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Latest Patch NotesApex Legends โ€“ Fight or Fright Collection Event (16 days ago)

You are the new Apex Champions

about 13 hours ago - /u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Damn even Artur gettin down!


Pathfinder portrait progress, about 4 hours in

about 19 hours ago - /u/alex_RSPN on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Oh wow! Can't wait to see it finished :D

Originally posted by EndsWithJusSayin

I drew an illustration to help you.

ahhhhh perfect!

21 Oct

Originally posted by imsodraven



I am so proud of this community ;U;

Loooooove this!

20 Oct

Season 3: Bug & Crash Megathread

3 days ago - /u/Scriptacus on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Chuysguy360

Have you heard of anyone still receiving this 100% message? My game has crashed twice today with this message in the span of about 4 hours of play. Admittedly itโ€™s much less than it was before but my CPU is not overheating, Iโ€™m between 55-65c the entire time. This bug happened a few days ago to me as well. I use a 9700k.

I can't say I have, I personally went from receiving 6-10 messages a day about it, to zero after the patch came out. When you say the game crashed, did it exit, or did it freeze so that your have to kill it with the task manager or reboot?

Tomorrow, I'll talk to the engineer who fixed the issue and ask him if there is still a possibility the issue is happening for some users.

19 Oct

This is one of the coolest renditions I've seen for Bloodhound. Really nice work! ๐Ÿ‘Œ


18 Oct

Thank you, Respawn

5 days ago - /u/Garza_RSPN on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thank you for the awesome and kind words! Mental health is nothing to scoff at. Not just us, but lots of game devs throughout the industry go through some form of it. But Remember, that's all temporary and there WILL always be something waiting for you that has great payoff. I'm super happy that we can give you that getaway from reality, even if it's for an hour or two. No matter what you are going through, hang in there. The gaming community as a whole is filled with great people to lean on and just talk to! /Cheers

Originally posted by PikAtChuHuN

Thank you for your answers!

However, I still think the rifle is too strong according to this video

The 90ish final damage is just too powerful, and the no bullet drop under 200m (or higher) is too much. The weapon basically doesn't require a sniper stock since it's a straight laser shot.

Would be nice to:

  • Lower the firerate by at least 30%
  • Set max end damage to around 70
  • Bullet drop after 100meters

I completely agree with you that is still a bit too powerful for me and we had a talk about it this morning. But we are going to give it a week before we decide what we are going to do for the "rifle". I wont say what we spoke of, but you have already touched on things that are in witch cauldron right now. But all needs to go through testing and what feels right for the weapon before we push another update (which should now be server side!). But if we do do a change for that weapon, I will be passing off info to mods to post appropriately.

Originally posted by CuriosumRe

Patch Notes:

- Upgraded back-end code with no gameplay changes.

I know it seems (and is) insignificant, but if you don't publish anything people get confused and misinformation gets spread.

But on the flip side, when we do an update that doesn't affect gameplay, we still get shit on. So it's really damn if you do, damn if you don't. So at this point, we want give meaningful updates. If there is a patch w/o update, just expect it to more under the hood things that we are setting up for future content. We will absolutely update you with the smallest update that affects gameplay. We never intend to stealth a fix/update things that change the way you play. I will be the first to say that we HAVE missed an update that should have been in a full patch notes update. But we're only human. Hope you understand that. It just hard for a lot of other guys here from the studio to post when they always get scrutinize for everything, no matter the how good the intent is.

Originally posted by PikAtChuHuN


Thanks for the heads up!

Can you guys provide the earlier patch notes as well?

There was a 1.2GB 2 weeks ago, and a 300MB last week, and we have no idea what's changed.

Thank you!

This was under the hood stuff that didn't affect gameplay at all. But it was something we needed to get out to give us some more flexibility to do server side patches that won't require more client side patches for simple quick fixes. Thus no patch notes.

Originally posted by Account135790

That's my favorite skin from the event! It's awesome, great work! I can't wait to be Gibbystein when I finally have a chance to play. Is there any word on the exclusivity of these event items? Are these skins returning in the future?

i have no ideaatthemoment

Originally posted by kolossal

Don't mind him man. I'm considering maining Octane just because of that skin.

my heart ;U;

Originally posted by CapmJackSparrow

I love this one! Always thought it looked like Corvo from Dishonored a bit. Nice job!

oooooh I wish!

Originally posted by sniper249

No thanks needed ( in mirage voice)

Gibraltar skin is one of my best skins in this event


Originally posted by Rookie_XL

Yo dude, does that mean you also made the white counterpart? I crafted it just recently because it's so awesome.

yessir! Thanks you!

17 Oct

Lifeline Fanart

6 days ago - /u/alex_RSPN on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Are you on Twitter on IG by chance? Would love to post this on the Apex official account!


16 Oct

Originally posted by principalkrump

This is the worst octane skin


Thank you!
also I made the Gibraltar Halloween skin so if you wanna shout that out it'd be great!

Originally posted by shibiwan

Thanks for the reply... I could have sworn it was not the star/XP challenge. You may be right though.

I assume you guys are fixing it. :)

Yes I fixed it a few days ago so it should go out with the next client patch

You can see in the match summary screen that it counts the level up from the star challenge twice, incorrectly. So you are at the correct level, but the game mistakenly told you that you leveled up 2 times instead of 1

15 Oct

Kevin no longer works at Respawn, but I do miss him greatly :( He was also not a designer, but artist, I think his official title was Lead Character Artist.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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