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22 Apr


Originally posted by QuasarKid

Wasn’t this supposed to be a group boss? Or am I mixing that up with something else in Varlamore part 2

There's two headline pieces of content with Part Two, this and the Group Boss.


Originally posted by reGilth

Will all of these uniques be purchasable with points? Really not interested in another RNG grind for skilling stuff right now...

As far as I'm aware, yes.


Originally posted by GregBuckingham


This is amazing. Please continue to add this feature to every blog!!

Edit: u/JagexSarnie, if you continue to be the one to read these blogs, I’d love to see how quickly you can read all the Jmod names at the end lol

You should check out some of the older ones, defo have done it faster :P


Originally posted by Soft_Yellow_5231

Essentially, after unlocking this item, the Potions in your Bank will be automatically placed into Potion Storage, which will have a separate interface for you to withdraw them from.

Would this mean we would no longer be able to keep potions in our bank tab layouts for quickly gearing for PvM? If this gets added, it should still be possible to keep potions in your bank conventionally so regearing/potting doesn't slow down. I don't want to have to go to a separate menu to grab my potions.

I think we would probably look to still have Potions stored in the bank if you want them, regardles of the route we take.


Originally posted by WastingEXP

are the base elements stackable? like we can mill our stuff down then spend the rest of our time making potions or do we have to resupply and re-mill throughout the order list?

I'm pretty sure that the paste itself won't be stackable but the elements will more than likely be an stored bit of data on how many you have.


Originally posted by witchking782

Could we get chance to save potion ingrident should be skill cape perk (without it stacking with outfit). Most skill cape Perks are out dated.

I think the whole Skill Cape system needs updating across the board, to make them all feel worthwhile.


Originally posted by Kresbot

Looks good!

The reagents pouch, would it be possible to make potions by using items in it? Its not mentioned but was the main functionality i know alot of people were looking for with this - if this is the case i imagine it would need a rewrite of how potions are made, similar to how (dont shoot me) on rs3 you can left click "make" potions? Alternatively, is it like the herb pouch where you can store multiple types of items? the blog isnt too clear on it

The potion barrel:

this could just be a new button on the Bank interface, instead of a whole new object.

yes please!

Yeah, we're looking to make it so you can use your secondaries from the pouch.


Originally posted by WallStreetBTW

prepot device sounds awesome. will it be similar to the rune pouch, with swappable presets?

No presets but you can select which ones go in and in what order they trigger.


Originally posted by NemoNescit

Will the prepot device work with divines? If so, that'd be amazing definitely going to use that a bunch

Edit: Asking since order of drinking potions matters with menaphite remedy

From what I've been told, we don't see why this shouldn't be the case, but happy to hear if people feel strongly against this.


Originally posted by Soft_Yellow_5231

Ranarr, Cadantine, Avantoe or Snapdragon, you’ll be able to buy an L Potion Pack featuring pots like Prayer Potions and Super Defence Potions.

So if I were to put in 12 Cadantines, I could get 3 Ppot 3 Super Def 3 Super Energy 3 Super Restore? That sounds very overpowered.

This will come mainly down to balancing, but I imagine there will be some level of weighting towards what herbs are being used etc.


Originally posted by LickMyCave

Question 6 says:

6.How do you about the overall gameplay of the Herblore Activity?

I'm guessing this is supposed to say 'How do you feel'

Thanks, and changed :)


Originally posted by neoscooby6

Please don't make this like Giant's Foundry! While GF is great content that fixed a lot of issues for smithing, the actual gameplay experience is greatly diminishd by having to watch the UI at the top of the screen the entire minigame.

That entire beautifully designed room is great to be in, but all the player does is watch the top of their screen for the bars to line up. The progress bars should be on the actual machines themselves rather than all crowded at the top.

In PvM we are trained to watch for animations, shadows, color changes, etc. Boss battles would be flavorless if we were just watching their special attack loading at the top of the screen.

I think it will be different to Giant's Foundry in that aspect as the only thing you need to keep an eye on is what potion your making, so hopefully it gives more focus on the game world and less on the UI.


Originally posted by Picori_uim

Potion storage (POH, bank, etc) will not be allowed by UIMs? I think similar to the seed storage currently

I imagine this will be the case yeah.


Originally posted by AnotherInsaneName

Hello, Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.

You cannot handle my strongest potions!


Originally posted by darkrenown

In terms of how potion storage should work, I like the idea of it being tied to your house, so you would need to build the room in your house first, then you can access it from a new interface in the bank.

This could even be expanded to give you access to other house storage from the bank screen (costume/ armour wardrobes etc) which would make those alot more useful.

Genuine question, does having it inside of your PoH feel natural and would that feel weird having to go back to the bank for other supplies you need/missed?


Originally posted by mattbrvc

Potion storage makes me feel some kind of way

Go on... 👀


Originally posted by Shadzta

So is the herb minigame using your own herbs?

All the rewards look good!

Are the potion packs a random potion, or you would get to select your potion?

Yup, but just herbs, no need for secondaries.

EDIT: For your edit, it's a random selection of potential potions you could get from those herbs.

21 Apr


Really nice to see! Keep up the amazing work fam!


The Forlorn Homestead absolutely bangs for me, automatically going into a trance vibing to this song and sounding a bit FF7 like is the perfect combo.


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