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16 Jul


I believe the wording was "floating in the air" or such on the limited multiplayer =) (trading for example).

So it's not planned currently for the limited multiplayer, but time will tell.

Regarding full multiplayer: The game is not designed to be a multiplayer experience and it would present a lot of new problems to solve, not to mention the amount of work regarding implementation. All of this time would be out of time that could be spent on the core features of the game. So yeah, heavily leaning towards creating the best single-player experience we can.

10 Jul

27 Jun

[Image: edsNSgz.jpg]
HSS Destiny Rising created by Anatarist.

The HSS Destiny Rising, a deep-space exploration and peacekeeping vessel. Crew complement of 10, extensive science and recreation facilities, full industrial capability including 6 mining pods, and dual shuttle bays for maximum effectiveness in ship-to-ship combat. - Anatarist

Greetings, Spacefarers.

We are heading out for a summer vacation here in Finland. We contemplated trying to squeeze in an update before the break but ultimately decided against it as it would have lead to a hasty update. We didn't want to shoot out an update in a hurry, cutting corners and risking things b... Read more

05 Jun

[Image: NOYbLbV.jpg]

Space Haven Alpha 2 - The Fleet Update.

The more the merrier they say! Let's test out this theory. Space Haven now allows you to build multiple ships and form a fleet of spaceships. We've had to redesign and implement some new features to enable this.

The current implementation allows for a max of 2 very large 2x2 ship grid tile sized ships (Seen in scenario 2) or 8 small 1x1 ship grid tile sized ships. You can of course make a combination of these, and create various other sized spaceships such as 1x2 for example.

[Image: kqyJiy0.gif]

You can see the user interface to create a new spaceship... Read more

04 Jun


Originally posted by Jaysyn4Reddit

Not a fan of video only updates, especially at work.

It's not a video. Reddit seems to grab the trailer from there, don't know how to turn that off.

26 May


Hey there =) Due to how the game has been designed, and the plethora of issues regarding technical problems, overall game play and user awareness; we have opted to stick with a single plane to build on. So right now we don't have plans to add z-levels.

07 May

[Image: deoZnmL.gif]

Day 24 of the journey, and Ayla has had enough of Cailyn's crap. The hilarious scene above was posted by one of our Alpha players madbird-valiant on Reddit. Thanks for posting it! Had a good chuckle when we saw it =)

This is the first development blog update after our Kickstarter ended. Prior to this we hav...
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02 May


Yep! You can do it from:

Choose the featured Alpha Crew Member or a higher tier and you'll have access within 24 hours =)

26 Apr

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A very cool ship build by our writer! Want to play the game right now? You can now join in on Alpha too, available at:


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22 Apr


Thank you for this!

I have been so positively surprised by how understanding so many of you have been. It really does mean a lot. We devs often have to fight our own fights to make things happen, and there definitely was battles to fight out to make this Alpha happen on time :) Systems needing to be set-up, new things to learn, waiting on payments to go through and rigorous checking that everything seems to be in order.

There was literally about a 100 messages mailed back and forth to get everything done.

And regarding the Alpha. Getting messages like: "There's a bug here but it's still early days!" feels awesome, it just makes it all feel like we're in this together instead of piling up a sh*t ton of pressure for us to deliver. As a game developer you're always a bit afraid that the game will not be enough.

Having someone take the time to say something positive is fantastic. So thank you! Players like you make game development a lot more fun.

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08 Mar

    aksel_bugbyte on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
About Bugbyte
We are Bugbyte, a small but experienced 3-man indie team. As of 2020 we have been developing games for 8 years. We always aim to do our best when developing games, and we like to stay close to our community and listen to what you have to say.

As we are a very small team (1 programmer, 1 graphic artist and 1 handling everything else) and the scope of the game is ambitious we ask for your patience as we develop the game towards something special =)

Never hesitate to contact us or have a chat with us, you can find us here at these forums and on our channels below.

Discord server, come chat with us:

Reddit: ... Read more

27 Feb

We are LIVE! Kickstarter campaign has been launched. Let's ignite the rockets and make Space Haven something great together.

Check out the Kickstarter page here:

Thank you all so much for being here to support us, this really is our dream game and we want to make it something special. Go grab some wicked rewards for yourself! You'll be able to play an alpha build of Space Haven in April if you join the... Read more

16 Jan

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4…3…2…1… Ignition! Hyperdrive is go. Space Haven planned Kickstarter launch date is Wednesday February 27th. Save the date! Put it in your calendar! Space Haven now also has a writer, you’ll be reading data logs and more on your adventure to find a new home. We say a warm welcome to Philip R. Johnson, also known as HamboneHFY.

07 Dec

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Ok, guys. Listen up now, we have a mission. Try not to shoot your mate this time, our doctor can only do so much. And remember, unpinning a grenade in the shuttle is not a funny joke!

23 Nov

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Space can be a cold and lonely place, but thrusters make it all so cool!

20 Nov

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They’re everywhere. Open fire!

14 Nov

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Ok, guys. This is it, don’t get scared now. Especially you Emmett, you always piss your pants!

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Pablo and Amari taking on an alien infested ship. Will they survive?

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Hello Tumblr! We’re here now too. Been working over 2,5 years on this RimWorld inspired spaceship colony sim. Check out the home page and join the Space Haven community!


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