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28 Oct


Originally posted by Kenshiro84

Could the Switch handle the late game or high RPS games?

Not really. You should expect being able to play until your first rocket(basically the whole content of the game), after that, UPS will start to drop.


Originally posted by Noah__Webster

Does it have any touch screen support for menuing?

Yes, but only for menus and some GUIs. Generally you shouldn't use the touch screen to play the game.


Originally posted by jjcf89

Is there a shortcut to jump the cursor from the character inventory to the chest inventory.

So far i do go up (selects the x) then go down (selects the far right of the chest) then scroll over to where the items are. LT+A to grab all items.

No direct way but there's the trick that you can navigate to the close button and down and you end up on the other side of the window.

I'm considering adding a wrap-around option to GUI navigation.


The game is not intended to be played with the touch screen, but with controllers. Touch screen can be used in some rare situation like clicking buttons.


Originally posted by mriswithe

Ok, now that is a very specific and irritating bug as a coder. How the hell does that work? Or is that currently still a mystery to you all too?

When the config file does not exist, some bogus defaults are loaded.


You can turn them off in the System Settings -> Controllers and Sensors.

I plan to later add an option in game for vibration intensity.


Originally posted by Darkkiller12321

Sooo, the mining sound doesn't play on the demo :/

Restart the game and it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. It only happens on the first run.


Originally posted by Soul-Burn

My big question is how does one "press Alt" on a Switch?

Another important thing to know is how to take screenshots on the Switch.

Alt-mode is the Up (▲) button.

23 Oct


and CTRL + F9 will reset to zoom 2.0x, which is 100% perfect high-res

16 Oct


I think its the dopamine you get from playing Factorio, its very rewarding and enjoyable game, which by human nature we wouldn't play if we didn't get the good brain chemicals.

Dopamine itself is related to being alert and wakeful, other drugs which give you dopamine such as cocaine also keep you awake.


Playing the game is bad for UPS

11 Oct


Minor Features

  • Added mod portal bookmarks to install mods gui


  • Fixed show-player-robots debug option would render lines for characters on other surfaces. more
  • Fixed using incorrect sound settings when there is no configuration file.
  • Fixed a crash related to teleporting spider vehicles with burner energy sources between surfaces.
  • Fixed that the return value of some lualib noise functions didn't have the metatable for noise expression arithmetic. ...
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06 Oct

23 Sep


Originally posted by QSquared

Some of us took family vacations because of this, so we tried to get the most out of it

Are you seriously saying that some of your employees had to use PTO in order to be allowed to play test the game?

If so this is a huge let down to hear coming from you-all as a company.

Please tell me there is some misunderstanding here

What the post means is that we took "vacation from families", not that we were taking "days off" in order to work.

Simply put it qualified as a working week including normally being paid etc, and on top of that everybody even got wube-paid food, drinks and for people who normally work remote, even hotel accomodation.

And even more importantly, it was simply a big exciting party for us.

Our office turned into a nerdcave where most of us slept for a week, we ordered food every day, and did pretty much nothing else than play the game and sleep a little bit.

And of course, all of this was 100% voluntary and we even had the game hosted online so people who don't live in Prague could join as well.

I hope that makes it a bit more clear <3 No, we are not a gulag.


Originally posted by w4lt3rwalter

Are the undefined behaviour fixes also in the the normal version, or is it only the Nintendo/ARM version that has been made compliant with the x86 version?

This would allow for better translation/emulation on arm. As in the past running a factorio server on arm, using box64, wasn't possible as there where frequent desyncs. (of course I never reported them as this was clearly not a supported usecase.)

It's hard to keep count of exactly all the issues (just one missed commit is enough to create many desyncs), but I believe the biggest issue(double overflow) was fixed in most places in 1.1.x quite some time ago, maybe half a year.But all the fixes should be present when controller support is released in the PC version, as that's when my branch will be merged.

Even after that there's a small chance some fixes are #ifdeffed out for performance reasons.


Originally posted by frouty0

Cool stuff ! Did you manage to make your simulation deterministic with floating point numbers or do you use fixed point numbers instead ?

We use floats and doubles all over the place, they are fine as long as you use them well.


Originally posted by MyVideoConverter

The key takeaway was that the game was too long, and some parts were too boring or repetitive. Since then, we mainly focused on fixing the problems identified.

Are they going to cut content?

I wanted to reply to this with a simple "No", but meanwhile I was doing something else and the more I thought about it the more I found how much "No" is not only not true, it's also impossible and/or undesirable.

In short, no, so far we have not removed anything big, or anything we would have invested a lot of time into. Pretty much all of the time it's number changes/balancing, reworks to make mechanics work more uniquely (and that way feeling less repetitive), or adding features or QoL improvements that help solve the problem in a more convenient way(that way feeling less tedious).

While there is certainly some limit beyond which more game length is rather detrimental, having it not feel long, in other words "be fun" is extremely important.

It's also interesting to define what does "cut content" mean. Particularly, in which stage is it "cut". If it's in a state where the feature works fully, it has multiple supporting systems to make it work even better, h...

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Originally posted by [deleted]


So generic controller support is planned, just that like most things, it will take some time.


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