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28 Apr


Originally posted by Cicciopalla001

Can i know the fix too?

The player edited their comment with the fix (NOINTEGRITYCHECKS was on), I just didn't want to publicly post it out of privacy respects.

Your issue may be different - Player Support has pretty good steps for finding known configurations that can cause issues.


Originally posted by IvoAlbino

Any info on the BSOD many people are having due to Vanguard? I'm struggling so hard with the AC I had to uninstall the game otherwise I keep having blue screens...

If it's still happening after yesterday's update can you file a support ticket and provide them the BSOD crash dump? (It'll be C:\Windows\Memory.dmp)


Originally posted by vmalhan

Reading this makes me feel like someone from gaming community answering and not like someone from Dev side. You guys have won my heart. No matter what happens to the game, don't let this side ever wear off. Games will come and go over the years but humbleness and respect for the community will always be the things you will be remembered for.

P.S. I had a question too, forgot to ask 😂. My auto guns keep stop firing randomly while holding down LMB. I have checked outside the game and the LMB works fine. Is it because my laptop is on the lower end side of the spectrum? I have a laptop with i5-7200u with GeForce 940MX and 8GB of RAM.

We've seen a few reports of issues like this and we're investigating. Hopefully we can track it down but I suspect a game bug rather than something unique to your computer. Your computer sounds like it should run the game fine!


Originally posted by pro185

What would you recommend I do about this. I am more concerned over temperatures than fan wear so I always have my fans at 100% voltage using MSI command center. If I uninstall command center they immediately go to operating very slowly until my CPU gets hotter than I would like. Has this exploitable driver issue been fixed in recent updates to MSI command center, or am I going to be forced into choosing if I want excessively hot CPU/mobo or not playing valorant?

I haven't tested it but the change log from MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 says

  • Updated IO driver provides more secure MMIO and MSR access interface

Which sounds promising!


Originally posted by 150297

/u/RiotArkem Hello there. Sorry for botherin you but i have a quick quiestion. League of legends has something called League Displays which let's you pick wallpapers from charmpions and skins etc. Have you thought about adding Valorant wallpapers?

I'd love for something like this to exist, not sure if/when it'll happen though!


Originally posted by thetorsoboy

Yeah I get the same behavior from NZXT Cam, with Vanguard blocking driver cpuz_149x64.sys.

It prevents CPU temp monitoring and fan speed control. I've opened a ticket with NZXT, I guess we'll see if they're responsive towards this or not.

Feel like we'll get stuck in a he said/she said between Riot and the other companies that make these programs.

Yeah, that driver has a security vulnerability, here're the details: ...

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Originally posted by Xxav

"Removed character portrait from player’s minimap icon to better distinguish player icon; icon will receive additional color and polish in the future"

Does anyone know what this means? Are they removing our own portraits from the mini map to help find yourself on the minimap, or all portraits? I liked the portraits more than just colors like CSGO, or just blue colors like it was in valorant befoe the change

Just your portrait. Your teammates still have their portraits.


Originally posted by Uglysadboii

I didn't see anything about the ping spamming issue that drops FPS for the whole team. Hopefully this is something they fix, extremely easy to troll with it.

We mostly fixed it in 0.47+ but there was still a way to do it. 0.49+ closes that last loophole.


Originally posted by TorukMann

Removed character portrait from player’s minimap icon to better distinguish player icon; icon will receive additional color and polish in the future

Does this mean I won't be able to quickly look at the mini map and see where each agent is? Because right now it's very helpful to quickly glance up and be able to say, for example, "Saje, rotate."

We removed the portrait for your icon. Your teammates still have their character icons.


Originally posted by Riot_Milkcow

This was fixed in the patch but wasn't recorded in the notes, thats our bad. Cypher players can once again cage enemies without interaction issues. We'll update the notes.



Originally posted by nmur

For all shotguns, moved the crosshair’s center dot by 1px to center it on the screen. The devs expect shotgun lethality to increase by 4,000% as a result

bucky + shorty confirmed best loadout



We're aware. There's some networking issues that we're sorting out on our backend. They're unrelated to the most recent changes.

Things should be back to normal in the next few minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Originally posted by DingusDong

Well you've hit the nail on the head. Not having perfect security on what essentially a backdoor to potentially hundreds of millions of computers around the world is frankly a little terrifying given who's at the top of the Valorant totem poll.

Quoting what was said in another thread:

It depends how brazen they want to be. Small scale they could gather a whole heap of data. Like where do people look for their news and information would be really handy in prioritising propaganda efforts. Between Tik Tok monitoring phones and Riot monitoring PCs they can probably get a solid sample size for young westerners. On the other end of the spectrum, they could use it for distributed attacks (credential stuffing/DDOS) or to try and hide the origin on a more sophisticated attack (i.e. using compromised user credentials to exfiltrate data). They have administrator access to the machine, they can do with it whatever you could do with it.

Going really...

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There's nothing I can say to help reduce your concerns. You've already made up your mind.

Ultimately, you get to choose what you run on your machine.


Originally posted by [deleted]

Because HWMonitor loads a driver that can be abused by third party applications to read and write physical memory, read and write MSRs, perform IO operations (privileged); all from usermode. It's unsafe to load anyways and they're blocking it because it can be potentially used by hackers to read and write memory for the game.

This is accurate.


Originally posted by tr4p

u/RiotArkem where do we report false positives in regards to vanguard? it just flagged my MSI mysic light (for GPU RGB)

Unfortunately that's not a false positive, that driver has a serious security vulnerability that's commonly used by cheat developers to load their cheats.

I recommend looking to see if there's an update available from MSI or asking them for a fix.


Originally posted by THISAINTMYJOB

How do you enable the system tray icon though?

Opened valorant to have it download the update but there's still no icon after reboot.

You can run "C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard\vgtray.exe" manually but I'm not sure why it isn't starting for you :(