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20 May

Originally posted by Reindurrt14

I knew it!

you get a gold star for today! *

Originally posted by Reindurrt14

Didn't you make that Wattson skin if I remember correctly 👀


Hi @Murifantu

When you have a chance can you try repairing Apex Legends in Origin to see if that helps at all? If there's something missing or corrupted in the game data that may help. 


If you right-click on Apex Legends in your Origin Library you'll see a Repair option when the menu comes up. Let me know how it goes when you can. 




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Hey @Fratzy1


I'm wondering if there's something else taking focus from the game window so that you're not able to actually interact with anything. We have been working on fixing an issue with the Origin client taking focus in some situations, which might be happening here as well. 


When you have a chance can you try this for me? 


1. Close Origin and its services processes (OriginWebHelperService.exe and OriginClientService.exe). 
2. Delete all files in the following folders: 
- "C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License"

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Incorrect Ranking

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @PedroMaia08


This is something I've seen happen sometimes when a new season starts up. Usually it will go back to normal after you play a few ranked matches. After a bit the ranks should sync up. 




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What about the the one at the top? (90 Days Remaining) :)

Lag Issues

EA_Aljo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi there, @8ronchitis.


I'd like you to power cycle your equipment with the following steps: unplug your modem, router and console. After 2 minutes plug in the modem and router. Let them come back online completely. Then plug in your console and start it up. Let me know if that helps or not. Thanks!

Apex Legends: Can't Login on PS4

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @otfort1


There were some connection issues yesterday, but they've since been fixed. Are you still having any problems connecting? 




Free NTMAN777

EA_Barry on Forums - Thread - Direct



Your friend can appeal any action taken using the following info: 



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Double rank provided

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hmm, gotcha. 


Can we try some troubleshooting steps to see if that helps get that fixed? 


First, I'd recommend starting off with the basic connection troubleshooting steps over at the EA Help website. Those can tackle a lot of the more common connection issues that we see, but if it keeps happening afterward check out the ...

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waiting to receive my Apex coins

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct



Do you have a case number that I could take a look at? 




Cross-Play and Cross-Platform Saves

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @CompleatBeet_963


I'm afraid we don't have any updates on cross-play or cross-saving for Apex Legends. I know it's something people have been asking about for quite a while, but I haven't heard if there are any plans to bring either to the game. 


If that does happen in the future we'll definitely make an announcement so that everyone is aware. A good place to watch out for announcements on things like this would be over at the official ...

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Sound is awful with speakers

EA_Atic on Forums - Thread - Direct
@nospaferr what windows sound quality are you running? Having to high windows quality settings for the speakers can cause some sounds problems.



* Tag me with @EA_Atic if you are responding to me. Thumbs up

* If you like the comments of other players please give them XP. ...

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This is really wonderful, and really great takes on all four of them too. Thanks for playing!

Originally posted by Def-tones

Thanks beautiful


She called me beautiful <3

Originally posted by thatdude173

God I wish that there was an award called something like the "Dev seal of approval" given exclusively by developers

I posthumously award you the Recon helmet

Originally posted by Juicyjama

I love you guys and your game ❤️


Originally posted by lostpotato89

Hi Jeremy

hi potato,

are you lost?

first time off the farm?

< you gotta tile the gear material at a 2:1 ratio there boss >

Then itll really be sick :D

19 May

Double rank provided

EA_Kent on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @gixginge


I've seen this happen occasionally. Usually all you need to do is play a couple rounds of ranked, and the ranks in the lobby will sync back up. Unfortunately you might need to solo queue to get the ranks synced back up so that you're close enough in rank with your friends so you can queue together. 


If you're not even able to queue up for ranked on your own, what are you seeing when you try? Is it giving you any error messages at all? 




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Buzzing noise during gameplay

Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

Some players are hearing a buzzing or audio pops while playing.

Ticket ID: 143518

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