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So, as far as I can see, there's quite a number of people who encountered the problem that they don't get the respective version of Nadasky's Journal in the Sunken Treasures story line. Apparently that's somehow related to the city progressing too fast, so the ingame triggers for the quests get screwed up.
I hoped this gets fixed with Game Update 5, as the DLC is out for about a month now, but so far nothing. I'm still stuck in a game with 10k+ Investors, having built everything, annihilated all but 1 NPC and only missing the story line. But apparently I can just screw this save, as I can't progress in the story.
I checked every single ship I own, every Kontor I have and every part of the damn map but the final version of the book (which I'm supposed to read) is nowhere to be found.

I loved this game so far, but bugs like this really ruin the whole experience. @Staff: Is this ever gonna be adressed?
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Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know. I am going to move this to our Support forums, so our Support Team can investigate this issue further.
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Hey FetterBruder,

any chance you could upload and send me your save file for further investigation?
This will also help immensely with finding the cause of the bug.

Feel free to post the link here or send it to me via PM.
Apologies for the inconveniences with your current game progress :/

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Sorry for the late reply and the silence here in this thread.

Thank you for the savegame, FetterBruder, we have forwarded this issue to the dev team.
GU 5.3 was the last update we released (17 October) and no further patches were/are planned till the release of GU 6.0 in early December in order to fully focus on the development of the new content and fixing of known issues (with a playtest for it going on right now).

As soon as we got more details about GU6.0 and/or this specific issue with the Sunken Treasure questline, we will let you know.
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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to keep you updated that we are still looking into this issue.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Going by the recent comments there seem to be two different issues with the journal:
- people having it, but it not progressing the quest after reading
- not getting the journal at all

The team is still requesting savegames for the issue. We'd highly appreciate it, if you could send us (e.g. me, via PM) your affected savegame and a quick description, which of the two issues mentioned above is affecting you.

Apologies for the inconveniences caused by this bug.
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As long as we can't reproduce the issue, it's very difficult to find the source of it.
So, no, it's not a "will not fix" kind of thing, but without reproduction, the team will focus on other issues first.

That's why we keep asking for affected savegames.

Thank you, Waya85, will forward
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Hey SeaLucky,

Sorry to hear that!

Have you uploaded your save data to a ticket on our website?
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FetterBruder we have no further information or updates at present.

We are still looking into this issue.

If you haven't already, please upload your save data to a ticket on the support website
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Originally Posted by pewp3wonline
Is there any way to edit a post?

I couldn't send the save file via the ubisoft support, but because of corona we can't send support tickets? Only live-chat is available
Hi pewp3wonline! To edit a post, click on the "+" symbol next to the "Reply" button in your posts, that will open a drop-down menu where you can choose "Edit Post".

As for contacting Support, there are 2 more ways to try if you like, you can try their Facebook or Twitter Support pages here:

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If you are still encountering this issue and haven't already please send us your save files, you can do so following the instructions in this link.

If you have already done this would you please be able to advise your case number and I will be happy to look at this further.
7 months ago - UbiExcellent - Direct link
Thanks for doing that, FetterBruder! Our teams recently resolved this error in an update. However, if you are still encountering this issue, please ensure you have the most recent update installed. Should that fail to resolve this issue for you, please send us a fresh copy of your save file, so we can forward it to our investigating teams.
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Hi FetterBruder,

I'm sorry to hear you are still experiencing this problem after the update hotfix.

I've created another case for you I would like to escalate, because of how long you have had this issue affecting your save.

Would you be able to log into our support site here -
https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/ - and open your case, no.12111264 and attach your save file to it please?

Here is a link explaining how to upload save files should you need it https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/fa...investigation/ (I realise you were able to previously PM my colleague)

Then I will escalate to the game team to look at in detail. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by pewp3wpew
I am also still experiencing the same problem. Reloaded the save, still have the incomplete book in my ships inventory.
Originally Posted by FetterBruder
I provided all my system's information etc. to the ticket. Funny enough, the customer agent working on the ticket told me to "check the forum for updates on this matter". That was a sad laugh right there...
Hello to you both!

First of all, apologies to FetterBruder for the confusion in your support case. We are getting closer to resolving this issue, therefore save files should no longer be necessary. Sorry for that.

We will inform players via the forums once we implement a fix!
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
Ok, so, the support-ticket I had open got closed for the 4th (??) time now. No answer given, no help provided. Only information is "will be announced in the forum once there is a solution".
So I guess we're back to square one. But, it's only been 11 Months so far....
Hi there.

Support cases are automatically closed after 5 days of inactivity, no responses being received or sent on the case, which appears to be what's happening with your case. However the case is still visible to support and the Anno team who are investigating this and it has been logged against this particular issue so if action needs to be taken on affected players account on an individual basis that can still take place despite it being closed. As soon as we can confirm a fix has been implemented we will do so on the forums.
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
Hi Ubi-Orion,
thank you for the clarification. I asked for an explanatory response like yours in the ticket for two times straight without any helpful reaction.
So I guess we're backt to waiting and hoping.
Oh I see, I'm sorry you didn't receive a more informative answer.

Your support case will always be there if we need to contact you, however you also have us on the forums should you need anything.

Enjoy your day!
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
Will this issue be adressed in Game Update 9?
Hey there,

We don't have any further information regarding the investigation's progress at this time.

We'll update the Forums as and when we hear more news

Thank you for your continued patience and sorry for the inconvenience!
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
No problem. It's not even a year since I reported this issue. And we already paid for the DLC, so there's no reason to rush anything, right?
Thank you for understanding.

Our team will update this as soon as they possibly can
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
So... sarcasm is dead, I guess.
There is absolutely no understanding for this. Hasn't been for the last 6 months.
Apologies for missing that.

Thank you for your continued patience
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
So, according to https://anno-union.com/game-update-9-release-notes/ Game Update 9 will once again ignore this bug.
It has been 13 months now...
I'm afraid we haven't yet had any further news or updates at this time, this issue is still being investigated.

Sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused!
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Originally Posted by pewp3wpew
I also still have this problem. Pretty annoying.
Sorry to hear this.

We are currently investigating this and will update you once we have an update.

Thank you for your patience
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Originally Posted by pewp3wonline
I've recently started a new game with 9.0 and the bug does not appear again. Earlier in this thread someone wrote that this bug might trigger, when you build the university on crown falls for the quest before you have the 1500 artisans on crown falls to unlock it there. (By having 1500 artisans somewhere else). I waited with building the university until I had 1500 artisans on crown falls and the bug didn't happen.

I got another bug during one of the follow up quests when nate shows you where you can dive for pearls and gold and I wasn't able to dive at the spot for pearls, but at least for that I could just produce pearls.
Hey pewp3wonline,

Thanks for letting us know that you're now having issues reproducing the glitch.

We'll let the team know as this may aid their investigation, as well as the supposed steps to reproduce this, thank you!

Are you still encountering the second issue you mentioned?
2 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link
Originally Posted by pewp3wonline
Ah btw. I am the same person as pewp3w, this is just another account I had to create for anno1404 online play. The second problem is still occuring.
Hey pewp3wonline,

Thanks for letting me know!

The team are also already looking into issues regarding being unable to dive in certain locations, so please keep an eye on the forums for updates!
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Hello FetterBruder, thanks for coming back to us in the forums.

I have looked into this bug that was affecting the Sunken Treasures DLC quests with Nadaskys Journal/Heir as we had several investigations open for this and we also had quite a few save files from players who were affected by this. This issue was fixed in the previous update to 9 via a hotfix which is why you will not find it on our known issues list for update 9 on the blog.

I apologise this has not been communicated clearly through the forum, regrettably we were unable to patch this out of a players previous affected save file, but upon starting a new campaign this bug will no longer appear with the quest currently.
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Originally Posted by FetterBruder
OK, just so I get this right:
You guys take close to 15 months (!!!) to fix a bug affecting players with 60h+ invested in a save and THEN tell those affected players that their saves are screwed and that they have to start over again?
Did I get this right? Is this your idea of customer care?
We understand that this is not ideal however there is no way to modify the game saves to resolve this issue and thus a new save must be started.

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