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So long story short when I made my main account years ago I accidentally chose my nationality as United Kingdom instead of United States. So in order for me to make any purchases on the PS store I have to use my alt account which is gamesharing all of my Siege content with my main account (weapon skins, charms, and pro-league sets). Eveything was there this morning when I was playing, as it has been for the past 4 years, until I logged back in around a hour ago. Now all of my gameshared content is gone. I checked to see if my alt account was still primaried and it was. I even tried deactivating and reactivating it to no avail. I tried turning off and restarting my PS4 multiple times but still nothing. When I check the PS store it says all of the content is purchased and installed but none of it is there anymore. Heck, even the games I'm gamesharing work (Siege being one of them) but for some reason all of my purchased content isn't there when I open the app. It's all there when I open the app on the account that I made the purchases on but not on my main one anymore.

Hopefully theres a fix for this because I'd really hate to have wasted all of that money. Literally all of my gameshared skins, charms, etc. have been there and worked for years until today.. please help me.
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MisterLOL231, thank you for that information! To clarify, did you purchase the Year Passes for Years 1, 2, 3, and 4?
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Thank you NYracer and MapIe_Apache for that information. As stated on this support article, players are able to share their Season Pass Operators with other profiles on the same console, but not additional purchases.

CarolinaTee82, are you game-sharing at all? Also, do you own any Year Passes? If so, which ones?

Darren0532, please answer the following questions for me!

- Do you have the Year Pass? If so, which one?
- Which exact items or Operators are missing? Please be as specific as possible.
- Were you sharing your account with profiles not on the same console?
- What platform are you playing on?
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Hey Operators

We are actively investigating this situation at the moment.
To help our investigation, can you please provide answers to the following questions -

• What platform do you play Siege on?
• What is the missing content?
• When did this happen (Date)?
• Is this content being shared to/from another account?
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Darren0532, thank you for this information! Is your console the primary PS4?

NYracer, I appreciate those details! Do you have your own copy of Rainbow Six Siege, or have you been game-sharing and using your brother's copy? Just for clarification!

pleblord256, if you have your own copy of Rainbow Six Siege and you purchase the Year 5 pass, you should have no problem accessing that content. As for the operators, did you get those through game-sharing with your brother?

SlyTheNinja, are you able to access the Y3 and Y4 operators on your alt account that you're game-sharing with?

To everyone else, I can understand how frustrating this can be and I do appreciate your patience and understanding with me. Please keep in mind that we do not have access to Microsoft and Sony's backend services and tools, so any refund requests will need to be submitted through them. Thank you all once again.
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Hey MapIe_Apache,

Sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused by this.

I'm afraid that if you are wanting to seek a refund, you would need to contact Sony for this, as we cannot refund a purchase made on their store.
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Illchaseudown - Can you confirm if the content is still missing?

I can see the pass is owned on your account.
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Originally Posted by LilPalmCoon
so what's going on with the account sharing? my brother bought the gemstone bundle and i can no longer access them.
seems BS to be honest..
Please see our article on sharing purchased content.

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Originally Posted by Notmeanymore
I bought the pass on my smurf account and suddenly my year 1 ops have disappeared today. Any fix to this?
Sorry to hear you lost those operators, Notmeanymore.

Could you confirm was that the Year 5 pass you purchased? As for the Year 1 operators, where did you original purchase these from? (Deluxe edition, pass, R6 credits, renown and let us know if was shared from another account)

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Hey Operators!

If you are missing content that is shared to you from another account, we would advise to check this FAQ
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MasterChiefDxD and Parlex_Frost, are you logged into the same home Xbox as the account you're game-sharing content with?

TRX_Godly, additional purchases are no longer able to be game-shared on consoles. I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause!
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kylebrown9, what content are you missing exactly?

webst3r27, can you please let me know your case number? I'd be glad to review it further and ensure it's with the appropriate department.
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webst3r27, my apologies for the confusion! You had stated, "They told me that my "ticket" has been sent to "their team" for investigation." This made me think you had a case number. If you have tried contacting our team previously, you can log in to support.ubi.com to see your current open cases.

Hey BurningDiagram. Additional purchases are no longer able to be shared between multiple accounts on Xbox. This includes weapon skins, uniforms, DLC, etc. My apologies for the inconvenience!
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Hey webst3r27,

You can re-open the case from that website, yes.
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Hey webst3r27,

We would not be able to say, as this is something that will need to be investigated thoroughly by the Siege team. It isn't something we would be able to provide a time-frame for, sorry to say.
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Hey TheLastWookie01,

I am afraid that this content does not move between profiles.

It would be on your Brothers account if that is where you bought it.
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Hey The-Funman21 - please reach out to our live chat support here. for assistance with this.
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Hey sgtdonut65,

Did you purchase the operators on the account that you are using to play online?

Have you tried restarting your console?
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Hey rjniac,

Did you buy the Year passes when they were available for the seasons or did you buy Operator Bundles?

Game-Shared content on Xbox One now only shares the actual Year pass. If you have bought a deluxe edition with specific operator packs or an operator bundle, this will not carry over.
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Originally Posted by WetsuitLunch
hi maple_apache i know that this is way down the line from when you had the issue relating to your pro league sets and other downloadable content and i have had the same issue i was wondering if you found a fix or if anybody at ubi was able to help and reinstate your content.

Originally Posted by repoboy1
so my buddy is game sharing to me and it let me have the year 3-5 passes but it wont let me have the bushido smoke or gold wepon skin or amithist or snake or tiger or lepord or anything but the year passes and im on xbox one and i know its working because i just beat resident evil 7 that he owns and i have the pass so whats hapopening
Hello! I believe you are both describing the same situation here, so I will answer with 1 response

We have a support article for it here: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/faqs/53833/

There was previously an issue that was allowing too much content to be shared, this was never intended. For Xbox players it is now only possible to share your Year Pass content.

All the best!
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Originally Posted by ragingimpact132
So the FAQ about gamesharing basically clarifies that none of us will ever get to see our game shared cosmetics ever again. It wasn’t always like this, in fact I literally paid my friend money so that we could share what we got. It seems extremely unfair to the people who bought and play their game to give players access to something since the start of the game and then take it away without the option to buy those cosmetics again. I completely understand that some of those cosmetics are limited time. For example, I’m EXTREMELY mad that I won’t ever get to see my pro league ash skin from YEAR 1 of this game. I had been using it since me and my friend got it; it was a staple of who I was in the game and I valued it over any other cosmetic. If I was given the chance to get it again, even if I had to pay double the price JUST for that 1 skin I swear I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean for god sakes it’s literally STILL taking up storage on my Xbox, so if you wanna say that it would be too hard to track down the players who had it then that’s bs. If any Ubisoft employee sees this, please at least consider my pain.
Hello! Thank you for getting back in touch with this.

I appreciate this decision may be frustrating, many players are now unable to share their favourite content. We are forwarding all received feedback to the Rainbow Six Siege team, as we want everyone's voices to be heard, however we don't have any information to say this will change at this time.

At Ubisoft Support we don't have the details behind this decision, we can only advise on the information we have available.

Thank you for our time.
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Originally Posted by Goldzommer25
I am also having the same problem. I am missing year 1 and 2, I am also missing The safari bundle and the gemstones bundle.
The issue you are reffering to is probably that mentioned here

This thread has been about content missing since patch 4.4 that was game shared between multiple accounts.
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Hello everyone,

This is a known issue to us after the latest update.

We are investigating this now and if any additional information becomes available, it will be posted to our Twitter here -https://twitter.com/UbisoftSupport/status/1321120158342066177

Please also note -
Xbox One players can share Year Pass Operators with profiles on the same console, but not additional purchases or Operators purchased with renown/credits.

We hope we can update you soon on this, apologies for any inconvenience caused at the moment.
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Originally Posted by SwissPatrick
It's fantastic how well Ubisoft treats early supporters of the game... like what a **** move honestly. Money Money Money.
Hey SwissPatrick, thanks for getting in touch.

Just to be clear, if you have lost content which has been and this does not apply to you, the issue you're having is most certainly not intentional and our game team is looking to resolve it.

To add, if you could provide us a little more information about your issue, we will be able to have a look.
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Originally Posted by mrwhizzarduk
Does seem like you've had a general change of policy in terms of allowing people to game share content across many of your games - the same behaviour is also happening with Ultimate Editions of Watch Dogs Legion, also on Xbox.

Worse for Siege users who have been permitted to do so for years until whatever recent DRM change you've decided is prudent to implement.
Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback on this.

As we have advised Xbox One players can share Year Pass Operators with profiles on the same console, but not additional purchases or Operators purchased with renown/credits.

Any updates can be seen in the thread mentioned by Ubi-Milky.

Many thanks
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Hello Feizelcrux1992, sorry for the delayed reply, I have been trying to catch up to players posts in this forum.

PlayStation users are not able to share any content from the game across accounts. If you try to do this you may see the message 'Validating Multiplayer Privilege's' which will not allow you to get online with the game, as the game tries to work out which account owns the game and PS Plus.

For Xbox users, the game will allow you to play on separate Microsoft accounts all on one console. If your edition of the game came with Yearly Pass Operators, you should be able to share these with another account on the same console, as they are tied to your base game.

However, Xbox players are not able to share purchased skins, operator bundles bought from within the in-game store, Operators purchased from the Microsoft store, or operators unlocked with renown. These can only be used on the Xbox account that purchased / unlocked them originally.
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WantedBoy_: As Ubi-Milky explained above, purchased content is not able to be shared between accounts anymore. If you purchased this content on your brother's account, then the content would only be accessible there. My apologies for the confusion that may have been caused!
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Thank you for the feedback on this WantedBoy__, unfortunately we are unable to help you with this issue further. We will pass your comments onto the team about this as a PS4 player. I will now lock this thread as the thread itself is almost 1 year old now and considered necroing. Please feel free to make a new thread if you need any other help with anything else, thank you.