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08 Apr


Originally posted by lord_arkaden

Anyone else read this 'As of today' and get super excited that you can finally play with your console buddies... Then get let down by reading the rest of it. 'As of today... the patch is scheduled for next week' :(

Sorry about that - have rewritten that sentence.


Sit tight folks, you should be able to get back online imminently as there seems to have been a hiccup in it being lifted again on certain platforms.


Originally posted by thomasmusic

Why couldn't this be in one big post instead of bringing me to like six different windows

To allow conversations specific to each topic, rather than having a scatttershot of replies spread across a single thread.


Originally posted by angellus

the peer-to-peer relay is handled by another

Could we have a way to not have P2P relay? At least when we are joining friends / not matchmaking or something. It is really annoying to red bar because of the P2P relay when we are literally on the same LAN.

I understand that a P2P relay can protect users from DOS attacks, but it should never punish friends from playing together (i.e. when you are playing with "trusted" people).

We made this change on PC and Xbox earlier this week to not require relay servers for everyone.

So LAN performance should be greatly improved already today.


Originally posted by Sinister_Depths666

So just to understand does this mean that we can start trying cross play matchmaking today? or should be wait for another larger patch for this I’m the future?

Multiplayer performance is intended to be improved with the patches. Crossplay PC <-> isn't yet fixed, but will be once all platforms are on the same patch version.


Originally posted by HiImColeHimer

So where’s the aim acceleration issues thought we were getting those controller options. Game feels terrible to shoot.

This will be in the follow up patch.


Originally posted by IamL3gionR3born

Excellent my friend can't wait to read it. Thanks for the response have a good day. Also HAPPY CAKE DAY!

Thank you!


Originally posted by EndgameOnyx

Happy Cake Day!

Thank you! :)


Originally posted by IamL3gionR3born

What time can we expect the post good sir?

Half an hour from now. It will include alot more detail and explanation than something a reddit user has grabbed and partially copy pasted.


Please wait until the official announcement before sharing such news.


Connectivity Post-Mortem:

tl;dr: Our team worked throughout the Easter weekend and around the clock to resolve the server issues players were experiencing. We completely understand how frustrating this experience will have been especially given the huge amount of players eagerly anticipating the launch. We had enough server scaling capacity but our externally hosted database was seeing issues that only appeared at extreme loads.

We’re committed to full transparency with you. Today, just as we have been over the past year.

So we won’t give you the expected “server demand was too much for us”.

We were in fact debugging a complex issue with why some metric calls were bringing down our externally hosted database. We did not face this issue during the demo launch earlier this year.

Our database is used to hold onto everyone’s gear, legendaries, profile and progression.

Tech-heavy insight:

We managed ...

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Multiplayer Stability and Connection:

Co-op and multiplayer sessions are a separate matter from solo play connectivity.

Launching a multiplayer session, requires multiple different partners and services. For example, matchmaking and queuing are hosted by one service partner, while the peer-to-peer relay is handled by another. Other components are hosted by other partners. This is a normal setup for multiplayer games but is important to mention because when we attempt to track multiplayer or co-op issues, knowing exactly what issue appears at what point is vital.

The upcoming patches should help alleviate crashes in multiplayer as well as improve stability and speed. Because of the complexity of the multiple systems involved, we will continue to improve and iterate upon these systems in order to deliver you a better multiplayer experience. In most cases, this can and has already been done via the backend without patching the game, but it is something we are...

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This re-balancing work can be implemented through backend updates, does not require a patch, and will be run during today’s maintenance window.

IMPORTANT: Balancing is done by a separate team to those who are working hard on preparing the patches. Re-balancing does not impact our progress towards patches or reduce our ability to resolve bugs.

General Balance Notes:

  • Historian, bounty hunt, and monster hunt quests no longer grant Legendary items for each subsequent completion
    • While rewarding players for completing all the Historian, bounty hunt, and monster hunt quests is still our intention, we did observe unintended results when players repeated this activity in combination with a specific multiplayer bug.
    • With this rewards adjustment we want to eliminate this exploit behaviour while still making that quest line worth the effort.
    • P...
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Inventory Wipes & Restoration:

We believe that the rate of this bug appearing should be greatly reduced once the upcoming patch has been published.

Since the recent patch we have seen an increase in reports of this issue - resolving the inventory wipe is our top priority and will remain so until fixed.


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Outriders Community Appreciation Package:

After working on Outriders for more than five years, we were as disappointed as you that the launch weekend did not go as planned. We ran into connectivity issues, which we have explained in full here.

Throughout all of this we really appreciated all your messages of support and encouragement and they helped us power through and improve the situation.

We would like to thank each and every one of you. Beyond jus...

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We have been continuing to track and post known workarounds for encountered issues in our Launch Tracking Mega-Thread, but our intention is of course that workarounds shouldn't be necessary. So here is our latest patch news:

Patch News:

First Patch:

EDIT - 09.04.2021 - 19:05 UTC

  • A new patch for PC and PlayStation Platforms will be rolling out over the next few hours.
  • We're a little bit delayed on the Xbox version of this patch, but the Xbox team are being incredibly supportive in helping us get it ready as soo...
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Hello everyone,

We would like to thank everyone in the Outriders community for your patience, support and assistance. Everyone on the Outriders team is continuing to work hard on improving the game and we'd like to share news about the things we are focusing on.

Please use the below index to jump to the things you’re most interested in:

  • Patch News
    • tl;dr: Patches for crashes, matchmaking issues and more are inbound
  • ...
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01 Apr


Please contact support. They will wipe you account and you can play legit from no on.

Edit: this policy is only valid during launch window for those who cheated in demo and were missed while we cleansed accounts.

There will be no redemption for cheaters in the full game.


Originally posted by ghostface_vanilla

Sure thing, absolutely no problem. I really love the game. My buddy and I are like kids on Christmas morning.

Thank you so much!


Originally posted by ghostface_vanilla

I had the same issue at first, mashed x on my second launch and got in fine.

Frustrating, but the game is mint.

Hey I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Sorry you experienced issues- could you also DM me your PSN ID and an approximate time when these issues were happening? Cheers!