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03 May


Originally posted by Odd_Zilla

Don't forget, prayer manipulation still exists and should be removed.

We made our stance on this clear in this week's Q&A if you're interested: https://twitch.tv/oldschoolrs


Originally posted by Ynot277

Where are my capes in BA?

That's still in the post, along with the other changes from the older content poll. There's a lot to get through


Originally posted by GroceryScanner

Thank god they automated the clock. Manually winding it would be so much exp waste

Well played


Originally posted by jackjackjackncoke

Is there still the option to manually make planks?

Pre-EoC, this is how I got to 99 mage and the exp rates were pretty great if you were focused. I also made a bunch of GP doing it with mahogany planks.

You can still cast manually for at a faster rate than the automatic casting :)

02 May


Originally posted by ExactKaleidoscope2

You know, sucking up to Jmods when they give non answers doesn't increase your chances of becoming a PMod. I think they covered it in one of their mythbusting sessions.

It's not a non answer. It's a perfectly factual answer. I could give you a date, but then that date will likely change and people will ree, so there would be no point in giving that date.


Originally posted by Sogemplow

Checking the clocks to see the minute hand requires telescopes which are locked behind 96 crafting, 80 agility and western provinces elite.

And can only be done whilst wearing the quest cape.


Originally posted by Profesor_Caos

There's a clock tower in game. Why not there?

Not very helpful unless you hang around the clock tower a lot.


Originally posted by RemarkableRaisin4

Can you clarify about the beginner loot changes?

Nothing massive - black items and equipment have been made more common and arrows have been added.


Originally posted by MelbCentralIsLeaking

Jagex I'm a newish player who only started since mobile. I'm so disappointed to see you nerf the xp rates on methods that players are smart enough to figure out, or rich enough to pay for. I struggle for each bond, but now you're telling me I need to grind even longer to get a 99? If it's not broken, don't fix it.

We considered the two recently nerfed methods to be broken.


Your left click op should be talk-to. Perhaps the fact that it is pay and being changed via the a client which is not the official one is causing this?


Originally posted by oceanhorn_

Probably written yesterday & hidden until update went live.

Exactly that. I've fixed the date now


Originally posted by Maracuja_Sagrado

I want to know what exactly is going to be targeted

We mentioned this on yesterday's QA - the next things up for consideration are Arceuus Library RC and Underwater Agility


Originally posted by squaff

I do barrows a lot and love that small change:)

Glad to hear it :)


Originally posted by ReswobRS

QA cant even get an simple in game clock without it breaking these days. What’s going on?

Don't go blaming QA. I coded it. We just all checked it when it happened to be more than 10 past the hour. Sorry bout that.


Originally posted by HellkittyAnarchy

Added an in game clock to the (*spins wheel*) Clan Chat tab

Totally open to ideas of where else it could fit, on all layouts.


Originally posted by soepbord

Clock in cc tab makes the clieny unusable >:(

How so?


Originally posted by JagexMaz

It was..... wait for it..... a bug. :-D

Did anyone get the pun?


Originally posted by GodricLight

I really dont get it, they always have the same exact f**king look, with the same name, how does this shit not get fixed?

They're not exactly the same, very subtle differences can cause one solution to not work, and it's a very fine line of capturing and muting legitimate players.


Originally posted by sharknado-enoughsaid

One of the Nylocas was incorrectly changing into a smaller Nylocas as it walked towards the centre of the room. This should no longer happen.

Why you gotta treat my favourite ToB npc like that...

It was..... wait for it..... a bug. :-D

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