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27 May


this is really cool! can't wait to see what else you can come up with.


Originally posted by rochastes

Dear supercell, with reference to, can u update us on this bug? Is our ranking gone for good? Please let us know if there's any update, thx! u/Supercell_Daria u/Supercell_Drew

hey thanks for the ping - so after checking with the rest of the team, the answer is that this isn't a bug.

trophy placement takes precedence over legacy global leaderboard rankings. it does not make sense for your best season to actually be lower than a higher result (in your screenshot, the after has higher trophies than the 'before'.)

i know people are disappointed that they lose their highest global ranking in favour of the new trophies but unfortunately it is the way that the leaderboards work - it is always based on your highest trophy ranking.
the trophy inflation through the increased leagues caused these older rankings to become smaller (even though the ranking was higher).

i definitely think that this was something we overlooked in our communication beforehand, and we could have made players aware of this before the change. that's totally on me and i apologise for that.

i know it's not the answer that you wanted to hear but i hope i h...

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26 May

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23 May

Originally posted by elchapo_02

The main cause of frustration is that "Sparky Bot" that was introduced towards the back end of last year. Ever since then I have not been able to get through to an actual agent ONCE.

Luckily I haven't had any major issue, but one role that player support should fill is giving support for issues big and small, even things that are only misunderstandings and need to be cleared up and clarified.

Never being able to reach an actual support agent makes the player feel isolated when they have an issue. I don't care if removing the player support bot means longer wait times, that would be better than having to go back and forth with an unintuitive bot that gets us nowhere.

Split up support tickets by asking if the player needs an urgent response or if they're fine to wait so things like lost accounts and purchasing issues get priority, and general queries still get answered. Not being able to answer general queries is pretty frustrating.

TL;DR: The addi...

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The addition of the sparky bot made player support unbearable, primarily since there is no player support.

That's good feedback. Sorry that we can't do more for you. We're trying to do as much as we can, but a certain level of "automation" is a necessity to keep the player support operation sustainable.

What we can do is try to improve the information that Sparky has to give.

22 May


Just wanted to confirm that this is indeed an issue only affecting certain Australian internet service providers.

It's unfortunately out of our hands, and similar to what u/AHerbKA said, it is the same issue that Germany had with an ISP a while back.
Sorry that you're experiencing these issues!

Originally posted by elchapo_02

You guys need to have a long hard look at your player support. Sorry, but it's been f**king atrocious for quite some time now. It's frustrating for us, and embarrassing for you guys. I get that whoever runs this account may not be directly related with in game support, but something needs to happen. It used to be very good, but it's honestly turned to shit.

I'm responsible for CR player support at the high level. I'm interested in any concrete feedback you might have.

What's the main cause of frustration? What was good before and isn't good anymore?

21 May

20 May


hey congrats on the placement man! caught up at the stream today as it was an awkward time to catch live. super league and the scene around it are doing great things!


Originally posted by LinkWink

/u/Supercell_Drew /u/Supercell_Daria would you guys ever be willing to release the 3d models you guys make to the public? I'm always fascinated by what the art team comes up with. It would be fun to see what the community does with them as well (ie. fan animations and rendered art).

no plans at the moment but i do love that you can do that with brawl stars.


Originally posted by SSJ4Link

What is the best way?

hey, yeh this is very weird and definitely not ok to be advertising that stuff in-game.
unfortunately these things are very hard to trace/prove as they most likely occur outside of the game, but if you DM me their player tag we can take a look at the chat history to see if we can find anything there. thanks

Hey u/OCT81903

That doesn't sound right, let me have a look. Can you send me your player tag? (feel free to DM, if you don't want to share it publicly)

19 May

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