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13 Jun


This is the official discussion thread for, "Charge Into Battle Atop The Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse Mount With Prime Gaming!"

"Link your ESO and Amazon accounts to claim the Dragon Slayer Mount!"

12 Jun

PC Players! It's been a week since Necrom launched! Still shocked by how fast time flies. What has everyone been up to so far? Have you been playing through the main quest? Grouping up for some Sanity's Edge runs? Running around Cyrodiil as an Arcanist? Upping your fashion game?

Just trying to get a gauge on where everyone is to relay to teams.

11 Jun

Explore an all-new Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, wield the eldritch energies of the Arcanist class, and delve into the secrets of Hermaeus Mora.

10 Jun

09 Jun

Hey all, thanks for the tags here. We followed up with the team regarding this. The 3sec is intended. This change was made back in U37, but we missed the patch notes for it in the final release of 37. Sorry about the confusion here. We tracked the issue where the miscommunication happened and have a solution to avoid this going forward.
Hi all, following up here. We've passed this along to our team. They are aware of the issue and will have a fix ready for incremental 2. We should have that confirmed in the patch notes at that time.

Edit- Also wanted to add that the dev team also notes that dodge rolling can also allow you to loot again also.

08 Jun

Hi everyone! Apologies for the confusion here - just confirming as others have stated that we did add a new UI setting that allows you to automatically track a quest when you accept it, and the default is set to "Off". If you're on a quest and accept a new one, it will keep tracking the quest you were working on unless you switch this new setting to "On". The setting can be found in the Interface Settings under "Automatic Quest Tracking". We'll also retroactively add this to the U38 patch notes so it's properly documented.

07 Jun


This is the official discussion thread for, "Celebrate The Necrom Chapter's Launch With These New Wallpapers!"

"The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is now live on PC/Mac, and we’re celebrating this year’s big Chapter release with three all-new wallpapers."

*We'll move this to the news section in a few days.
Hey all! Thanks for tagging. We have passed this thread on to the dev team for their review and investigation. We'll follow up once we have more info.

06 Jun

Hi all! We've investigated this and confirmed what you're reporting. We've got a bug in for it. Thank you!
Hey all. Wanted to follow up here. We have been passing the feedback from players regarding Bastion Nymic to the dev team for them to address. We'll follow up as we get more information. However, please continue to provide your feedback here on your experience in Bastion Nymic. We'll continue to pass feedback and bugs on to the team as they work to address issues. Thanks, all.
Just posted in another thread, but wanted to let you all know we pinpointed what is causing this issue and are targeting a fix for the next incremental patch. This is only a UI/display issue and you are not actually losing any buffs.

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