting some players I've known for years and not hung out with before. Plus, I got a free dessert and heartburn out of it!


Originally posted by Shopping_Small

Is it really the best idea to have a survey like this when the prayers weren't working as intended and the beta was overall broken?

Why not a second beta first where everything is fixed and there isn't massive misunderstanding of how powerful the prayers will actually be with everything working?

Fumus' Vow was obviously more than a little 'spicy' (broken), but most of the other Prayers were functioning well-enough for players to get a sense of their power. We'd rather be able to see where players sit on those thoughts first as opposed to lose a week firing up a beta where feedback isn't likely to change a whole lot. Then we can fire up a beta which is more in line with feedback and make incremental changes if needed, or - as we've said a couple of times - consider whether or not they get added at all!


Originally posted by Doctor_Clams

should work on giving me a kiss on the cheek

This would be really unprofessional, Doctor Clams


Hey gang, just a short extra newspost to try and fill you in on some of the main-game bits we're plugging away at since we didn't want to take away from the work being done on our client and account systems yesterday!

If you get a minute, please do fill out the Ruinous Powers survey! It'd be immensely helpful for the team in figuring out what to tweak first and foremost when we take our next pass at balancing before another beta.

Hope you've all been doing well and are taking care of yourselves!

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A brief status update from us including a survey on the Ruinous Powers and a sneak peek at Bounty Hunter!

10 May


Originally posted by SrsJoe

How do you toggle the side bar for xp and loot tracker on mobile, I had it on the other week, turned it off and now I can't find it

Settings -> Popout -> Popout Panel: ON


Originally posted by PoggilyWoggily

Im trying to fill the survery out but not entirely sure What "remember session" includes. Any launcher/Jager acc users can help me here ?

It basically is when it remembers your details so you don't have to type them out, and instead can just click the Play Now button :)


The beauty of the game is, you can do whatever you want but if you want some areas to look into to start:

  • Early Game Quests: Cook's Assistant, Sheap Shearer, etc (Look for the Quest Icon on the map - little blue star) - there's a handy optimal quest guide on RuneLite and the OSRS Wiki to help with that
  • Skilling: Fishing, Woodcutting, Combat with Goblins/Cows
  • Have a wonder of the world, and see what you can find
  • Stronghold of Security: Grab some food and head to Barbarian Village (North-West of Lumbridge and West of Varrock) and head down the levels to bag yourself 10k and some fancy boots - NPCs are aggressive and higher levels so be careful!

As a tip, when you've got some money I'd go to Diango in Draynor Village (west of Lumbridge) and buy yourself a Chronicle and some Teleport cards, which will give you a nice quick teleport to Varrock... just avoid the Dark Wizards :)

Edit: Sheap Shearer is now cannon


Originally posted by LegoLogic

The only reason I haven't upgraded to a Jagex account is the perceived risk, even if for 99%+ of players it' fine I'd rather wait and let others take that risk and "beta test" on my behalf.

Appreciate your feedback! I'd recommend adding it to the survey if you haven't already :)


Originally posted by Additional_Edge2142

Update: ​Mod Sween: (I know it's a lot of changes at once, but it really does make mobile viable for proper gameplay rather than AFKing stuff as it's good for now.

Edit: This thread has a lot more eyes and replies than when I first posted, so I want to add more clarification.

The proposed TLI changes are not final. The community team will be reviewing feedback and sharing with the team.

As for intention behind changes: it was to increase utility and accessibility of different styles of gameplay. I myself do PvM on mobile, I don’t just AFK skill, but a consensus among many players (not those who do actively play on mobile!) is that it’s only very good for AFKing.

We’re not setting out to ruin anybody’s gameplay)

poll the ui changes and have a beta. Don't just throw it in the game without feedback. I hope you listen to the players like you said you would.

The original newspost didn't do a good enough job at showcasing the features and the benefits we see from it. We'll have an update on the Mobile UI and what's next very soon but I can assure you, we're not just going to throw it into the game.


Originally posted by Anachren

any updates on this?

I sent feedback on the launcher too

I just want a checkbox


Nothing I can share specifically yet, but the feedback has been seen!


Originally posted by Hulda_357

Not a single poll 79 change?

We wanted to focus on making sure the C++ Client changes went through smoothly this week. Apologies if this isn't what you wanted, but it was important for us to make sure this launch went well.

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