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The devs must really like chips

1 day ago - /u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by antwonjenkins

So not a Crypto Easter egg from awhile ago??

does Crypto like chips too?? he is a bit of a dev

The devs must really like chips

1 day ago - /u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ArmyofDankess420

Since I have you here. is that one of the devs kids in that picture on the left?

honestly i have no idea, its probably a TF 1 or 2 asset that got reused, and i only joined a few months before Apex launched.

Originally posted by gspotslayer69XX

So false idol is your favourite eh? I thought shadow of the sun was your fav

mmmmmmm maaayyyyybeeee

The devs must really like chips

2 days ago - /u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

didnt you know game devs survive on chips and mountain dew?

Originally posted by ImKiddingBruh



Originally posted by gspotslayer69XX

Yeah, unpopular opinion but bird skins for revenant looks way more scary than beast ones.

ayeeeeee thats what i like to hear!

Originally posted by Kunerin

Ikr, needs more False Idol.

now that you mention it

26 May

wE fIxEd No rEgS

2 days ago - /u/Scriptacus on Reddit - Thread - Direct

When exactly was this match played?


This is all I see

2 days ago - /u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

thats a mighty compliment, that puffer is cute as can be <3


23 May

Red - Bloodhound & Loba

5 days ago - /u/Re-BadMofo on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Aeverelle

Hey! I recently did my first Apex fanart with Wraith sipping her appletini, but I guess I'm on a bit of a craze, so have another one.

That said, I got told off a little for not plugging myself enough last time so uh, I guess you can follow me on Twitter, if you like!

This one's inspired by Tom Casiello's tweets on how Bloodhound and Loba are kind of on the same wavelength, and I kind of have a soft spot for odd and unusual friendships, so hey.

They're not checking out Loba's bazonkas, I swear.


This is my favorite meme of 2020 (so far)

Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

6 days ago - /u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by christuhfurr

And how are you feeling today?

My aim is very poor today, but it was good yesterday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

6 days ago - /u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by miathan52

Wow, I think this is the first evidence I ever see of Respawn people being in the daily thread. I hope you haven't always been reading them, because if so, it must have been hard to hold on to your sanity :D

I read them from time to time! It is indeed tough sometimes, but it's all good :)

22 May

Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

6 days ago - /u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by nsamios_

hello guys, just was wondering, does anyone else have like bad days, no matter what game they play? 2 days ago i was doing fairly well in apex and bf1 and then yesterday it was like i was playing for the very first time again and i couldn’t aim for shit

Don't sweat it, it happens to everyone! Some days you're feelin it some days you aren't. All good!

Originally posted by EmperorClydeFrog

Thanks for taking the time to do an ELI5, I know a lot of people on this sub have been asking for some kind of explanation, just out of curiousty-sake!

Pff, if that was an ELI5 all you people here must be have been the smartest 5 year old kids ever, and I've been here long enough that I don't buy that :P

21 May

Originally posted by DirtyProjector

What’s strange though, is that the game IS registering the hit. When I get no regs it hits the model (visual cue) and I hear the tick noise of it hitting (audio cue) so I’m confused why it was not actually registering the hit. You’d think there would be no feedback from the game that the tracer hit if the issue was that the projectile missed the object.

The way it works is that you send an input to the game to "fire". That input is processed on both your client, and the server (also known as prediction. The processing on the server is slightly delayed due to ping, which is where lag compensation comes in, but that's another topic)

The client runs all of the same logic that the server runs for your position, the angle you fired at, projectile velocity, enemy location, etc... and determines that you hit your target. The client then plays blood effects, hit sounds, etc... Meanwhile, the server is running the same logic with the same parameters, and it's expected that it will get the same result. Except with this bug, one of the variables used by the server and the client for the calculations was different, meaning the server was getting a different result, leading to no-regs. In APEX (and a lot of other games) certain parts of a hit are client side, (blood, audio) and certain parts are server side (crosshair "X" and dam...

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That's your connection, not the server. The spam of text and the drop from 20 to 18 squads left when your connection comes back is because everyone else on the server was not affected. It's also why your teammate was already in the process of responding to the fact that you were downed.

Originally posted by PolarPopzzz

10 minutes probably, it says 40 people are in matchmaking.

What region are you in? You might consider dropping to the main menu and trying a different, more populated data center. Your ping won't be as good, but you'll be more likely to find matches to help get out of the newbie pool.

How long has the queue been taking for you?

No reg fix ???

8 days ago - /u/lowkeydbjosh on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You should download and try it ;)

20 May

Originally posted by Reindurrt14

I knew it!

you get a gold star for today! *

Originally posted by Reindurrt14

Didn't you make that Wattson skin if I remember correctly 👀


What about the the one at the top? (90 Days Remaining) :)

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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