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15 Apr

14 Apr


New This Month
Stationeers. We all know it’s a special kind of survival game. And for the longest time, we’ve wanted to deepen that experience with food perishability mechanics – and at last we have.

There’s a range of new fridges to keep things fresh and, by popular request, we’ve added a suite of heat exchangers to the game... plus new rocket modules for collecting and storing gas, as well as (believe it or not) a complete modular synthesizer, a basic logic tutorial to get your automation game going, and lots more.

So whether you're a seasoned Stationeer, or a new recruit, come see what’s new!

Food decay
It’s been on our Wishlist for a long, long time: perishable food. And at last, we decided the time was right – to go bad.

All food now perishes, depending on w... Read more

23 Mar

17 Mar


Over the last month, the Stationeers team has been hard at work, extending the modular rocket system – and now we’re super excited to present the first installment of our new automated rocket modules (A.R.M).

Automated Rocket Modules (A.R.M.)

Like the name suggests, A.R.M.s let you reach out into space – building and launching pre-programmed, uncrewed rockets to retrieve all manner of resources from local planets and asteroids.

You want ore? Send up an ore mining rocket!

You want ice? Dispatch the ice miner!

You want… random stuff? Launch a salvage unit!

... Read more

10 Feb

Over the last four weeks, the Stationeers crew has been cranking the wheels and whirling the levers on two long-awaited systems: liquid water and hydration, and we’re super excited to reveal what we’ve done, and where it’s all going...

This update sees a big content drop, too, with two new tutorials, a wind power generation system, a fresh set of pressure and temperature resistant tools, trader tweaks, a new planet (welcome to Venus, kids) plus a pile of audio improvements, bug fixes, tweaks and all-round improvements.

It’s been one of our biggest months yet, so come dive in!

We’ve been pl... Read more

12 Jan


Might just be a multiplayer sync problem. The research system is still experimental that's why its turned off by default, but I'll note this one down for someone to have a look at once the higher priority patch stuff is out of the way.

Hey Stationeers,
After a "thank you" and double update at the end of 2020 for three years of incredible support, our CEO took a deep dive into the Discord[] zone, looking for ideas and suggestions to implement into the game... and wasn’t disappointed!

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30 Dec

Without the distractions of having to run the studio I've been able to dust off my programmer legs and get a bunch of work done on Stationeers. Additionally, without people in the office I've been able to do some larger refactors that were hard when others are around, as I needed to change every file.

So here we are! A surprise update with quite a few changes, a few additions, and a lot of fixes.

New Jupiter and Saturn models
I changed the models to much better materials, they look beautiful! I also changed their position so if you're using them for navigation or orientation, they will be in a different spot.

Stationpedia additions
A whole bunch more information is now in the Stationpedia. Includes build state information, what things are used in, logic slot variable information, mode strings - and more!... Read more

22 Dec


On December 13th, 2017 - Stationeers launched in Early Access.

Three years (and one week) later - here we are.

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18 Dec


Rewind 12 months: New Year’s day 2020 – down here in NZ, the sky was grey with smoke from Australian bushfires 4000km away. The sun was bright red. You could smell burning. We should have known it was gonna be ‘one of those’ years.

Now it’s December. It’s been a long, hard year, but easier for us than for many others. Over that time games have been our escape, and a way to keep in touch with the rest of the world. We’re massively proud of the work we’ve put into Stationeers, and incredibly grateful for the amazing community that’s grown up around it.

We make this game for you – and with you. It’s been three incredible years. There’s 100,000 Stationeers in the world now. There will never be enough ‘thank you’s’.

This month, we’re crazy-excited to drop ‘Weather’ into the game. It’s a literal gamechanger. We... Read more

13 Sep

25 Jun

12 Jun


The only one I can think of off the top of my head is a small refactor that would permit more lines of code in an IC.

09 Jun


Without getting too much into the bulk of the article, the Stationeers team has actually grown! In addition, some of the studio's shared resource in disciplines like audio and UI have been freed up to spend more time on Stationeers, as you'll see in the last couple of patches.

08 Jun


Without getting too much into the bulk of the article, the Stationeers team has actually grown! In addition, some of the studio's shared resource in disciplines like audio and UI have been freed up to spend more time on Stationeers, as you'll see in the last couple of patches.

28 May

    Rocket on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We have to be very careful changing the core mechanics of our "universe" as we cause havoc in peoples save games. Largely with where the project is at we're accepting how the game runs as how we should continue. Otherwise we spend all our development time changing and iterating on small elements, rather than cutting to the core.

Big focus now is on "why" you are building stations and bases. Unfortunately it's a bit late in development for us to be redoing core mechanics, without great risk and destroying the knowledge, guides, saves, workshop items... etc...

21 May

    Kiwiboys on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi Apostolos

This could be related to a known issue on object placement and there is a fix currently in testing.
Also if you haven't already make sure the composite door is the door you are placing as the first door in the kit is a glass door. scroll to select the composite door.

I have added some extra steps to tutorial 7 requests the player to pick up and turn on the labeler on the BETA branch.

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