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07 May


Originally posted by iDetroy

Welcome to the Community.

In order to make sure you feel like an actual Community Manager I'm already gonna make some pressure and ask why the last "WEEKLY Communication Topic" has been posted over a month ago :<


That's true, and that's sad. At first, the team was overwhelmed with the update and after the release we've talked and realized that we don't have much of great value (or even interesting) to share right now: team is working on the next update, fixing bugs and such. Dev routine, in other words.

But we have a few ideas in mind for regular posting / topics. Also, it would be quite helpful if you share what you feel our communication lacks or something you want more of!


Originally posted by PowerSquirt

bla bla bla. I bet you'll be just as transparent as your team members. Never has an addition to the team added anything to SC's transparency nor brought up any relevant information.

Not looking forward for your useless posts/comments.

Best regards

The Big Bad Booty Daddy aka. Big Poppa Pump aka. Sir Scottaldson Steiner

Sad to hear you're feeling this way! But I'm interested to know what's relevant and important info from your standpoint. I believe we can make things work out!


Originally posted by hawlcon

Welcome to the community!

What's your player tag so we can stat track you? :P

Thank you! And I'm not ready to disappoint everyone like this lol. But you'll see me playing soon enough anyway!


Originally posted by commander_xxx

Are no any community manger favs bowler ?

That's what we're told: never trust a purple guy. But honestly, his smile is too charming to resist.

Hey there! 😊

I’m Daria, a new community manager for Clash Royale! In other words, Drew’s sidekick and, most probably, another face on TV Royale.

Just to make you hate me straight away, my fav card is Bomber. This guy is adorkable, I can't help myself. As you can imagine, I’m quite happy with the buff he just got!

But on a serious note, I'm eager to dive deep into this community and I’ll do my best to bring more transparency and relevant information to you guys!

Looking forward to working alongside with you,

— Daria

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Originally posted by rochastes

u/ClashRoyaleSupport u/Supercell_Drew I heard supercell is aware. That was what support team told me. Can you at least advise on this? I want my hard earned ranking back..

sorry but i don't have any other info to give other than it's on our bug list to look into. the reason they're being replaced right now is because of the trophy count, i am assuming it is counting highest trophies as the 'best' season. but obviously that conflicts with the best seasons having a lower trophy count but a higher placing in ranking.

as said before, yes we are aware. thanks for the message

06 May


this did happen, when the april update dropped.

everybody who has played since the update drop got all of these rewards (from zero - whatever your trophy count is) when they opened the Trophy Road for the first time.

if you played last season but have not updated or played since before trophy road came out, then you will still receive all of the rewards that you are owed.

please check this article here for more info on how season reset and trophy road works: ...

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04 May

03 May


Originally posted by SwiperNoSwiping42


Wall Breakers gain quite a few new skill-testing tricks with this buff! You can use Miner to distract the tower and whatever is played to defend the Miner can be caught in the WB blast. It's very fun to set up Traps for your opponent, adding a new dimension to a card that is very basic by design. Glad we could make all 7 Wall Breaker fans happy :)


Originally posted by iDetroy

No Rascal Nerf, No Prince nerf but instead buffing Goblin Barrel and Princess?

Great to see the next season will be filled with that disgusting Rascal / Prince Bait deck

Rascals almost made the cut :) They fluctuate a lot in win rate, sometimes over the line and sometimes just under. As their use rate rises and win rates stay high though, I would say they are a likely candidate for next month.


Originally posted by SKLZ_Shark

Why was the witch not nerfed. 90% of the people i fight at 5400 have a witch......

In the 5000-5499 Trophy range, Witch has a 17% use rate. Buffing Princess and Bomber might help deal with her :)


Originally posted by Mew_Pur_Pur

Honestly used to be very happy, felt like balances are going somewhere. Now I feel like they aren't. It's been two months of ignoring the lack of cheap spell diversity. You addressed goblin barrel in the short-term way, instead of addressing the larger problem (goblins being weak). Instead of taking a step back from the broken and assymetrical staggering, you are introducing it to even more cards. You even used the level 1 Bomber stats instead of tournament standard. You didn't mention the Clone change from earlier anywhere.

I feel like not enough backbone is put anymore. I'm more disappointed than ever.

I'm sorry you feel that way, I always respect your opinion and read your posts when I come across them.

Please give the balance team a chance here, I will happily come back and eat crow if we totally bork the meta. But every month we release a list of changes, the community spends a weekend saying that we have totally ruined everything, and yet this last month was one of the most diverse metas ever. If every month was really as bad as first impressions seem, we would not have reached this point as a community.

We use level one stats in the post because thats the number that changes, and ripples up to higher levels. Here is the Clone balance note I wrote (we didn't add it because it was a few weeks ago and seemed like old news):

CLONE Radius Reduced 4 -> 3

This change went live with the April update. We initially increased Clone’s radius to try and buff an underperforming card. The most recent buff, making the Clone...

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Originally posted by TheCannibull311

baby dragon doesnt need a nerf, just because everyone uses a card doesnt mean it is unbalanced

This is basically our stance for now. Despite having very high use rates, Baby Dragon sits around 48-52% win rate every day, in both Classics/Grands, and doesn't budge much even when you look solely at 8-12 win games.

Baby Dragon is a jack-of-all-trades that can fit into basically any archetype, providing the meta with a solid presence to keep air and swarm decks in check. I think the meta is better off with Baby Dragon being very popular compared to when Royal Ghost, Bandit, Valkyrie etc filled that spot of "Most Popular Troop".

Its possible we would nerf Baby Dragon with a slight health reduction (to put it around 1000 HP) but this month I suspect Baby Drag + Tornado will be useful in regulating how strong 3M decks can be.


Originally posted by Calcium001

Seriously, how has a card sat at over 50% use AND win rate for MONTHS now.

Because it hasn't :) This is a good example of how websites can skew your perception of the meta. Here are the four small spells use/win rates in Challenges:

  • Log - 30% / 48%
  • Barb Barrel - 30% / 56%
  • Zap - 27% / 49%
  • Snowball - 18% / 58%

Snowball is a bit concerning, we have a nerf we want to apply but it requires a client update so it will have to wait. Barb Barrel has been slowly trending down, and given how many times we have buffed/nerfed it, we are letting it sit a bit longer because if it does get nerfed again it will likely be another Barbarians health nerf instead of Barrel-specific change. (Barbs are sitting at 55% WR, Battle Ram at 54%)

In general, Barb Barrel and Snowball are the higher skill cap Spells compared to Zap/Log. It stands to reason that better players would take advantage of them to generate marginally better results. This is why websites (which tend to self-select for hardcore players) are showing ...

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Originally posted by Teto-

Three Musketeers: Elixir 10 -> 9, Deploy Time increased to 3sec, Added 0.15sec Deploy Time between Musketeers

So now we can play the giant 3M easily, since adding deployment time will allow to prepare a bigger push on 2 lanes

Hey! During our testing we felt that the strongest use case of 3M was being a very quick defense. If you attacked and your opponent dropped 3M, they near-instantly generated a ton of damage. Even if you FB+Zapped them rather quickly, they often got ~3 Elixir worth of damage in, negating the Elixir trade. With a slower deploy time on defense, there are chances to damage or defeat them before they get a shot off. 3s Deploy time also greatly reduces the effectiveness of playing 3M in the pocket to take a 2nd tower.

Splitting behind the King Tower with a slower deployment does allow more saved Elixir, but the slower reaction time gives a bigger window for Bridgespam, Log Bait, or Miner decks to get in chip damage before they walk/shoot. In addition to changes to Barbarians, introduction of Earthquake, and buffing multiple splash Troops that match up well against 3M... I am optimistic the meta will find the tools to adapt.

I understand the feeling that this might be a b...

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These changes aren't live yet! They go live on May 6th.

In this Balance Update we're taking a look at Three Musketeers, Princess, Wall Breakers and more!

Watch the quick-look video!


  • Three Musketeers: Elixir 10 -> 9, Deploy Time increased to 3sec, Added 0.15sec Deploy Ti...
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