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11 Apr


Originally posted by TTV-Friffle

Just for you ;) . I was planning on making more anyway. And WOW! First time talking to a dev, this is cool!

Thank you so much! That makes me happy :) And nice to meet you!

10 Apr


Originally posted by omega4444

Any thoughts about pinglock or regionlock for a certain country where cheating is prevalent?

We can probably make something like this work if it becomes necessary (since we use ping to find the right servers for player to play on).


Originally posted by TTV-Friffle

I made this yesterday

Hope you guys like it.


Can...can you make more? Of the other agents?



Originally posted by InNameOfYourMom

Hey, got a quick question about the AC.

You won't be able to get banned for let's say cheat engine when you aren't playing Valorant right?

Don't worry we won't ban accounts for things that happen when you're not playing Valorant


It's one of those things we wanna touch up a lot. We think it's pretty tough to get right on elevation and staring at your minimap to cast is, for lack of a better word, pretty lame.

It might take some time, but we want to do something better here for casting and targeting.


Originally posted by repost_inception

So all OP shots have a trail of smoke ?

Wouldn't that reveal their position?

It's only in 1P


viper mains unite! I like finding walls like this, her wall is so powerful. And once you figure one out like this you can just do it every round and be useful. Imma try this one next time on split, still learning how to attack w/ her on this map. Sometimes I'll just shoot a diagonal wall through the long angle on A site but it leaves window open.


Originally posted by KingSmileee

I have cleared the disk and I closed the RiotServices.exe. The update helped for my CPU usage it's at a 30-45% (I was experiencing 10-20%). Although I have low GPU usage and it may be affecting my FPS (30%). I have tried putting it on high priority but it makes my FPS even worse. I have also seen way lower-end specs performing way better than my specs and I'm not the only one. I have looked at the min specs for 144 fps and people with better specs are getting lower FPS? And comparing these specs to mine (GTX 1060 3GB i7 7700 16RAM And ~160 FPS) I should be getting far better FPS than 160. Also, I hope you have acknowledged the horrible optimisation for AMD processors, where people are getting 100-120 FPS With High-End CPUs. ((Proof, Proof 2, ...

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Ah I see, that sounds like its out of my area of expertise unfortunately. It sounds like your issue is you are getting less FPS in game than you would expect. I believe you probably want to reach out to someone on the VALORANT game team (like RiotNaCl for example). I am sorry I am not of much use in this situation.

I am on the RiotClientServices.exe team which works on things like patching for example. This particular reddit post was about issues with RiotClientServices.exe.


Originally posted by KingSmileee

I still have this problem.

I cant really help you unless you are a bit more specific :X.

What problems are you seeing? High CPU usage? Is it coming from the RiotClientServices.exe or VALORANT process? Are you seeing it even after you close the game? Is RiotClientServices.exe filling up the disk?

If you are seeing high CPU usage from RiotClientServices.exe I might be able to help. I will probably need your logs to troubleshoot though.


Originally posted by jubjub727

If we use ridiculously obtuse or unlikely difficult to detect methods like DMA (bypassing your DMA detection) that wouldn't count towards a bug bounty right? If we provide detection methods alongside bypasses that are insanely difficult to detect will those count towards a bug bounty? If so I've got a new hobby.

Sort of, we're happy to hear about stuff like this. However, we only pay rewards if we're able to make an improvement to the security of the game in response to the information provided.


This looks great, it would definitely help get an at a glance comparison between weapons! I like how the fire rate bars match the visual style of some of the progress bars we use in the client. Thanks for the suggestion.


Originally posted by Mjolnoggy

That's definitely the right mindset to have and from what I've heard there's a lot of talented people on board with ya'll. Hopefully down the road you guys can get something similar to Overwatch or VACnet to tighten the mesh a bit on what people are able to get into the game.

On another note, is it possible that hack devs are taking notes from cheats developed for other Unreal based games? Any GoldSrc/Source based games have always had that issue and I've been hearing through the grapevine that there might be something to that in regards to Unreal.

Working with Unreal Engine does mean that cheat developers can use some of their experience reverse engineering other UE4 games to help them develop cheats faster. I don't think it will be a huge advantage for them in the long run but it does give them a head start.


Originally posted by Waves___

This question comes pretty late for the thread, but are we how far off from having a pov demo system being included into the game ?

You can never really call aimbots until you see the demo (spinbots etc being the outlier)

A full replay/demo system is on our roadmap and we've been experimenting with some prototypes of it but I don't have an ETA.


Originally posted by IkeKap

Your fog of war system sounds really interesting in the abstract (not showing the client up to date information in order to obscure data from memory mining cheats). Have you run into any issues with it while developing it (especially regarding having to register hits from unseen opponents) and is this the first implimentation of similar tech in a competitive FPS ?

I've got a big article coming out next week about the development of the Fog of War system and some of the problems we ran into. Keep an eye out for it :)

I wouldn't say the Fog of War system is completely unique but I think VALORANT's implementation is more comprehensive than other game's implementations. There are also a lot of games that don't do anything like this either.


Originally posted by Doulikevidya

Did you already consider doing what valve did with "overwatch" in csgo? Reported players have their demos sent to ranked players and a unanimous decision bans the player.

I believe they also used it as machine learning (?) And people that shared similar mechanics as cheaters were sent to overwatch

Yes! I'd like to have an Overwatch system one day, I think it'll need to wait until after we build a general purpose replay system.

When building our aimbot detection AI research project we definitely were paying attention to how VACnet works. John McDonald from Valve talks about it here: (it's a good watch if you're interested in this kind of thing)


Originally posted by wow_im_white

Thats good and all, but is there any way you can make it a cvar/setting of some kind? I hate to be selfish but I dont really want my game less responsive because someone in a less fortunate area has 1Mbps upload. Would it be possible what csgo does and have a default that you can change to allow data to be sent per frame? Maybe make the default less upload and then set a switch to allow more info

I know you guys are busy and im sure its not a big deal if its a little less but for people at higher levels it really matters to get the most info from your pc as possible


The current plan is to reduce packet rate by not sending packets that have little to no new information in them. For example right now in VALORANT if you don't move the mouse on a frame we still send a packet. These packets don't actually help responsiveness so we can skip them to improve the experience at no cost.

If we do end up reducing packet rate in a way that could impact responsiveness I think we would want to make it an opt-in setting (like a fps cap setting for packets). Currently you can kind of get that effect from the fps cap but maybe in the future we can make fps and packet rate independently configurable.

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Originally posted by REDDITWASRIGHT

Okay, I was thinking more along the lines of abusing DMA or SMM, but sure general purpose AI works too.

Still interesting though, web security things are bugs that can be fixed. Tamper protection can't be fixed because again, it's just kinda broken by design and there'll always be a way.

Might need to check that out lol.

Yeah I chose a deliberately outlandish example because I don't want to completely rule out the possibility countermeasures for any techniques just yet :)


Originally posted by synds

How is this AI not detecting blatant aimbotting? Shouldn't it be able to see 1 frame snaps left and right? What they're doing should be an easy ban from just one ace alone, none of that was humanly possible. I feel like anti-cheats are not and never will be aggressive enough.

Currently our aimbot detection AI is a research project that is used to inform analyst investigations. Once we're more confident in its results we hope to let it ban players unsupervised but due to the error prone / probabilistic nature of AI we think that it'll primarily be an analyst investigation tool for a while yet.