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11 May

10 May


Originally posted by rocket_face

It has definitely not always been this way. u/Supercell_Drew we need answers!

hey, i just checked with seth. you are indeed correct - this was introduced in the April Update. this was to make it consistent with other effects such as slow etc

this is one of those things that unfortunately got mistakenly left behind when making the patch notes for the update - but i can confirm it is true!

09 May


Originally posted by elchapo_02


Their usernames have underscores, not dashes.

Annoyingly, mine is a dash (not underscore) because someone grabbed the underscore name. So its dash for Seth, underscore for Drew or Daria


Originally posted by shneezn

Ever since hundreds of Accounts have been banned in a single wave literally nothing happened. That was like a 1 Time Event which should scare people from violating the rules, but right now half of the Pros Twitter Accounts are full with "dM mE fOr PuSh" again.

actually we do ban waves every season, and we also did another ban wave/account check for all CRL teams + everyone who qualified via 20 win challenge for WCG & CRL.

we don't just ban based on tweets however (we need solid evidence) therefore an account won't be instantly banned for tweeting the above. but they will certainly draw attention to themselves

08 May


Originally posted by MM_Dyslexic

Welcome Daria! I just have one question. With the win rates skewed on sites like stats royale and royale api, why not make your own site like these so we can see the actual stats so the community can help with balance and see what’s powerful too?

Thank you!

You just wait ;) But I have to say that Stats Royale and Royale API are doing an amazing job! The data may be skewed in some cases but they still provide with interesting insights!


Originally posted by kuangst

Hi. Welcome to the most toxic reddit community ever! I already feel bad for you for being a target of toxicity and anger.

I have a quick question. How much does “trending” idea on reddit effect you guys decision whether or not to implement it in the game? In other words, when somebody post an idea, is it more likely to get you guys attention if it gets a lot of upvotes and comments?

The reason I asked because I have been seeing posts asking for, basically, free stuff and got a lot of upvotes. I thought to myself, hmmm, there is no way you will get that no matter how popular the idea was. Or wouldn’t they?

Hey there and thank you!

I believe that a lot of toxicity comes from frustration and lack of communication — some players think that we don't care, which couldn't be further from the truth! I am amazed how interested CR devs are in the community, but of course they keep their focus on the development itself and let me and Drew do our job.

So yes, about 'trending' ideas — we always keep an eye out on community ideas and feedback. But we also have to look deeper than just 'fun and excitement' part of the things. How will this affect the metrics? Who is the target audience for this change? How much time is it going to take us if we decide to develop this feature/implement this change?

Recent changes to the Trophy Road were heavily based on community feedback, and please, keep it coming! Your passion and creativity mean a lot to us.


Originally posted by UnsympathizingZloty

Welcome to the Community Daria :) from your First Post i can See that you also Play the Game. I want to know your oppinion on the latest Update. It was announced as a „big“ Update. But what was the „big“ thing behind it? Trophy Road instead of season chest. Let us be honest, that is nothing game changing. It is the same boring ladder gameplay just 300-1000 trophies higher. Maybe a Bit more rewards ok. Mega deck was a Flop imo. Nothing for long Time fun. UI is worse than before. Clan wars was the last really interesting thing that supercell brought into the Game. Can we Expect things that really makes the Game interessting again in the Future? Have a good Start in your new Environment. Cheers

Thank you!

Personally, I'm enjoying the latest update a lot as it motivates me to play more and push harder (and I'd describe myself as a very casual, laid-back player) to get higher on the Trophy Road.

And for the game itself this update had a great positive impact! So, I'd say that from the devs' point of view it was definitely a 'big update'.

Talking about big changes, we would like to introduce something new and exciting with each update. I can't tell you in more detail right now but we'll share some news in the near future!

07 May


welcome to reddit daria 😄

i also wanted to give you guys an update on the mysterious goblin/man behind the scenes known as tim!

as you may know, tim had been the community manager since the launch of clash royale. around mid-march he left the royale team to help out on other projects within supercell.

although he is no longer community manager for clash royale, he is still heavily involved in supercell games.

and you're also stuck with me still - sorry


Originally posted by Royalelvl1challenge

Hi Daria! Welcome. I was wondering if Supercell was aware of the chest boost bug.

So I think Supercell made a programming error. I reset to 4900 which means I should have hD 3 days of free chest boosts. I did yesterday.

The PROBLEM is, my bought weekend boost clock was running concurrently too and had 10 hours left when the trophy road boost came, meaning those 10 hours are wasted. Somehow supercell decided to fix this by making the weekend boost last 1 day 10 hours for me, but that fixes NOTHING, as my trophy road boost is still running at same time.

I'm not getting double effect. I lost 100 gems essentially.

Hey there!

It a nasty bug but it should be a visual issue only. The game stacks all your chest boosts but shows the timer only for the one gained through Trophy Road — which is confusing and weird. But please, if this is not the case and your purchased chest boost didn't activate, keep in touch with our support team.


Originally posted by MrBear2uson


Maybe you can answer my question. Why dont you guys publish user and win rates? It would be much better if we had them from you, instead of a third party.

Every time there is a balance changes, your team has to answer why this or that op card didnt get a nerf and most of the times ppl asking those questions include user and win rates from royaleapi. Then and only then you provide the real user and win rates of a card, which in many cases are different than the royaleapi numbers.

It would be less confusing and players would understand your decisions better.

Have a good day and welcome!

Hey there!

That's a good point and probably a topic I'm going to address closer to the end of the season with a balance change overview or something in that manner. So stay tuned!


Originally posted by Kelamar13

Welcome Daria!

Any news on when the bugs will be sorted out? My phone has been crashing to the home screen every 3-4 games, since the gold star levels came out.

I have contacted in game support a few times. The first time they said it was my connection(it’s not, every other game on my phone works fine) but since then they just close down the conversation without replying.

My phone is iPhone 6s so I’m guessing it’s up to spec for this game?

Thank you!

We've released a crash fix last Monday and we have a few more fixes in the works. Have you noticed any dependence/consistency? Any info to recreate the crash would help!


Originally posted by PowerSquirt

See thats exactly my point. What are the bigger/more urgent tasks? What is on your to-do list? Back in the day SC released a list which actually told us which ideas are outruled which ideas are next a.s.o. There's never anything set in stone. Most of the time you'll update us just right before sth. happens. IMO it would be much better if you'd keep us updated during the process of what you're doing and maybe just maybe consider taking our thoughts into it. How many times did you add sth to the game which totally flopped and could've been prevented before it was added...See to me it's dumb to spent ressources and time on stupid stuff like touchdown if we all could've told ya it wont be worth your time and effort. Ya'll could invest your time into stuff that really matters to the players that play your game.

I see your point, and I wish everything was that simple. It is my job to give you information of value and to not lose credibility in your eyes. IMO, it is better to be 100% sure about something before saying it.

Nevertheless, I feel you on the matter, and as I've said in another comment, we're developing a few ideas for regular communication, which will provide you with better understanding with what's going on!


Originally posted by advancedgamer9898

I hope you will actually talk and be transparent with us :). Why did you remove the default emote sounds? Now they are so boring and I really would like them back. Surely a few sounds doesn't increase the app size that much.

Hi there!

As I understand, this happened waaaaay before I was even interviewed for Supercell. My personal take: people might have found the sounds annoying if spammed. Sorry, I don't a definitive answer for you on this one!


Originally posted by pokedora

karma farming? up voted

Heck yeah it is! (Thanks!)


Originally posted by gospodinDark

Hi Daria! Privet.

You said "transparency", so i got question: "why supercell don't want to make timer transparent?"

Hey there!

It's not like we don't want to: we have some bigger/more urgent tasks in front of us and some smaller QoL tasks get pushed back.

But don't you worry, it is on our to-do list. I don't want to overpromise and underdeliver, so I'll share news when it is set in stone!

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